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Chia Seeds

Why it’s super: Dr. Oz recently named chia seeds one of the top five supplements for women, touting its high fiber content (11 grams in just one ounce—three times what you’ll find in oatmeal), which helps you feel full more quickly and therefore eat less food in general. They are also an excellent source of protein and omega-3s.

Ideas: Try adding these neutral-tasting seeds to thicken soups, since when you immerse them in liquids, they become somewhat gelatinous, making the broth creamier. You can also sprinkle them on granola, cereal, salads or even ice cream and frozen yogurt.

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Hemp Seed

Why it’s super: Hemp is considered one of the world’s most nutritious plants. Hemp seeds contain all of the essential amino acids making them an ideal source of protein for vegans and raw foodists. The essential fatty acids are abundant in hemp seeds and come in a ratio that is highly beneficial to humans. Magnesium, iron, and potassium are in good supply along with fiber. Some of hemp seed’s supply of antioxidants comes from its vitamin E content.

Ideas: Try sprinkling hemp seeds over a salad, as a topping on granola, puddings or other desserts. Frequently sold as a superfood, hemp seeds can be added to smoothies both at home and in many cafes and juice bars. Hemp seeds can also be used in baking and cooking though the nutritional content is at its highest in its raw state.

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Why it’s super: This ancient strain of hard wheat, also known as emmer wheat, has a roasted, nutty flavor and a distinctive chewy texture, reminiscent of barley. Not only is farro nearly twice as high in fiber and protein as common whole-grain wheat, but it’s also richer in magnesium. Instead of the kind known as perlato (or pearled, which means it’s been hulled completely), we recommends either whole farro or the semi-pearled variety, since both have more of the fiber- and nutrient-rich bran intact.

Ideas: Farro has long been a staple of Italian dishes (it’s said to have sustained the Roman legions) and works especially well in risottos, soups and hearty winter salads, where you can use it as you would rice, noodles or couscous.

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9 thoughts on “3 Superfoods to boost your vitality”

  1. I Always buy this Chia brand, it’s healthy to add to our diet and I like the prices that Amazon offers so I always like to buy through the Amazon site, so convenient and healthy!

  2. I tried Navitas Chia Seeds for the first time with my purchase from Vitacost. Theretofore, I’d only purchased organic chia seeds in bulk form. I find these chia seeds to be every bit as wonderful an experience as any chia seeds I’ve tasted. I latched onto chia seeds as a way to assure myself of a healthy potassium intake because I can’t eat bananas, though I love them. My sister told me about the high potassium level in chia seeds and I’ve never looked back. I sprinkle Navitas Naturals Organic Raw Chia Seeds onto my gluten-free oatmeal or simply whisk them into my cuppa almond milk as an afternoon treat. They really have no taste so it’s a matter of adding texture to whatever you are consuming. It’s good price for a great product.

  3. My first use of Farro and it was delicious. Like a sweet nutty barley. The quality was excellent! We had read about this grain in several vintage Italian cookbooks. Great product great price. Cooks in 15 minutes, try it with roasted almonds and raisins. Use it instead of rice.

  4. I have heard that hemp seeds are a super food so I decided to try some. I was wowed by the fresh and nutty taste. Naturally low in sodium, they out shine popcorn as a movie snack, wonderfully chewy with out-of-this-world nutrition. I found very few hulls in among the seeds. That is no problem as the tiny pieces of hull act as additional fiber to your diet. They are great on salads. Most of all, I enjoy eating them by themselves. So fast that I reorder monthly. Oh yeah, they keep forever in your freezer and taste fabulously fresh when you grab a cupful to eat. I am very happy with this product and can’t wait for the new order to arrive. Love Them <3

  5. I throw in a handful of chia seeds with my soy milk each morning and i find it boosts my energy levels through the day. I am a long distance runner and was inspired by the Tarahumaras in the book Born to run who got their sustenance from chia seeds before their long runs.

  6. I was interested in Trentasette Farro Grains product for health reasons and was surprised at what a great flavor addition it was to my menu. This is a top shelf producer with a great history in Italy. Top quality product, my only wish was for instructions as to water to grain ratio and timing until done. I was able to get instructions from search engine so not a big deal just another step to cooking process. I can’t say enough about the quality and flavor of this product and the reputation of this producer.

  7. Our first use of Farro and it was delicious. Like a sweet nutty barley. The quality was excellent! We had read about this grain in several vintage Italian cookbooks.

  8. Trentasette Farro Grains is a great product and has a great price. can be cooks in 15 minutes, Should try it with roasted almonds and raisins. Use it instead of rice. It tastes better.

  9. I hear about Farro (one of or the oldest grains in time) but haven’t tasted it. I saw a recipe and decided it was time to take a chance. I am Very Happy I took the step. This grain is out of this world. It is right up the with quinoa (keen-wa). I recommend trying these grains. Check out the nutrition and the many ways they can be used. Thank you for helping me find the Farro, as I had no idea where to go. 😀

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