Small Cosmetic Fixes with Big Impact

[By Jessica Hall]

In this day and age of selfies and other narcissistic hobbies, it’s no wonder that looking camera-ready at any possible instant is vital. The camera never lies; in fact, it does the exact opposite —-  putting our imperfections under a magnifying glass and adding phantom double chins to our visages. What gives?

“Our eyes are used to seeing our own faces in a certain way when we look into the mirror. However when we take a photo, we are doing it under different lighting and with a multitude of different expressions” explains Dr Chua Han Boon from The Sloane Clinic. That’s when we see ourselves in ‘a different light’, so to speak.

But fear not, there are cosmetic tricks that will get you pretty as a princess on and off camera. Here are some little known off-camera fixes that can truly make a big impact in the way we look:

Lower face shadows

1183Everyone is so fixated with their cheeks that we now have an army of pillow-faced socialites dominating society pages. The key really is to go easy on the cheeks and maintain good facial proportions, according to doctors from The Sloane Clinic. But the area that truly makes a face look older than it actually is —- the lower face.

“The lower face is an oft neglected area. But smart women know that rejuvenating this area will eliminate any unsightly shadows and instantly shave years off their looks” explains Dr. Low Chai Ling from The Sloane Clinic.

The treatment that does the trick? A series of natural fluid filler microinjections known as Revitalift does wonders for the lower face by improving skin hydration and surface elasticity. Apparently, this doesn’t add unwanted volume that would puff up the face unnecessarily. Instead, it stimulates your body’s own collagen production and improves skin tone, texture and hydration so that lower face shadows are a thing of the past.

If you notice smile lines that stack up like commas by the side of your mouth when you talk and laugh, then it’s time to consider this mini-fix that will get you looking younger without having appeared to have done anything too drastic.

Dark eye rings

1181Concealers used to be the girl’s best friend, that is until harsh overhead lighting and camera flashes were invented. And unless your concealer was tattooed on, they would not withstand round-the-clock scrutiny, like when your drunken friend snaps a shot of you at midnight. Dark eye rings makes you look older and more tired than you actually are. Don’t you just hate it when someone asks “have you not been sleeping well” right after you have had an eight hour sleep-athon?

“Building up the undereye skin by promoting collagen growth and improving skin hydration can brighten up dull, tired skin” explains Dr Chua Han Boon from The Sloane Clinic.

A combination of undereye skin lasers such as Laser Toning and undereye Revitalift injections are synergistic when it comes to battling these orbital shadows. Combine these beauty fixes with use of regular eye cream to keep the area well-moisturised is key.

Phantom double chin

1182It’s amazing how the camera renders even the skinniest of necks with an extra roll of fat when you least expect it. Short of cropping them off with photoshop, consider skin -ifting fixes that will ensure your jawline stay up, not down.

A whole host of skin lifting therapies are available out there but for a one-session quick fix, nothing beats Ulthera, a ultrasound based treatment that shrinks and tightens unwanted saggy bits into their rightful place.

Also do consider maintaining your weight in the optimal range, as weight gain is the culprit behind double chins.

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  1. I am a amateur photographer and I totally agree that lower face shadows really ages a woman, even before lines and wrinkles appear. In fact, that is how you differentiate a young lady in her early twenties from an equally attractive but slightly older lady in her late thirties. botox can erase the ones but lower face shadows is the whistle blower

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