The Single Lady’s Survival Guide to Party Season

[By Tania Hui]

To navigate the year end celebrations as a single lady is as best described as equal parts anticipation and apprehension. Christmas parties are, in imagination, magical glittering occasions where everyone looks like Princess Charming— which I like to think of as speed dating sessions with tinsel and mistletoe. Except for the occasional Christmas Grinch, everybody will be inflicted with and soaking up the festive spirits and this cannot be a better time for singles to mingle.

If all goes well, by the end of the party season, you would have a tidy collection of cell phone numbers and email addresses to see you through a couple of dates to tide through the cold, dreary months of January and February. If good fate continue to smile upon thee, you might even wind up with an ‘official’ half by the time spring break comes round!

That is the upside of being single over the festive season. The downside, however, is almost too awful to contemplate. We’ve all been there — head in hands with the mother of all hangovers the next day, shuddering at clouded memories of the night before that we wished we could ignore. Because when a Christmas party goes wrong, it does so in a way that spells unwise sexual liaisons and public humiliation that will haunt you for the longest time… if not forever.

So what’s a girl gotta to if she’s single but not so ready? Cast all doubts and trepidations aside this holiday season as RSB brings you pearls of wisdom in our Single Lady’s Survival Guide that will guarantee to see even the most timid mouse of a gal breezed through party season like a sparkling PR socialite. Have faith, have fun and Happy Holidays!

Always say a definite ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

If you want to be on the guest-list year after year, always be polite and RSVP, especially if it’s a sit down dinner where cooking and seat planning is involved. Your host will appreciate your early affirmation and don’t be wishy washy or wait till the last minute as if you are hoping for an invite to a more happening party to come in. You don’t have to stress yourself out by saying yes to every invite and end up being both socially inept and unproductive by staying less than 60 minutes in what I refer to as “party musical chairs” players. If you are one of those that simply can’t do things alone and would like to bring a friend along, ask the host nicely and accept the possible rejection graciously. You have the choice not to attend and the host’s guest-list is not yours to dictate.

Dress appropriately

I’m not even going to be sitting on the fence regarding this. Follow the dress code stipulated on the invite and when in doubt, check personally with the host. If it’s a themed party, turn up dressed and skip it altogether if costumes is not your thing. Always check if there are young kids attending the party— There’s must be another occasion for that gorgeous peekaboo number that reveal some serious side boobs. If you must, keep the cardigan or shawl firmly wrapped on your shoulders until the young ones are put to bed or ushered away. Choose a style that both you and your host will be comfortable with. First impression counts so unless you are looking for a quick hook-up, dress like a starlet, not a streetwalker.

Don’t leave your hair & makeup to the last minute

If you go prepared, it’s half the battle won. What you don’t want is to leave everything to chance for things that are within your control. Plan early what hairstyle and make-up you are going to pair with which outfit for which party. The half up-do is both glamorous and effortless at the same time. If it’s good enough a red carpet look from Heidi Klum to Jennifer Lawrence, it is good enough to see you through both formal and casual parties. Generally, keep your make-up simple especially if it’s a house party. You can choose to play up your eyes with dramatic colours or amp up your sex quotient with dark lips. Less is more and let your natural beauty shine through with clear flawless skin.

“Our signature Triple Oxygen Heaven spa treatment is the perfect pre-party ‘perk-me-up’ to prepare your skin for that all important glamorous night out,” says Ms. Noelle Tan, senior beauty therapist with  The Sloane Spa @The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands. “This all-round complexion reviver kicks off with an intensive facial cleansing using oxy-hydropeel that starts off with a jet spray of fine, misty pure oxygen and vitamins to thoroughly clean, exfoliate & brighten the skin; followed by a soothing oxygen whitening wrap and a nourishing colostrum sonophoresis therapy to plump and firm up skin to get you picture perfect ready for all the Instagram shots this holiday season!”

Don’t get drunk before midnight

A small amount of alcohol may be the best social lubricant there is, but, as we all know from experience, tipping over your tolerance can lead to nothing short of a social catastrophe. Sorry to sound like your nagging mum but the best approach is not to drink too much. Now, everyone has a different benchmark but as a rule of thumb, when people you would never normally fancy start to become extremely attractive, then you definitely had one too many.

It is also a big no-no to try to seduce someone who is more inebriated than you even when your pheromones are screaming for a lay. You might wind up covered in vomitus in the back of a cab, or worse, someone will wake up next to you with that undeniable “I can’t believe I went to bed with her” look on his face. Pure social suicide that cut short any prior plans and guaranteed top billings at the gossip mill making it rounds the rest of this party season.

Don’t be a social media whore

Depending on your host, it might not be fine for you to upload pictures of the party or the guests without prior consent. This is especially so for any house parties. The home is a private sanctuary and some people rather prefer to keep it this way. Culled your urge to ‘check-in’ on Facebook, post a twitter comment or hashtag a snapshot. Try to mingle, hold conversation and soak in the ambience and camaraderie of the holiday season. Taking the social media whoring to an unforgivable level is to act as a social media stalker.

If you are finally meeting your host’s hot cousin whom you had the biggest crush on for the first time, do not, may I repeat myself, DO NOT by all means drop hints that you had went through every single tagged picture of him such that you felt like you had known him all his life. Remember that knowing what Miley had for breakfast on Tuesday and what colour panties Rihanna wore under her outfit for VMA does not instant BFFs make.

DIY beauty care survival kit

Get your ‘Ammunition’ ready so you don’t end up looking worse than the last for each party that follow. DIY home masks are beauty must-haves to replenish moisture, rejuvenate and ease out ‘wounds’ of a previous night of heaving partying.

The Sloane Inc. White Luminosity Mask is a definite post party revival staple that’s saturated with goodness from super anti-oxidant, Astaxanthin to Vitamin C which nourishes your skin’s natural emollient system and coaxes it back from its lacklustre state to party ready radiance and luminosity, all in less than 20 minutes. Add on Sloane Inc. Lip Fabulosity Mask and Sloane Inc. Oxygen Eye Pads that’s exclusively brought to you by the good people from The Sloane Clinic for an unbeatable trio to give your puckers and peepers a much needed boost of beauty revitalisation along with your complexion boost. Add on the right dose of attitude and girlfriend, you are all set to impress and ready to go!





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