Do you find that summer is about the hardest time of the year to be on a diet right next to Christmas’s decadence and debauchery? Eating well while the sun is beating down on you and opening up every pore and juicing every single sweat gland can prove to be exhausting to say the least. Not only do you need to fit into this season’s micro denim shorts that barely graze the upper thighs— the costume du jour for any Woodstock musical fest groupie (even though you are remotely one) is simple too big a trend to ignore along with white voile dangerously short sundresses that leave little to imagine nor hide.

When you are desperate for an ice cream or yearning to seek refuge from the blazing heat in that inviting pub or diner, what do you do? Flip a coin to decide if you should give up your diet or your social life? Before the dilemmas drive you nuts, read on to find out how you can summer-proof your diet without becoming the party pooper of the group.

#1: Hold back on ice cream

Sure, we all need our ice cream fix like any other summer but you don’t need to go crazy or overboard. Although I’m sure you can afford to have it daily, think back on your childhood days when ice cream is a special treat and I’m sure they will taste extra yummy besides helping to keep the calories in check. Opt for sorbets and frozen yogurt which are generally healthier options. For example, a Haagen Dazs butter pecan single scoop without any toppings or wafer contains 310 calories while a milk choc ice is less than half at 131 calories. You still get your sweet-tooth fix without sabotaging your diet. But if you really have to go decadent, try halving it with your friend and skip the granola topping and hot fudge or butterscotch sauce. Let your taste buds enjoy the essence of your treat without masking it up with gooey additives. Lick and savour every bit like a lady with aristocratic upbringings and not scoff it down the Shaggy or Scooby-Do way!

#2: Not all movie snacks are created equal

One of my fave summer activity is to hang out in the fully air-conditioned movie halls watching the latest Hollywood summer blockbusters with my BFFs. However, there are plenty of diet landmines hidden everywhere waiting to blast your summer dietary goodness. Instead of getting overpriced, overly sweetened or salted popcorn over the counter, bring your own stash of air-popped popcorn that’s low on calories but does not compromise on taste. If you are after a chocolaty treat, 2 Jaffa cakes weigh in at 96 calories compared to 296 for a chunky Kit Kat or a standard size Snickers bar. I’m not saying that Jaffa cakes are healthy snack options, but they are just as satisfying and packed in less empty calories to save you 196 calories— which is almost equivalent to 20 minutes of brisk walking!

#3 Know your Margaritas from your Mojitos

Let me tell you this, it’s not the summer soirées or BBQs that are the worst threats. It’s that innocent girl’s night out to the local pub that’s the major saboteur. Margaritas may be the coolest summer drink to sip on but that will set you back with a whopping 750 calories! Do yourself a favour and switched out to a classy Cosmopolitan cause doing it the Carrie Bradshaw’s way will bring that down to a mere 150 calories. If there’s too fluffy or pretentious for your liking, consider a Mojito, the tangy cocktail favoured by salsa dancing Latinas and not hurting much at 160 calories. And always pace yourself, my love. The last thing we want is you slurring and all blurry eye before the cute out of towner swing by!

#4 Keep yourself well hydrated with Sky Juice

Always remember to keep yourself well hydrated with fresh drinking water especially if you are carrying out physical outdoors activities. You might be drying up faster than you thought you would be and drinking up will save you from heat exhaustion or worse, a heat stroke. When you are at a social event like a BBQ, having a glass of water and taking sips help fill up the tummy and prevent you from over-eating while keeping your breathe fresh while you engage in social small talk. Likewise, down a huge glass of ice cold water before you hit the pub to fill up your tummy and keep you off those calorie laden pub snacks, nuts and chips.

#5 Take some time off for a mini Detox

Summer treats are inevitably high in sugar and fats. Think frizzy lemonade, hand-cut fries, greasy burgers and hotdogs dripping with charred onions, ketchup and mustard. Too much of a good thing is obviously going to create havoc to your summer’s diet. Why not take some time off for a mini detox even in the mist of your Midsummer’s night dreams? The Happy Cleanse 3 Days detox program available over the counter of all branches of The Sloane Clinic is a delightfully easy but highly effective detox kit for beginners and detox aficionados alike. Give your digestive tract the weekend off with this 3-day detox cleanse, designed to rid the body of toxins and impurities while helping you banish excess pounds. Powerful cleansing antioxidants and digestive tract-friendly probiotics boost your immune system and restore your body’s balance, ensuring you feel clean from the inside out, a superb way to keep your summer’s bod sizzling hot and bootylicious till the first sign of Fall!


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  1. If you are on diet, you wouldn’t drink soft drink, eat greasy food and all those calories food. Try eating Veg and non greasy food and drink more water. Though maybe once in a while you try to treat yourself to some calorie food.

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