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Chances are you have been cleansing and moisturising since your teens but how many of you actually include your neck and chest in that routine? Not only is your décolletage a vital and visible part of your body, it is also the first area to show signs of ageing, thanks to a triple whammy of sun exposure, general neglect and gravity. Because the skin in this area is thinner, it lacks elasticity or resilience. As a result, the décolletage is just as prone to age spots, sagging, wrinkles and fine lines as our faces. Focusing some attention to this oft overlooked area can take years off your overall appearance as a well-cared-for décolletage can be an asset rather than a bane to your looks.

Pigment Begone

Prevention: Sunscreen

Solution: Pigment Laser

Sun spots appearing on your décolletage is a dead giveaway of your age. The Pigment Laser works wonders to lighten superficial pigmentation. This FDA-approved treatment breaks up unwanted pigment cells and evens out skin tone for a fairer and brighter complexion. It can also be treated on other parts of the body including the face, neck, hands, back, arms and legs. Depending on the extent of your pigmentation and the treatment level of your sessions, you may need anywhere from four to six sessions done four weeks apart for optimal results.

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Enhance Texture

Prevention: Regular exfoliation with body scrubs

Solution: Fraxel Restore

Fraxel Restore laser brings about a skin rebirth to stubborn dark spots and reverse years of sun damage. It improves your complexion by affecting only a fraction of your skin at a time with thousands of tiny microscopic laser spots just as a photographic image is restored, pixel by pixel. The overall skin rejuvenation benefits of the laser refreshes the skin so skin looks younger, softer and smoother. A series of five sessions spaced four weeks apart is recommended to produce a gradual remodelling of dermal matrix components – collagen and elastin for optimal results.

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Erase fine lines & crepey skin

Prevention: Moisturise regularly

Solution: Revitalift

As we age, our chest skin changes. The skin becomes less smooth and more sun damaged. Wrinkling occurs and is exacerbated by sleeping in certain positions. While anti-ageing creams may be successful at moisturising the skin surface, they do not remove these deeper folds.

Revitalift, a natural hyaluronic acid filler can be injected on the chest area to rejuvenate and hydrate crinkly skin and smooth chest wrinkles for a younger-looking skin. A course of two to three treatment sessions may be recommended according to age and skin condition to enhance the skin’s deep hydration and revitalise the skin tone. As treatment progresses, the skin regains its youthful elasticity for a beautiful, smooth appearance.

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Tighten sagging skin

Prevention: Eliminate collagen sabouteurs such as alcohol, smoking and sun

Solution: Thermage CPT

This powerful collagen rejuvenator treatment is a real favourite with women looking to tighten sagging skin on the bust area often after weight loss or post pregnancy.

Thermage CPT employs deep radiofrequency waves to stimulate collagen regeneration which causes gradual skin tightening and adds firmness and resilience to the skin. The growth of new collagen will continue for some time after your treatment which will lead to a gradual improvement in skin tone and texture, eliminating the crepey, wrinkled cleavage in weeks and months ahead. Your bust line will look firmer and better defined even after one treatment session. Treatment can be repeated once yearly to maintain desired results.

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3 thoughts on “Treasure Chest: Anti-ageing treatments for a youthful and smooth décolletage”

  1. Hmm, I think I should go check out the Divine Whitening program and the laser then buy some sunscreens to use. I hope it get my pigment gone.

  2. I had the procedure done in Singapore for a pretty low price. I had saggy eyelids, nasal folds and a series of wrinkles around eyes, lips and chin. Within 30 days everything had tighten, my jawline was very toned and defined, my cheekbones lifted to age 30 and the lines and sags at the corner of the mouth lifted. I looked 10 years younger that my boyfriends proposed.(though I turned him down)

    I will admit however after the procedure I also invested in NV Perricone facial conformer and started doing facial exercise. My results continued to improve up to a year with the additional help. I made the decision to work at making the results last longer. The results lasted for 4 years for me. I went through a series health issues and couldn’t afford the products anymore as I was out of job.

  3. I chose Thermage because I had loose skin on my abdomen after two pregnancies. I was not interested in a tummy-tuck, so Thermage appeared to be a good alternative.

    So, I’m about 3 years out from the procedure & it still looks great. It got rid of almost all of the wrinkly, loose skin. The only trace remaining is around my belly button.

    I would also suggest that you do some workout to maintain it.

    The downside is this: it is absolutely the most painful experience I have ever had next to child birth. I was stunned by the intensity of the pain. I’m told the stomach area is more sensitive than the face.

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