Do you dread to look at yourself in the mirror at mid-day because you know for sure that your makeup would be completely gone by then? Is your nose so shiny that you could almost see your own reflection in it? You are definitely not alone if you suffer from oily skin. Oily skin is caused by overactive sebaceous glands working a mile a minute to produce an excessive amount of oil. While oily skin can affect your entire face, more often than not, it is limited to the notorious T-zone— namely the forehead, nose and chin. With the onslaught of the hotter months of summer, the ill effects of oily skin will be apparent in full blown galore. The upside is that you will be less prone to fine lines and wrinkles in your later years but for the moment, the downside to an oil slicked face are plenty. If you could do with some help in oil control, read on for our top 5 tips to stay grease-free throughout the day.

Tip #1: Proper cleansing

Just like your greasy kitchen tiles that need a good rinse, cleansing your face is probably the number one thing you can do that will help control your oily skin.

Our recommendation is to wash your face twice a day, once when you wake up and once before going to bed. However, you do not want to wash your face any more than that. Washing one’s face too much causes the skin to dry out and the natural response of your skin will be to produce even more oil, throwing everything into a vicious cycle that upsets the pH of the skin making it prone to major acne breakouts. Choosing the correct cleanser is just as important.

As a rule of thumb, unless you are a prepubescent teenager guy with raging testosterone, stay clear of harsh soaps that will dry you out like a bone. Opt for a gentle cleanser with active ingredients to bring the oiliness under control without sacrificing moisture and stripping the skin of its essential oil.

The Sloane Inc Active Cleansing Gel available from The Sloane Shop works wonders as a deep cleansing oil-free formula that thoroughly removes excess oil, surface impurities and make-up. Containing potent alpha and beta-hydroxy acids and natural enzymes, this gentle yet effective cleansing gel helps to exfoliate the skin’s dead cells at the same time and can be used by individuals with normal to oily skin type.

Tip #2: Don’t Skip the Toner

There’s always an ongoing argument to the merits for using toners but there’s no pitter patter around when you are plagued with oily skin. Applying a suitable toner after washing the face is a great way to remove the last traces of make-up and grub and also to control the production of oil. However, you will want to be certain that the toner does not contain alcohol, as that will only serve to dry out the skin which leads to a rebound hypersecretion of sebum. The Sloane Inc. Calendula Toner containing a blend of gentle exfoliating AHA and BHA with calendula extracts will effectively combat oil and address open pores and acne, allowing the skin to breath properly with a super clean and matte finish.

Tip #3: Choose the Right Products

Read your labels and understand what you are putting on your face. You should be using only oil free products that are non comedogenic to ensure that they don’t clog your pores and lead to breakouts. However, it is also important to take note that even if your face is oily, it does not mean that you are allow to skip your sunblock and moisturiser altogether. Opt for a light but nonetheless effective moisturizing agent such as Epicuren PhytO Hydration serum, a potent yet gently age fighting agent that utilises a botanical blend rich in aloe, proteins and amino acids; which will deeply hydrate the skin while demanding it to function at a more youthful level without the oil.

Tip # 4: Peel Fresh

A Professional Chemical Peel done by a trusted and qualified practitioner is a great fuss free way to keep the sebum secretion in check along with a range of other skin saving benefits. Chemical peels have been around for ages. In fact, the roots of peels can be dated back as early as Ancient Egyptian Civilization, when Cleopatra and her court ladies made use of sour milk containing the active ingredient of lactic acid to exfoliate and rejuvenate their skin. Likewise, wine was used extensively during the Middle-Ages to achieve similar effects. Chemical peels may have evolved and become rather sophisticated since the days of yore, but their main mode of action remains the same. By removing the damaged outer layers of your skin with the application of fruit acids, it allows the healthier skin cells to come through, improving the texture and allowing your skin to glow with absolute radiance.

Tip #5: Laser Therapy

Widely considered as the “platinum class” of laser therapy with unparalleled results in the treatment of active acne and oily skin, the Smoothbeam Laser targets the overactive, oil producing sebaceous glands directly, with the good news of being suitable for all skin types. The Smoothbeam® 1450nm diode laser is FDA approved and effectively treats oily skin by emitting a wavelength of light that generates heat in and around the sebaceous glands, altering the structure of these glands and thereby reducing the over-production of sebum. It provides the exquisite balance of controlled cooling of the epidermis with precise heating of the upper dermis, making the treatment comfortable for its patients and yet with good results that are long lasting.

“In addition to the safety and uniform clinical efficacy of the Smoothbeam laser treatment, the added benefits for acne scarring and reduction in skin oiliness make this an ideal treatment for all patients with acne,” says Dr. Kenneth Lee, medical consultant with The Sloane Clinic “This is especially so for those who did not respond to other treatments or looking to wean off long term oral medications.”


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3 thoughts on “5 Tips for Oil Control”

  1. I have had 3 treatments of smoothbeam laser to date and have tried many different settings. The first time I went I had it on a relatively low setting but the technician did several passes over my entire face. On subsequent visits I have been taking a more intense treatment, it is a little uncomfortable at first but with the anesthetic cream you quickly get used to it and its not much to worry about.
    I would highly recommend the treatment to anyone who has suffered from acne. It’s really helped me a lot.

  2. I agree with using a good toner for deep pore cleansing. Vicky, any downtime with Vbeam laser? It sounds really promising and I’m tempted….

  3. The treatment was fantastic. I did not experience any redness or down time at all and went straight back to work.

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