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1. Load up on a light sunscreen. Don’t skip sunscreen simply because you worry about it clogging your pores. Instead, opt for a non-comedogenic variety. Or go for a sunscreen powder that gives UV protection without irritating sensitive skin or aggravating troubled complexions, while giving complexions a flawless, matte finish.

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2. Go to bed with nude skin. Remove all traces of makeup before your snooze to ensure your pores have the best chance to rest and recuperate. Give your skin a makeup-free day once a week to recharge overworked skin cells. Your skin will thank you for the rest day with an enviable inner glow.

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3. Use the correct tone when dealing with blemished skins. Toners can balance the skin’s pH, allowing better penetration of skincare products thereafter. It also does double duty as a skin exfoliant to remove stubborn traces of dirt and debris as well as dead skin cells. This gives your pores the best chance of staying unclogged all day long.

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4. Target troubled areas with an effective spot treatment. Look out for effective anti-acne fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid, clindamycin or benzoyl peroxide. Always have a spot corrector handy so that you do not delay getting the appropriate zit-busting weapon as soon as pimples rear their ugly heads.

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5. Take matters into your own hands by giving your skin a DIY facial cleansing treat once a week. Even if you are too busy to pop into a salon, there is no reason for you not to give your complexion the TLC it deserves. Use gentle exfoliants and masks to remove dead cells and calm post-acne redness to give your skin a clear mandate.

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14 thoughts on “5 Tips for Keeping Skin Clear”

  1. I am 35 this year and yet I am still suffering from acne! My skin has confounded me and many doctors I see. I am unwilling to take any oral meds as I just feel they are a ticking time bomb so thanks for your suggestions here. they are simply but make perfect sense. 🙂

  2. I find many of the pimple creams too harsh for my skin. Every time i use pimple cream, i end up with dry flaky skin. anyone has the same experience?

  3. I love Bare Minerals SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen, no having to worry your face will become greasy partway through the day and it serves as a nice powder setting over face makeup as well. <3 The brush tool is pretty nifty as well.

  4. I don’t think those stats are really anywhere near what PerriconeMD Intensive Pore Minimizer product can do, but I do think it hasn’t caused my pore size to worsen. I don’t think they’ve gotten a lot smaller but I do think that they haven’t gotten any bigger when using this product. It can feel a little greasy so I do wait a bit to let it sink in, but I think it is most effective probably at night after exfoliating. I use it day and night but since it takes a while to soak in, I will probably only use it nightly. The smell can be a little ammonia like but it’s not too bad. It does tingled quite a bit when I first used it but now I don’t feel anything. I use it in place of a moisturizer since my skin is oily and doesn’t need much in the way of hydration.

  5. I have used PerriconeMD Intensive Pore Minimizer for two months. My skin is much more clear and pores are smaller. It prevents break outs as well. Love it. 🙂 <3

  6. Bare Mineral SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen pleasantly surprised me. I like it very much. I am fair to light (MAC NC20) and use SPF30 Natural Sunscreen in the light color.
    Not being a fan of the Bare’s foundation, I didn’t expect to like this product. I was wrong. On me, Bare’s regular foundation finds every pore and fine line leaving me lit up like a second-hand disco ball. The matte foundation, while better, is a bit too flat for my taste and can look mask-like. The Natural Sunscreen, by contrast, looks completely natural: no glow, shimmer, mica or dew and yet not matte. To my eye it looks like skin. Even in direct sunlight. There is very light (and I mean very light) coverage.

    I admit that I don’t trust that I can apply enough of this to reach the SPF 30, so I rarely use this as my sole form of sun protection. I do use quite a bit, however, and it never looks cakey or powdery.
    What I love is the convenience. Just twist up, swirl on and go. I use this to bump up my SPF coverage in the afternoon, after workouts at the gym, and on no makeup days. I often receive compliments on my skin when wearing only Natural Sunscreen.

    I haven’t experienced any problems with the packaging. My components haven’t leaked, nor have I had any trouble getting product to dispense. I don’t baby them and so far they’ve held up in my tote and gym bags.
    Natural Sunscreen turned out to be a decent value for the money. One container lasts me 6-9 months. Between that, the finish and convenience, I’m pretty well sold. 😀

  7. Bare Minerals is the best sunscreen I have ever used on my fair skin. It protected my skin, didn’t make my eyes burn when I went in the water or applied it and most importantly I didn’t get sunburned. It is also portable and quick and easy to apply and re-apply.

  8. Wow! I was beginning to lose hope at 20, that my skin would never be clear, until I took another leap of faith and bought Murad acne proudct. I’ve been in my acne war for about seven years, prior my skin was amazing before I turned 13, and just recently I started getting some lovely cystic acne spots on my cheeks, that would NOT budge…. Until now. Seriously people I was about to lose my mind, Ive done so much acne research I could write a book. I recently changed my face wash and toner to Burts Bees sans any lanolin, used a basic moisturizer, and Burts Bees acne spot treatment with tea tree oil in it & it worked ok. Ive been drinking lots of water, taking multivitamins, fish oil and only using derm tested blush and Lancome Tient Mericle foundation. And was still getting horrible cysts under my skin…. Well, I bought Murad Acne Spot Product on a whim of research and am proud to say that along with my routine mentioned, after only a week my skin is smoother than it’s been in as long as I can remember. Who knew sulpher was the secret? I find that there is a smell, but I will be repurchasing, and couldn’t be happier that my acne is finally going away and I cant feel any cysts under my skin. Yay! @~}~~

  9. I love the Bare Mineral SPF 30 Natural Sunsreen for my hands, shoulders, arms, etc. I do not use on my face because I like a tinted moisturizers with SPF. Great for my kids and husband as well.

  10. Love Bare Mineral Sunscreen product. Just brush it on with the easy applicator and you’re covered. It gives you long lasting protection. I carry it in my bag without worrying about spills, and I don’t have that oily feeling on my skin either. It’s Great Product! 😀

  11. Bare Mineral sunscreen is an excellent product! I use it as a sunscreen for the whole family. It is even excellent for my daughter with sensitive skin and skin problems – doesn’t itch or irritate (like some sun lotions). Highly recommended!!!

  12. This has been my go-to sunscreen for years and it’s excellent. Unfortunately, they’ve discontinued the “Light” color and the Medium is horrible for me and my son. (News flash: 7 year old boys don’t really love looking like they have makeup on, BareMinerals.)

    Please bring the “Light” color back! Until then, I’ll have to go with some other sunscreen that smell horrible.

  13. This product has protected me from sunburn in Orlando, Tucson, the Outer Banks, and beaches of Lake Huron. The powder formula is dry, mess-free, and easy to brush on and reapply frequently. It’s safe for my grandchildren. Even my dermatologist approves. I’m surprised that other sunscreen manufacturers haven’t adopted a dry apply system.

  14. I used Bare Mineral sunscreen all day long- a great powder to put on me and my kids after doing sunscreen. It also travels well to the gym as it is in a spill proof container! Recommended for anyone who is going to be outside and needs an extra bit of sunscreen/powder over their regular sunscreen or instead of it.

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