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We have all heard the old wives’ tale of not sleeping on your side, and laughed at the silliness of this advice. Now it appears that there may be some truth to those warnings. Doctors say that constant pressure on one side can predispose one to pimples and even sleep lines— lines on the face as a result of repeated skin creasing. For those who are trained in the art of sleeping on your backs, you are rest assured of your beauty sleep. For the rest of us, it appears that tossing and turning regularly may have its advantages after all.

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I am guilty of this beauty ‘myth’. My mobile and I are inseparable at work and at play, and I find myself squinting at the small screen day and night. Add to this, my deteriorating myopia, it’s no wonder my eyes get tired and watery after a biopic bout of texting with the gals. If you think there is no real damage done, it’s time to re-evaluate this beauty ‘myth’. “Squinting can cause the accelerated formation of lines around the eyes called crow’s feet” says Dr Chua Han Boon from The Sloane Clinic. Other downsides to squinting apart from resembling a beady-eyed crook are tired, red and watery eyes. Its time to disconnect to give your peepers a much needed break.

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As a kid, there is nothing more I loved than picking at any scab on my skin. After all, clearing the unsightly scab will lead to faster healing right? Wrong. “A scab is your skin’s natural ‘plaster’ if you will. It protects the underlying wound from infection and speeds healing” explains Dr Toby Hui from The Sloane Clinic. This means that if you remove this, your skin will heal slower, not faster and possibly with scarring or hyperpigmentation as well. So let sleeping ‘scabs’ lie, is our advice.

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I used to rubbish this myth, especially when I only wore simple skin coverage such as CC cream. Then my skin started acting up— from breakouts to sensitivity. Finally, a dermatologist pinpointed the source of my skin woes— the leftover CC cream was causing overnight irritation to my skin! The damage was insidious at first but over time, it culminated to a hideous bout of flushing, itching and breakout. Your pores need time to breathe. If you, like me, feel unprotected without at least a layer of coverage when you step out of the door, then ensure you go to bed with clean skin every night. That little time-out will do wonders for your skin and keep your problems away!

Beauty aid: To thoroughly cleanse all traces of makeup, invest in a no-nonsense full face makeup remover that covers all facial makeup from eyes to lips.



When you are in your teens, a few late nights does little if any damage to your skin. Fast forward a decade, and the same cannot be said. Sleep is one of the most underrated activities. When we lack valuable shuteye, our skin looks dull and our skin turnover slows. Instead of splurging on expensive creams and potions, ensuring that you get sufficient sleep is one of the best anti-aging habits you can adopt. If you find you have difficulty sleeping but do not want to resort to medications, consider taking a low dose melatonin before bedtime to ease you into dream land. Listening to soothing music and meditation can also help slow your heart rate and prepare your body and mind for a good night’s rest.

Beauty aid: Try a scented eye pillow that ensures your shut eye will be restful and sweet.



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5 thoughts on “5 Beauty ‘Myths’ that are proven Right!”

  1. Epicuren rose Otto is great. Since I have combination skin, my face gets very dry, especially during the winter, around my mouth, cheeks and near my eyes. I usually dab this on the dry patches and it moisturizes without leaving your skin feeling greasy. Don’t like greasy feeling products. I would recommend this to those who suffer from either combination or very dry skin.

  2. Hmm, at least by using Epicuren Bulgarian Rose Otto, it is cheaper then cosmetic surgery. It saved my pocket a lot of money. It worked great for my wound too. 🙂

  3. I agree that they should sleep more. But living in Singapore is stressful. Most teenager wouldn’t sleep so early. Most of them would rather sacrifice their sleep so they can chat with their friends or play game. I would totally tell them to go sleep instead. Some of them look 10yrs older then their age. So unless you want to look like a old man /women in your late 40s then….

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