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We have all been there: Dark eye circles like a panda staring back at yourself in the mirror despite a full night of shut-eye. What actually are the causes of these wretched eye circles and what can be done to banish them for good? Do those eye creams really work or is it time for a little more?

Your plan of attack will depend on the colour of your circles. Beauties, look straight into a mirror and lower your chin slightly to expose the shadows under your eyes. What colour are they? There are 2 main types of dark circles – brown and blue.


Bluish or purplish circles result from sluggish skin micro-circulation. Skin around the eye region is very thin, which allows the bluish blood vessels to peek through. These bruise-like dark circles can be worsened by insufficient rest, stress, smoking and nasal congestion. Ageing also worsens the appearance of the dark eye circles as your skin gets thinner over time.

OTC treatment:

Try topical creams with stimulating ingredients like caffeine, which can constrict blood vessels and temporarily boost circulation. Relieve your nasal congestion with anti-histamines from the pharmacy. And to help reduce puffy eyes, try cold compress with a chilled metal teaspoon, teabag or cold eye mask.

To combat thin skin, try using a collagen building cream. Retinoic acid creams (like Sloane Inc Vitamin A Eye Renewal Cream or RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream) thicken the outer layer of the skin to conceal shadows. Top the retinoid with a rich eye cream that will reduce potential irritation and further fortify your skin.


Brown discolouration that may affect the entire eye area is caused by excess melanin pigment. Genetics, UV damage and frequent eye rubbing are common causes of hyperpigmentation.

OTC treatment:

Apply sunscreen (like Clinique Sun Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen Face Cream or Sloane Inc Sunblock SPF 70 70.1) right up to your lower lashline every day and invest in large sunglasses for further protection. Avoid rubbing your eyes as friction causes darkening of the skin especially in the delicate undereye area. You may also try eye creams with lightening ingredients like hydroquinone, licorice and kojic acid.

Professional treatment:

To enhance results, there are lasers like the Q switched laser which destroy pigment cells, activate new collagen production and improve local microcirculation to even out the skin tone with a beam of light energy.


Beauties, try this test: Tug your undereye skin gently in front of a mirror. If your dark eye circle looks better when you push your skin and fat upwards, you might have what we call a tear trough deformity. This anatomical congenital depression below the inner corner of the eyes cast shadows that are resistant to the best of eye creams. As we age, the fat in our cheeks start to descend due to gravity, worsening the appearance of these shadows.

Professional treatment:

When dark circles are created by hollowness under the eyes, the only long term solution is the injection of tiny droplets of hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane. Results are visible instantly and last many months.

As a combination of problems frequently co-exists in the same person, you may want to try The Sloane Clinic’s Eye Revival Program which combines laser toning to promote circulation, and Revitalift micro-injection therapy to diminish dark circles, illuminating your undereye skin to shed years off your eye area.


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6 thoughts on “Banish those dark eye circles today”

  1. Clinique Sun Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen Face Cream sure is quite a lovely product. It even works for my face which is prone to seborrheic dermatitis, and dries to be non-sticky.The formula is exactly the same as the sunscreen for the face, neglecting the planton extract. So for shoppers who are in the market for the face version of this product, just buy this one instead.
    The sunscreen is lightly moisturising and is best for dry skin. I applied it to my seborrheic dermatitis prone skin and amazingly it did not react.

    It has a low to moderate amount of antioxidants and cell-communicating ingredients and is suitable for face or body. Applied on the face, it’s not particularly greasy and on the body it’s reasonably not sticky and not greasy.
    I prefer other moisturiser for the face that has a nicer feel and high concentration of antioxidants though this one is quite fantastic, but I use this as a hand cream and it is perhaps on of the best I’ve tried.

    Many products marketed as hand creams have little skin repairing ingredients or antioxidants as this moisturiser and even fewer have and effective broad spectrum sunscreen for you hands which are exposed to the sun as much as your face. Applied to hands it’s thick and moisturising, but almost has a dry-touch quality about it, so there’s no slipping of your hands whist driving or typing or holding an item.
    The fragrance free formula has a slightly chemical smell, but that’s gone after a few minutes

  2. Clinique Sun Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen Face Cream is the BEST sunblock I’ve ever used!
    I tried City Block, Neutrogena’s oil-free sunblock and other products but by far this is the best sunblock that does not make my face oily!
    There is no guk-ky feeling and no sticky feeling!
    If you are looking for a good sunblock over your foundation, THIS IS THE ONE FOR YOU! 😀

  3. I’ve had this RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream product for about 6 months now so I feel like this is a good time to review. I am 24 years old so i don’t have horrible problems with wrinkling but I do have some fine lines. I’ve been wearing more make up recently and the concealers under my eye area settling in to fine lines have gotten me to notice them more. I figured it’s best to try and take care of them earlier than later. I experienced no stinging or irritation from this product which is always good. I used this product at night time only, mostly because I am lazy and I would forget to apply at night time too sometimes. But hey no one’s perfect right?
    I bought this after reading reviews but I was still skeptical. so the first 2 weeks or so, I stared at my under eye area more so than ever. I saw results after a week. Not amazing results, I warn you. Just that the fine lines were less noticeable. However after a couple weeks, I noticed that the product had slowed down on its effectiveness dramatically. I don’t know if it’s because retinol is such an unstable product or if it was too hard to notice improvement since my fine lines are very fine. Anyways, it was a bit disappointing that it pretty much stopped working but I continued to use it since I hate wasting things.
    6 months later, I do notice that some of the fine lines are gone, and some are less visible. I still have about 1/3 tube left so it is long lasting for me. I can’t remember how much I paid for this but I would say it was worth it since it did give me results. Any kind of result is better than none in my book, especially at a low price! As for dark circles, I don’t believe this product did anything for mine nor do I believe that any product would help reduce my dark circles. Also, this product is very light in moisture. I have dry skin so the moisture wasn’t quite enough for me. I didn’t apply anything more because like I said, I am lazy and I really don’t want to extend my beauty routine too much if possible.
    All in all, this product is worth a try and keep using it even if you don’t see results right away!

  4. I used Clinique Sun Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen Face Cream on my face & neck & hand & upper arm, takes a good 10 minutes or so to dry off (absorbed). I do not buy into labels, the face has the same skin as the face.
    Sometimes, it still feels a bit tacky, in such case, I will use a little silicone primer on top & followed with the foundation/concealer routine.
    As for any chemical SS, I will not apply close to the eyes. This large tube is going to last for a long while.

  5. Clinique Sun Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen Face Cream is the Best sunblock I’ve ever used!
    I tried City Block, Neutrogena’s oil-free sunblock and other products but by far this is the best sunblock that does not make my face oily!
    There is no guk-ky feeling and no sticky feeling!
    If you are looking for a good sunblock over your foundation, then you ought to use this.

  6. I feel the natural and organic products provides better cure for dark circles. Also Simple organic tip – cleaning under eyes skin with milk and slignt massage also works better.

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