3 Ways to Achieve Natural Beauty

[By Tania hui]

With the holiday season barely a fortnight away, it’s natural that every girl would want to look her absolute best, be it at a traditional family get-together or a snazzy Christmas party where you are all ready to mingle. Although make-up is beautiful, nothing beats the natural beauty that shines through. Make-up should be used to enhance your beauty rather than create it. When it comes to war painting, more often than not, less is actually more. It takes more than just a huge dose of confidence to wear less make-up but there are several ways to make yourself feel more comfortable in your own skin. If you put in a little effort to look effortless, you too can achieve natural beauty that sparkles and glows under fairy lights and mistletoes.

Cleanse & Exfoliate

One of the most basic steps to achieve natural beauty is to cleanse daily and exfoliate regularly. Choosing the correct cleanser to match your skin type and removing all traces of make-up before hitting the snooze button should be religiously committed as part of your daily regime. Exfoliate your skin once to twice a week but less frequently if you can feel it drying up to prevent excessive loss of moisture. Strike a balance so as not to strip your skin of its protective layer of essential oils. If the year-end deadlines and never-ending Christmas shopping list is holding you back from your ‘beautification’, have your therapist’s number on speed-dial and let the professionals take care of your skin.

“One of the most popular signature treatment for the busy urbanite looking for some major cleansing and skin polishing to spruce up the skin for party season is our Deep Deep Clean Facial,” says Ms. Lynn Tan, senior beauty trainer/ therapist with The Sloane Spa @ CitySphere. “This is the ultimate pampering in deep-cleansing, combining Microdermabrasion with a fruit acid wash, followed by 5-10 minutes of Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing to purge out pores that are clogged with whiteheads and blackheads.”

Getting an acid peel is another great way to prep your skin to a clean slate for nude, barely there make-up. The Glamour Peel specially concocted and available exclusively at The Sloane Clinic is true to its namesake and is a fuss-free weekend peel that brings forth a red carpet difference. Using not one but a combination of 3 different types of professional chemical peels that have been carefully selected for you to deliver a quick all-round complexion improvement, this star-worthy treatment addresses 6 key skin concerns simultaneously; skin brightening, spot fading, line smoothening, pore reduction, sebum balance and hydration boost. Quite the bang for the buck as a Christmas treat for yourself, isn’t it?

Tone & Moisturize

614The next step to gorgeous flawless skin is to tone and moisturize. A good toner such as Sloane Inc Lavender Calamine Clarifying Water will help restore your skin’s pH balance and remove any remaining traces of make-up. Bolstered by an all-natural, skin-soothing blend of lavender, calamine, botanicals and soy extracts, this gentle toner will rebalance stressed, inflamed or sensitive skins, coaxing  them into a relaxed, sublimely radiant state with the subtle glow of youth.

Faced with the constant attack of everyday aggressors such as climacteric elements and air pollutants, it is important to keep our skin well moisturized at all times. There’s a moisturizer suited for every skin type and problem so do your homework and look out for active ingredients such as antioxidants and age defying goodies like peptides and hyaluronic acid. For those in search of a much needed boost of hydration for severely dehydrated and lackluster complexion, consider Revitalift, a revolutionary skin rejuvenating technique whereby small particle natural fillers of hyaluronic acid is introduced in miniscule amounts via virtually painless microinjections under the skin. Revitalift resuscitates tired, dehydrated and aging skin by restoring its physiological function and optimizing cellular activity. The most popular areas to be treated are the undereye areas to revitalize lined crepey skin and lighten dark eye rings. Other popular areas include a full face treatment for total luminesce, to let your inner glow shine through this holiday season.

Pore & Pigment Minimizer

Unsightly open pores, uneven skin tone and skin pigmentation rank high as the top beauty banes that forced women to hide behind a thick, unbreathable mask of primer, foundation and concealer. While traditional skin re-surfacing techniques are both tedious and painful with a protracted period of downtime, beauty prayers are being answered in the form of Mixto Light, a complexion-transforming carbon dioxide laser that comes in a fractionated airbrush microspray set to deliver deep dermal, skin-transforming benefits but without the dreaded tell-tale downtime. This state of the art skin resurfacing treatment with the stamp of approval from FDA causes immediate stimulation of skin’s natural cell renewal cycle, enhances skin texture and elasticity as well as erases mild skin imperfections and fine lines. There’s improvement with every single session but consecutive treatments of 4 to 6 sessions will bring forth an accumulative effect, resulting in a flawless mien of angelic proportions, the epitome of ‘effortless’ natural beauty!


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5 thoughts on “3 Ways to Achieve Natural Beauty”

  1. I wanted to “rejuvenate” my skin, and Mixto Light was the answer. The fine lines and blotchy brown spots needed to be erased. Also my upper lip was very wrinkled, as well as my neck. (it was worth the extra cost to do both at one time!)
    I’m happy with the results, and so is my husband. 🙂

    All of my family members couldn’t believe the results. So far my mother, my aunt, and my cousin have also had the procedure done. Hey, we all look great!

    It’s a wonderful way to get your own collagen working again. I don’t care how much retina you put on your skin, it’s never the same as working from the inside out.

  2. I have to say I am very happy with the end result of my Mixto treatment. I have had acne scars and now at 30 years old I had just had enough, I was so over it and I kept getting comparisons to Kevin Spacey and I am not even kidding. Anyways I am much happier than I could have imagined I would be and my spacey marks or so I called them are now merely a shadow. Total money well spent. I may even do another one next year as they said that might be the icing on the cake to get the rest off or at least majorly diminished.

  3. When I went for my mixto treatment, the Nurse Practitioner or PA and she was very nice, they told me I would have to take valtrex cause I have a history of cold sores and I guess laser heat can activate them. Anyways, I had to get there like 1 hour early and they washed my face and covered it in numbing cream and I just relaxed and read a magazine for the hour til I guess it kicked in. Then you go in and they put on some eye shields and it starts. Lots of heat but not really pain..maybe like a sunburn feel at times but not like you burned yourself with an iron..it’s a very manageable hot. It took like 45 minutes in all and then they put me in another room where they applied this cooling like second skin face mask. Thank God for that as my face was so hot…I could feel the heat coming off it, not pain just heat so that second skin felt amazing! After I was cooled down they put some ointment on my face and sent me home with the after care kit and another second skin mask.

    My face stayed sun burn like feeling for probably three hours then that feeling just magically went away. The next morning swelling and ski burn..not attractive. But they did warn me about that so I was not working and I was expecting 5 -7 days social downtime. The post itching flaking was the most annoying but benadryl took the edge off and vinegar soaks. Anyway for all it involved the time really flew by and I am so glad I did it and will definitely do it again. I don’t mind being in pictures now and that means so much and I don’t get compared to you know who anymore. 😀

  4. I also got Mixto Laser on my cheeks for acne scars, and I am amazed with the results also, about 60% better. But my face stayed super-mega red for 8 weeks, it was so red that make up could not hide the redness, I tried to wear make up twice but instead of covering up the redness, it made it look purple, my face was not so cute for 8 weeks, but the results made up for it!!! It is so worth the money and the downtime!!!

  5. I had the MiXto treatment one month ago and LOVE my results! My treatment was done on a Wednesday and I was at work Monday. I felt very little discomfort, the Doctor and staff were very comforting. The best part of my results are that the fine lines around my eyes and brown spots on my face are gone! This exceeded my expectations!

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