I changed my looks!

[By Dana Lim]

Real life cosmetic surgery makeover experiences

“I got double eyelids!”

1162Mabel: I have always envied my friend’s beautiful double eyelids. Finally on my twenty-fifth birthday, I decided to take the plunge. I went with a few friends to Bangkok and underwent double eyelid surgery.

Amount paid: about USD$1500

Results: My eyes were super swollen and bruised for about 2 weeks, a little longer than what I expected. My mother was horrified to see me post-op. However, the swelling subsided quickly and I can see the results about 2 weeks after. I am somewhat satisfied with the procedure, it certainly made my eyes look bigger but there is a slight asymmetry between the two eyelids and I am thinking of returning for a repeat procedure next year.

Would you do it again? I would probably do more research before going for such a procedure and while price is certainly important, the experience of the doctor is even more important.

“I got my tummy fats sucked out!’

1161Fie: After the birth of my third child, I had enough of my muffin top and underwent a Vaser liposuction of my waistline.

Amount paid: about USD$3000

Results: The procedure went better than I expected. I had some bruising and aching over the area which lasted for 3 weeks. However, since this is an area covered by clothes, it did not bother me nor did it limit my usual activities. The only thing I found challenging was wearing the compression garment daily as it felt very hot and restrictive at times. After a month, I could really see the difference. I agree that no amount of exercise could have gotten me in such good shape.

Would you do it again? Yes, I would definitely do it again if I need to.

“I got a chin implant!”

1160Jasmine: I have always wanted the Korean V shape face, but as my chin is rather short, my facial shape always looked round and chubby. My friend suggested a chin implant and I went in search for several surgeons before I found one.

Amount paid: about USD$3000

Results: The procedure was quicker than I expected. The incision was done from inside the mouth and I could not see any visible scar post-op. There was some tenderness and swelling of the treated area for about 10 days but minimal bruising. The chin implant truly transformed my face from a ‘baby face’ to a more elegant, feminine look.

Would you do it again? Definitely yes! In fact, I should have done it earlier.

“I got breast implants!”

1159Xin Li: It was a tough decision because of the stigma surrounding breast implants. In the end, my friend recommended me a plastic surgeon whom I felt really comfortable with and I took the plunge.

Results: There was almost no bruising but the chest areas felt tight and tender for a week. I loved the results immediately after and the scar was quite minimal as well. However as I wanted as little scarring as possible, my surgeon referred me to his colleagues who put me through a series of lasers and lights which sped up healing of the scar even more.

Amount paid: about $10000

Would you do it again? I was thinking of having this done overseas to save some money but looking back, I am glad I did it locally as the aftercare by the surgeon ad team was vital in my recovery and the excellent healing of the scar. I would do it again.


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2 thoughts on “I changed my looks!”

  1. All this reviews make me want to do it too. I think that picking Professional doctor and the service of the Clinic is important. Don’t pick according to price only. You need the best professional to do it so you wouldn’t have to redo it again if not what a waste of $$.

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