5 Celeb Secrets to Dieting

[By Tania Hui]

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian received a lot of flak during her pregnancy for her burgeoning weight gain often wrapped too tightly in choices that were more sartorial nightmare than fashionista chic. However, fast forward to her post-delivery days and she’s definitely having the last laugh now by making headlines again, this time round for all the right reasons. Besides scoring a kick-ass humongous rock of an engagement ring from Kayne, most notably, she had managed to miraculously shed 43 of the 50 pounds she piled on during her pregnancy in less than three months!

Kudos to this newly minted hot mama but I’m not buying her whole story about the Atkins diet which she credited her shrinking size to. Well, maybe partially but definitely not completely. From Atkins to Zone to the nasty tasting 7 days detox juice diet championed by Gwyneth Paltrow, I’ve tried about every diet fad that came on the market but never with quite the same kind of jaw dropping results as the goddesses of La-La-Land. So what set them apart from the everyday woman? What’s in their little black dieting diary that evades us commoners? Diet books are healthy if you’re new to the game and don’t know where to start, but keep in mind they aren’t the whole piece of the weight loss puzzle. Check out my list of top 5 celebrities’ secrets to dieting and you’ll be surprised what a little nudge in the correct direction can achieve!

1178It’s all in the mind

Motivation is the key between success and failure of any weight management plan. It is important to search for ways to keep your motivation high if you want results to match those of your Hollywood idols. Celebrities are often highly dedicated to their weight loss program because the outcome might score them that long awaited Oscar contending role or lead to the renewal of a million dollar endorsement deal. When faced with such “make it or break it” situations, little wonder that they can transform from a size 16 to 6 within weeks! One of the best ways to keep your motivation high is to surround yourself with like-minded people. That’s the reason why celebs always have personal trainers at their disposal.

For plebeians like us, this does not mean that all of your friends must be on the same weight loss quest but you do need some that care about fitness and having a healthy weight and image. Know nobody like that? Find some and make some new buddies then. The gym is an easy common ground to find like- minded individuals. Break out of your hermit shell and the pounds will start peeling off along the way.

Dare to change

Don’t get bored with your weight loss attempts. Remember these wise words, “The only constant is CHANGE”! Try different exercise routines to stay interested, which also has the added benefit of working different muscle groups to produce better results. Do not confine yourself to the four walls of the gym as learning a new game or participating in a group event such as a charity run will spur your achievements to greater heights. Hollywood golden IT boy, Matthew McConaughey had over the years took on many challenging roles that require his weight to swing to both extremes on the weighing scale, and yet he always manage to regain an athletic build that makes the paparazzi go wild when the shirt comes off.  Besides being an avid runner, Matthew’s body can never get use to his workout regime as he engages in various different outdoors sporting activities, you name it, he’ll try it!

Be your own Masterchef

If you are eating out all the time, it’s difficult to exercise control over food choices and their methods of preparation. That’s why celebs on a mission to lose weight always engage an entourage of chefs and nutritionists. Set aside Saturday or Sunday as a meal prep day to be your own Masterchef. I highly recommend doing this to make sure you have enough healthy meals and snacks that are pre-made and not processed to see you through the week. Besides penny pinching, this will take away the temptation and easy excuse to pop into a fast food joint for a quick meal. It might be a little time consuming but with a week’s worth of healthy meals planned way ahead, it will save you so much time during those working days, not to mention stress!

It’s ok to take shortcuts

A little nip and tuck is as commonplace in Hollywood as marriages and divorces. Who did it and who didn’t do it is a game we constantly play while scrutinizing the latest improved (or botched up) version of the A-listers. Liposuction remains the gold standard of removing excess fat deposits from specific areas of the body resulting in a slimmer, more contoured and attractive body physique. Steadfastly gaining in popularity over traditional mechanical liposuction is ultrasonic-assisted techniques such as Vaser Liposelection®, whereby ultra-sound waves are used to liquefy the fats before they are removed. This minimally invasive surgical form of fat elimination comes with a shorter downtime and quicker recovery.

If plastic surgery sounds too hardcore for your liking, consider non-surgical options such as CoolSculpting to freeze your trouble blubber away. Also known as cryolipolysis or fat freezing, the FDA approved Zeltig CoolSculpting System is rapidly becoming a popular and mostly pain-free non-surgical approach to target fat reduction. The frozen fat is then gradually eliminated through the urine over 2 to 3 months with recognised scientific papers showing results of up to 22% of fat loss. In other words, a fifth of the fatty tissues around the waist is gotten rid of for good.

“CoolSculpting is really more of a ‘shaping’ and not a ‘de-bulking’ fat loss procedure excellent for treating stubborn pockets of adipose tissue that are not responding well to exercise and diet adjustment alone,” explains Dr. Toby Hui, medical consultant from The Sloane Clinic with a keen interest in Weight Management. “It should be viewed as an adjunct and not a substitute of a holistic approach to weight control that include other aspects such as fitness, good dietary habits and lifestyle modifications.”

Life is a fine balancing act

One of the most important tips about losing weight that evade most is ‘balance’. I’m not talking about “eating in moderation” either. Instead, I’m talking about balancing your life. If you have a daily routine that is choke full to the minute with lots of high stress activities such as round the clock meetings, irregular mealtimes and late nights out all week, chances are your battle against the bulge is going to be an uphill task. That’s why celebs often have a PA or two to work out their busy schedule. You need to be active but not be enslaved to a timetable that you feel like you can’t say no to all the time. When a fine balance is strike and the stress level goes down, chances are the pounds will follow suit.


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