[By Julia Kang]

While some pregnant mothers are blessed with pregnancy glow and fuller bosoms, there are others like myself who are battling stretch marks and morning sickness.

After going through three nightmarish pregnancies and at least two dozen beauty products for my rapidly morphing body, I think I can lay claim to be somewhat of an expert when it comes to pregnancy skin. Here are some of the hits and misses when it comes to stretch marks.


Hit 1: Epicuren Rose Otto

Among the myriad of moisturisers I tried, this Rose Otto oil really hydrated my skin and left it feeling visibly soft and supple. The moisturizing effect lasted for a good 12 hours and so twice daily applications conferred me round-the-clock protection. By lubricating my dermis, my skin was more elastic and less prone to breakage and stretch marks.

Hit 2: Fraxel Restore laser

This is definitely a godsend post-pregnancy beauty fix. For those who did not escape the pregnancy unscathed, consider this fractional skin resurfacing laser that renews skin deeply enough to improve stretch marks. More superficial offerings from IPL to peels offered only limited benefits as they do not go deep enough into the skin.

Read more about Fraxel Restore

Hit 3: Diet control

Eating for two is a myth that needs to be debunked for pregnant ladies. Steady weight gain without drastic weight fluctuations is the best way to ensure your body and baby gets enough nutrients without over-stretching your fragile skin. Opt for natural wholesome goodness of fresh produce instead of processed foods, and get plenty of vegetables and fruits in your diet to load up on vital antioxidants and minerals.


Miss 1: Vitamin E

I read somewhere that Vitamin E is supposed to help speed healing of the skin but unfortunately, it didn’t do much for my skin beyond acting as a skin moisturizer.

Miss 2: Massage

Massages may feel good but they did nothing for the state of my skin. So if you are opting for a massage to relax and de-stress, by all means, go all out. But if you are hoping to lighten stretch marks with this therapy, you will be disappointed in the long run.

Miss 3: Vitamin Supplementation

I have read so many conflicting reports about vitamin supplementation. The only supplementation a pregnant lad needs is folic acid and a healthy diet. I have not found any other vitamin cocktail to be beneficial for my skin, especially if one is already on a well-balanced diet rich in natural vitamins and minerals.


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3 thoughts on “A Stretch in time saves nine”

  1. Epicuren Rose Otto is great. Since I have combination skin, my face gets very dry, especially during the winter, around my mouth, cheeks and near my eyes. I usually dab this on the dry patches and it moisturizes without leaving your skin feeling greasy. Don’t like greasy feeling products. I would recommend this to those who suffer from either combination or very dry skin.

  2. Yeah I totally agreed that women who are pregnant should not eat so much but they should drink more milk and eat more vegetable and nutrition food instead. Milk make your child skin more smooth and white. ^^

  3. I have many acne scars on my face and I have tried 3 sessions of chemical peeling without visible improvement. I had 5 sessions of dermaroller and after the second session, my pores look smaller so much that my relatives thought that I had laser treatment.

    Up to that point, I was still scared about having laser treatment, but then I met my old-time friend, who used to have acne scars as well, and her acne scars have nearly disappeared. Her face was reddish when I met her so, I immediately knew she had laser treatment.
    I asked for the price, and she told me that for 1 session of Erbium laser, it cost her SGD 140. That was very-very cheap. Much cheaper than my 5 sessions of dermaroller that cost me USD1,524.
    So I went to her doctor, and after 7 sessions, the improvement is very visible.
    My acne scars haven’t completely disappeared but they have faded, and my pores are smaller, my skin tighter/more supple, my cheek bones accentuated, my jaws look sharper, and because my doctor always do my neck, now my double chin has disappeared.

    I look much prettier not only because my skin is fresh-looking but also because the unwanted fat on my face and neck was dissolved as well.

    I still have the ice-pick and rolling scars, but they are less visible because the color is more even now, and at least they are not amplified by my sagging skin around the jaw anymore. I am going to try another treatment for my acne scars but I plan to keep on getting erbium laser at least every six months to maintain (and improve) my current skin’s youthfulness.

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