4 Most Annoying Users on Facebook

[By Greta Hatton]

I am so great


These rambling posts usually extol the virtues of the writer in many guises. Sometimes, they come as “thank you notes” to their fans for “their support” or outright prose about why they are superior to the rest of us. It can be how their work is so great (“Nailed it”, “Got it”) or simply how they are more enlightened than the rest of us (“I simply get it more than the rest”, “people always ask me how I do it”)

Maybe the rest of us are too busy living our lives to discuss them ad nauseum on facebook?

Photoshopped selfies


As if posting photos of oneself isn’t bad enough, many of these photos come in various (familiar) filters. Even politicians and other lesser known celebs are guilty of this. If you truly want us to see you for who you are, how about skipping some of the massive photoshopping?

Food and more food


Every single meal is captured so that the entire world knows exactly what they are having for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The ironic thing is that they are so busy snapping photos of the food that they have no time to truly enjoy the moment.

“If I get one million likes…” or “repost this now or else…”


These also tend to fall into the hoax category though not always. Mostly, it’s more attention whoring. These annoying posts are typically images of someone holding a sign that says, “If I get One Million “Likes,” my friend’s wife will blow me” or something to that effect. People actually “Like” and share this stuff!


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3 thoughts on “4 Most Annoying Users on Facebook”

  1. Not forgetting the “I am more compassionate than you” posts. Users who champion one cause but go crazy putting down everyone else. There are two sides to every story, and if you are so ‘brimming with compassion’, how about taking the time to listen to both sides before going on a witch-hunt on your fb?

  2. Cyberbullying is plain wrong; it can take many forms. Even people who purport to work for a worthy cause/ group/ religion can unknowingly be cyberbullies themselves by inciting hate, exaggerating facts in support of their cause and treating all who don’t share their passion to be their “enemies”— a regrettably shortsighted attitude. Tragically, people continue to use such worthy causes to elevate their own sense of morality while subtly putting down others not in the same camp.

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