5 ‘Quick-Slim’ Tricks to Pull for Party Season

[By Tania Hui]

So you have procrastinated. The 2 weeks gym break you had allowed yourself to take when bathing suit season was over had become indefinite. The dietary cheat day you allowed yourself for Thanksgiving had carried over a little too far for you to feel guilty anymore. And with Christmas barely 30 days away, you are starting to panic and accelerating towards a highly possible meltdown. Short of booking yourself a one way ticket to Zimbabwe, you are really at wits’ end. How can you possibly survive unscathed during party season in a room filled with toned arms and svelte curves?

Fret not because you are not the only one faced with devastating last minute challenges like this. Having been down this road a couple of times myself, here’s my life-saving list of 5 ‘Quick-Slim’ tricks to help you pull through party season. It’s never ever too late so you just got to try to believe it!

Tip #1: Dress Right

Choosing the correct outfit can give a silhouette that will boost your confidence and allow you to weave seamlessly through parties without a glitch. If the outfit you have originally planned for now seems a size too small, chances are it will end up looking 2 sizes smaller even if you managed to miraculously squeeze into it. Don’t be deluded, honey. Ditch that option and go beg, borrow, steal or blow your credit limit with a new outfit. You do not need to arrive at a party in an ill-fitting dress that announces what’s registering on your bathroom scale. If you are pretty clueless to what can hide your flaws and flaunt your assets, enlist the help of others. Get a fashion savvy girlfriend to go ‘hunting’ with you. Otherwise, most boutiques, department stores and even high street brands now offer an in-house fashion stylist that can help pull something together for their shoppers often with no or minimal additional charge.

Tip #2: Stand Tall

Strapping on a pair of high heels naturally force you into a better posture which translates into a more flattering silhouette. If you are used to 3-inch-heels, dare to go another notch or two higher. Most body flaws can be corrected with a good posture especially under the warm, flattering lighting of holiday parties. While working the floor with a champagne flute in one hand, always keep your chin lifted, shoulders pulled back, chest out and stomach in. If you are perched on a barstool or lounging on the sofa, keep your torso upright, legs together and crossed. Whenever possible, stretch them sideways to elongate your gams. Poor posture and slouching will only enhance and bring to light whatever folds and bulges you were trying to hide!

Tip #3: Proper Support

481It is imperative to wear the right undergarment or shapewear to mould your body into a more enviable figure before you slip into that hard sourced perfect outfit of yours. Body shaping undergarment is the ‘costume de rigueur’ on any red carpet-worthy event because even the slimmest of celebs will benefit from a little pinch and push.  Unlike your run of the mill Spanx, the line from Farmacell do more than giving one temporary curves. For instance, the Farmacell Shape Shorts created in soft micro-fibre has a micro-massaging and “push-up” effect with graduated-pressure bands incorporated into the lining for an anti-cellulite effect apart from the usual butt contouring effect of shapewear. Especially helpful for those with cellulite or prone to water retention, this medical grade compression garment is known to improve lymph and blood return, providing sound medical therapy while it helps to ‘shape things up’.

Tip #4: Facial Contouring

A smaller V-shaped face with a slicker profile not only shaves pounds off one’s actual weight but also paves way to better holiday pictures. Clever make-up and hair-do aside, the most effective way to create a slim, beautiful jawline to get you party season ready is via facial contouring which can be achieved with the clever use of Botox and Fillers in the hands of a skilful aesthetics physician.

Botox microinjections can be administered to shrink down the bulk of enlarged jaw muscles contributing to a broad or squarish face while Natural Fillers made up of mouldable hyaluronic acid gel is an excellent injectable used widely for Chin Enhancement,” says Dr. Chua Han Boon, senior medical consultant with The Sloane Clinic. “Fillers give instantaneous and lasting result sans the downtime of traditional chin implants and a combination of both procedures produces results that complement one another, guaranteed to set you up as the envy and belle of any year-end ball”.

Tip #5: Body Contouring

While there’s certainly no way one could recover in time for party season with a liposuction at the eleventh hour, non-surgical fat busting and body contouring options such as the FDA approved  CoolSculpting by Zeltig proves to be perfectly viable. A procedure also known as cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting is essentially ‘fat freezing’, employing a targeted cooling process that breaks up the membranes and hence led to the destruction of fat cells underneath the skin, literally freezing them to the point of elimination. Your body then excretes the fat via its own metabolic processes over a period of 4-8 weeks, which means that your body transformation will be improving right through the twelve days of Christmas and beyond.



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  1. I was reluctant to buy Farmacell Shape Shorts at first, thinking it was just a gimmick. But a recommendation from a co-worker made me change my mind and I’m glad I did. I love this product for several reasons – it is super comfortable, the compression level is just right, not too tight and not too loose, and lastly it does what it says. After 3 weeks of wearing the milk shorts, my skin feels smoother and softer. Who would have thought?!

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