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Eighty per cent of women suffer from it. Even Kim Kardashian and Sienna Miller can’t escape it.


Until today, medical experts are flabbergasted over the exact cause of this dimply affliction, nor can they explain why some women suffer from it while others are spared. Theories from nutrition to exercise have sprung up and been dismissed ad we are still no closer to solving the ‘peau d’orange’ puzzle.

But, according to Venezuelan psychologist Martha Sanchez Navarro thinks she may have found the answer. She believes cellulite is not caused by insufficient exercise or poor circulation but by childhood trauma. She says our emotions find an outlet through physical symptoms and any childhood stress – such as having too many rules to obey – suppresses creativity and can cause cellulite later in life.

Doctors however believe that the main causes of cellulite to be lack of activity and a poor diet containing too much sugar, fat and salt.

Until there is a consensus, however, here are some proven ways to minimize your risk of cellulite and boost your chance of smooth, healthy skin.


A diet rich in fresh, unprocessed foods is your best chance to load up on vital minerals and nutrients for healthy skin. Foods rich in antioxidants includes coloured vegetables such as tomatoes, broccoli, peppers pumpkins etc. While you are loading up on the good stuff, don’t forget to cut the bad. Avoid processed foods that are high in preservatives, sugar and salt. Try to get your daily requirement of water by well, drinking water. Sodas, coffees and juices are poor substitute for the real deal.


Smoking is one of the main causes of extrinsic skin aging, as the free radicals found in cigarette smoke leads to collagen breakdown and accelerated ageing. By eliminating cigarettes from your daily life, you are not only giving your skin the best chance for regeneration, your body will also thank you for it.


Whether or not we believe that cellulite s caused by childhood trauma, one thing is clear. Stress can lead to detrimental changes in our skin and body, from illnesses to outbreaks to wrinkles.

If you want to give your body the best chance to recharge and recover, taking some time out to breathe and relax may just lower levels of stress hormones that are wrecking havoc in your body. Try meditation tips for beginners.


Cellulite tends to look worse when your skin is saggy or if you are overweight and your flabby bits are bulging out with a vengeance. Slimming down will ensure your body has the best chance of looking its best. The second way to camouflage dimply skin is to tighten the overlying dermis. Try a skin tightening technology such as Thermage Body — its radiofrequency waves will stimulate collagen contraction and smoothen out unsightly creases and folds to ensure you can ‘kick butt’ with a smooth derriere anytime.


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3 thoughts on “Can Cellulite Be Caused By Your Emotions?”

  1. I see. I agree that smoking is bad for our health. But if you are already smoking, you might want to cut down of the number of cigarette you smoke a day, then all together stop or use other mean to replace it. I know that stress tend to make my health poorer as when I’m stress, I tend to eat less though I would always take some vitamin. Although it not as good as the intake of food we take of the nutrients. That why it might be best to see a doctor or just take a holiday so you can relieve stress. The important thing is take in a lot of water. 🙂

  2. Hmm, since foods rich in antioxidants includes coloured vegetables such as tomatoes, broccoli, peppers pumpkins are good for our skin, I would try eating them although I don’t really like vegetables. 🙁

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