3 Ways to Supercharge your Diet

[By Kelly Musk]

Tweaking your diet may lead to surprising spikes in health benefits. Experts say good nutrition isn’t just about one superstar ingredient; it’s about group dynamics — the way certain food combinations work together for maximum health benefits. These superfood combinations give synergistic effects that will translate to better health, increased vitality and glowing skin.



Drinking green tea with lemon improves the health benefits of the tea, according to researchers at Purdue University. Citrus juice brings out green tea’s antioxidants, making them more available for your body to absorb. Catechins, which prefer the acid environment of the stomach, become degraded in the more alkaline conditions of the small and large intestine, where nutrient absorption takes place. Lemon juice can increase the amount of catechins your body extracts from green tea by up to six times. While compounds in tea can inhibit iron absorption from foods in your diet, drinking your green tea with lemon reduces that effect.



The fastest and easiest way to take chia seed is to add one tablespoon chia seed into an eight-ounce glass of water or juice, stir to break up any lumps, let sit about five minutes, stir again, and then drink. The gel-forming property of chia seed tends to slow digestion and sustain balanced blood sugar levels, which can be helpful in preventing or controlling diabetes. Whole, water-soaked chia seeds can be easily digested and absorbed. This results in rapid transport of chia nutrients to the tissues for use by the cells. Chia also facilitates the growth and regeneration of tissue during pregnancy and lactation, and aids the regeneration of muscles for conditioning athletes and bodybuilders. For the dieter, this means feeling full with no more peaks and valleys in blood sugar levels. Chia seeds also contain greater alpha-linolenic acid concentrations than any other seed or grain. This substance lowers the risk of heart disease, blurred vision, and numbness.



Tomatoes are one of the main sources of lycopene; powerful antioxidants which can help prevent sun damage. To reap an exponential benefit from tomatoes, coat them in olive oil. The healthy fats in the oil allow lycopene to be better absorbed by your body. Not to mention olive oil has its own skin rejuvenating abilities.


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13 thoughts on “3 Ways to Supercharge your Diet”

  1. To get the most out of Chia, make Chia Gel. It’s one part Chia Seeds to 9 parts water. I make it in a Mason jar (shake or stir until the seeds begin to suspend in the gel) and keep it in the refrigerator. It creates a thick gel that you can add to most anything and it doesn’t change the flavor. There’s lots of info on the Web. Have a look! Chia seeds are phenomenal.

  2. I have been eating Chia seeds for 2 months with amazing results after 3 weeks. I eat mine in snackpak Chocolate pudding every morning. I drink water after. It has all but cured my symptoms of fibro which I have suffered with for 5 long grueling years. My afternoon naps are no longer needed. I take no medications. I am up moving and feeling good. My friends and neighbors are asking me whats up??I mowed my yard first time in a year and wanted to run while I was doing it. I wake up feeling GOOD. My menopause symptoms are gone and the “bitchy-ness is over. I have lost 15lbs and haven’t even tried to diet, just curbs your appetite. I feel at least 10 years younger mentally and physically. I’ve notice my skin looks healthier, My finger nails grow faster, I wish I would have known this 10 years ago.

  3. I think this recipe for Chia seed. It taste so wonderful.
    It’s also so easy.
    1/3 cup chia seed
    2 cups almond milk
    2 Tbsp honey
    1 tsp cinnamon
    1/2 tsp nutmeg if you want

    Mix seeds with almond milk and whisk in honey, cinnamon and nutmeg.
    let sit overnight in frig.
    Warm if desired.
    This has a taste somewhat like cream of wheat or malt Oatmeal with cinnamon and so good for you.
    I put it in a plastic cup and eat at work.

  4. Chia Seed sure is a great thing to have. If you don’t know, you should educate yourself of the power of chia seeds. They have a long history of being used by warriors and runners throughout the ages.
    I personally have these for breakfast and feel energized well past 3 in the afternoon when I have my lunch. I didn’t know that we can put it in drinks. I might just do that from now. In fact I just ordered a 5 pound bag from the same seller, I strongly recommend it.

  5. Chia Seed is a really good food. Full of omega 3, soluble fiber, and protein. I put chia seeds in a coffee grinder and use the meal on my cereal in the morning.

    One thing I can’t stand is this irrational hippy crap of “it contains no chemicals”. Everything is a chemical. Maybe they didn’t use synthetic chemicals to produce it, but it certainly contains chemical, lots of good ones to be sure, but it contains chemicals. There a are loads of plants in nature that have very bad chemicals that you don’t want in your body. No chemicals is just a garbage statement. How about pesticide free, or something to that effect, that would at least have meaning.

  6. Okay, I love this on my toast, or sprinkled on a spoon of coconut oil, but I don’t really like that gel, yuck! so glad I didn’t waste too much, the goo, taste like oatmeal, so may use it up(the gel) that way. But when put together with toast, MOST Excellent!

  7. I have seen a recipes online that say put chia seeds porridge with orange and yogurt. I tried it before and it taste great in small amount. Or you can put in in cup cake paper or cup. Every now and then take one out and eat.

  8. I Love Chia Chocolate Mousse. These are really yummy. These are must try.

    Serves 4

    ⅓ cup unsweetened cocoa powder
    2 tablespoons ground chia seeds*
    1 banana
    1 cup coconut milk (use BPA free coconut milk)
    2 tablespoons powdered coconut sugar (optional, for extra sweetness)
    pinch of medium coarse sea salt (optional)

    * If you can’t find ground chia seeds, you can grind them in a small coffee grinder.


    Combine all ingredients in a blender (or food processor) and process until creamy and smooth.

    Place chocolate mousse in a bowl or single serving bowls/ramekins and put in the fridge for at least 30 minutes to allow ground chia seeds to solidify.

    If you’re like me and believe that chocolate and salt are a marriage made in heaven, sprinkle with a pinch of sea salt before serving.


  9. I found alot of recipes on Chia Seeds. It can be put in any form of desserts. The best I like is Raspberry Lemonade Chia Drink. Nice to eat and drink. ^^

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