Beauty Heroes - Little beauty fixes that changes lives

[By Elle Unger]

The title does sound more dramatic than it really is, but if you have been a woman afflicted, you will understand the profound gratitude and relief when a beauty aid actually does what it says, as opposed to the scores of disappointments and empty promises lining the shelves in drugstores.

To save you (and countless other women like you) the pain and heartache of broken promises, we have uncovered some heroes that do keep their word.


Every hair appliance guarantees salon-type curls in minutes, but not many will tell you that you will need the skills of a professional stylist to operate one. If you like me am a klutz with electronic gadgets, then many of the store-bought hair curlers and tongs may end up more lethal weapon than beauty aid.

Enter: Miracurl by Babyliss, a hair curler for dummies. It literally curls your hair in under 10 minutes, no fuss.


Tester’s verdict: The difference is that this curler automatically winds your hair into its heating chamber unlike normal tongs where you will need to manually twist the strands in place. Choose from tight to loose curls with the different settings. Definitely a vital hair aid for those desiring home-made volume.


579When it comes to eye creams, I have probably gone through several dozens on account of my hereditary ‘tired eye’ look. (Thanks mum!) Truth is no eye cream or gel will magically transform you from panda to bright eyed bunny overnight, but the right eye product can delay the ravages of age, and minimize skin irritation and dryness, all of which adds lines to your years.

Enter: Oxygen Eye Serum by Sloane Inc

Tester’s verdict: The microscopic Co-enzyme Q10 particles are novel but effective antioxidants for the eye area, really brightening and refreshing under-the-weather periorbital skin. This fast-absorbing lightweight gel leaves no traces of greasiness on the skin, hence can be used day and night. Greasy eye creams tend to interfere with eye makeup when applied in the day, so this is a great pick-me-up even before my usual morning makeup routine.


1212If only nail polish removers do what they are supposed to do, your time could be better spent having tea with the girls, rather than huddled over the sink, trying to remove the last vestiges of that dastardly dark nail shade you picked while nursing a hangover.

Enter: Bourjois Dissolvant

Tester’s verdict: It worked like a dream; even when we tested it with the gaudiest, darkest glittery shade we could find, it still lived up to its name and did the trick. We particularly loved its innovation: Dip your finger in, twist, voila! All traces of polish are removed. Essential beauty cupboard fodder for quick, last minute emergencies. Tea time next!


607Whether you prefer Chanel glosses to Dior lipsticks, almost all lip makeup are mere cosmetic cover-ups for your lips as they sit as a colour barrier rather than penetrate below the surface. If you are looking to nourish and hydrate your lips from within, then skip these surface cover-ups and go for something that can soften and repair worn out lips.

Enter: Lip Serum by Sloane Inc

Tester’s verdict: This overnight lip repair serum is not a gloss so don’t expect it to sit on your lips like a coat of paint. It absorbs into the lip skin to nourish dehydrated cells and repair darkened, rough and lined lips, revitalizing them overnight. It is the only thing that leaves my lips looking softer and more kissable the morning after.


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3 thoughts on “Beauty Heroes – Little beauty fixes that changes lives”

  1. Miracurl by Babyliss helps me achieve what I have always wanted: spiral curls away from my face that last all day without hairspray or a trip to the salon.

    My hair is pretty normal, but it is straight with absolutely no natural body. I currently have a mild body perm, but you can’t even tell when my hair is dry. I’ve tried many curling tools but none have been completely satisfactory till now. Clipless curling irons have not produced consistent results and I have burned myself several times trying to use these. Hot rollers are better, but I don’t like the idea of exposing my hair to that high heat for that long. I bought the Topstyler with the clamshell clips, and sometimes I get them right, sometimes not.

    I came across this while searching for products that would hold a curl without being stiff or crunchy or smelly. By chance, I talked to my hairstylist the next day and she said she had seen this curl machine in action and thought it could work for me. So I bought one immediately and tried it. And my hair looks really great!

    It was easy to use and I had no problems at all. It’s a little heavier than a standard curling iron, but I don’t mind. I think the secret is that this tool twists the section of hair as its rolling it up, which really helps define the curls. You can achieve different levels of curliness by adjusting the heat and timing. I used the lowest heat setting but kept my hair in till I got the four quick beeps (12 seconds), letting me know it was time to release. I got lovely,loose spiral curls that have lasted well all day. (The only product I had in my hair was a bit of Dermorganic Volume Foam for the night before.) The whole operation went pretty quickly, and I am very pleased with the results.

    Although I heard of other people having problems with this machine, but I think the majority of those people have thick hair, aren’t sectioning correctly, are placing it too close to the scalp (and other hair), or have very long hair. Mine is just past my shoulders and the texture is normal / straight.

    I am very happy with this purchase!

  2. Bourjois Dissolvant is my favourite nail polish remover.

    If you haven’t heard the hype – it’s basically a pot with a nail polish remover soaked sponge in the inside, which has a hole in it. The idea is that you put your finger in, twist it for one second, pull it out, and voila, it’s all gone!

    It’s really handy, not to mention more environmentally friendly, not to have to use cotton wool pads, especially when on some polishes you have to use ten tonnes of the stuff to get it off your nails. Neons and glitters are notoriously hard to remove – this did the trick on my neon, and although I’ve not tried it with glitter myself, I’ve heard it does a good job, although some of the glitter stays on the sponge so you can end up with it on your fingers / nails when you’re using it after.

    The other thing I just love about this is the smell. It’s not often that you’d hear someone say that about a nail polish remover, but it seriously smells amazing. When you pull your fingers out of the pot, they smell of strawberries (or red fruit and vanilla, as they call it – it basically smells like strawberries), but wow, it’s fantastic.

    Aside from that, its acetone free, paraben free and contains sweet almond oil to nourish your nails. What’s not to love!?

    This is my favourite so far.

  3. I am a fan of lip serum from The Sloane Clinic Got it for my bday last month and I am totally hooked. It is the only thing that really nourishes my lips, not just coat it.

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