5 Habits to Kick for Healthy Living

[By Maddy Chua]

1271With the beginning of a New Year, it’s commonplace for every girl to draw up her ‘to-do’ list of resolutions. This is all good as working your way towards your goals is a great way to kick-start the year. From keeping fit to healthy diets, we are always making a conscious effort to look our very best. Be it the latest face cream or this season’s must-have arm candy, we are convinced that our pretty little pennies are put into sound ‘investments’.

However, that doesn’t really mean we are looking after ourselves well. There are some common habits unique to us ladies that we should really try to kick to truly embrace healthy living. In fact, I believe that a large number of us are committing such health mistakes without even realising them! Here’s my list of top 5 female habits to kick— are you guilty of some or all?

Towering heels

In every cosmopolitan city from New York to Singapore, high heels are often the footwear du jour for any modern lady. More of us are choosing to wear heels on a daily basis and this spells bad news for our health. As we strut up and down streets and avenues like fashion runways in everyday life, we’re actually putting pressure on our joints, increasing our risks of arthritis, back pain, tendon injuries and even structural deformities such as hammer toes and bunions. Fortunately, there are ways to get round this without getting into the bad books of Anna Wintour. For a start, limit your daytime heels to one and a half inches and cushion your feet with good insoles. Give them their much needed break by declaring a “No-Heels-Day” at least once a week. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn on these off days with some awesome ballet flats that even Victoria Beckham won’t say no to. Wearing heels way too often is one habit that every girl who knows her Ferragamos from her Blahniks should try to kick!

Overweight bags

Have you taken a peek into your tote bag recently? Does it remind you of a scene straight out of CSI: Miami? Modern life means today’s crammed handbag weighs as much as five bags of sugar! Researchers found that in the past 5 years, the burden on a woman’s shoulder has increased 38 per cent to an average of 5.2lb. Within a decade, it is predicted to reach 6.6lb. Seriously, when was the last time you put your bag on the weighing machine? Many of us are lugging super heavy bags around without realising how heavy they are. The problem with carrying a heavy bag is that while it may not cause you an injury at this point in time, it has a cumulative effect and can lead to serious stress injuries of the shoulder, neck and back. Make it a point to clear your bag of its contents regularly to trim down unnecessary, non-essential items. Alternatively, opt for a smaller bag or one with more compartments so that you can be better organised. Besides, de-cluttering is good fengshui too!

Make-up mistakes

561We spend a tidy fortune and time on applying our warpaint everyday so it’s understandable that we want to get maximum wear out of it. However, wearing make-up to bed is a cardinal beauty sin and it certainly does not make you more beautiful in your dreams!

“Along with all the oil and dirt that naturally accumulates on the skin throughout the day, sleeping with your make-up on will quickly lead to clogged pores and possible breakouts,” warns Dr. Toby Hui, medical consultant with The Sloane Clinic. “Besides creating havoc to your skin, leaving your eye make-up on is a known cause of eye irritation that can lead to bloodshot eyes and even eye infection.”

The Sloane Inc. Full Face Make-up Removal available online from The Sloane Shop is an ultra-gentle product that contains soothing Chamomile and Saponaria extracts which works for all skin types including sensitive ones. It is gentle and yet effective enough to work on water-proof mascara and heavy duty eye make-up without irritating the thinner skin around your eyes. Remember the golden words of wisdom, “There are no ugly women, just lazy ones.”

Munchers & Fridge Raiders

Have you given much thought as to why your hand is reaching for the handle of the fridge? Besides hunger, women raid their pantries for a plethora of reasons, ranging from boredom and laziness to sadness and anger. Emotional eating is a very real problem made worse by our inclination towards sweet and calorie laden food. A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. Remind yourself to steer clear of unnecessary munching by pinning a photograph of you at the fattest stage of your life to the door of the fridge. Break and replace this unhealthy habit with a better option such as jogging and watch the benefits grow from day to day.

Drunken ladies

A night’s out with the lads from your office? Don’t be pressurised and succumbed to drink dares! It is only natural for most women not to hold their alcohol as well because of our lower body weight. Besides, losing one’s inhibitions with too much a tipple can lead to huge mistakes that will taunt you forever. Be flirty, be coquettish and your lady-liked ways will surely save you from a hangover the following day!


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7 thoughts on “5 Habits to Kick for Healthy Living”

  1. Great info. Would use it for my daily life. As they say don’t wear high heels everyday. When you are sad or whatever don’t raid the fridge. Gosh! It’s such a bad habit.

  2. I must say that Sloane Full Face Make-up Removal is useful. It remove the final traces of everything including my heavy duty double coated mascara and eye liner with just a few gently swipes! It is really Worth it!

  3. Sloane Full Face Make-up Removal seriously is the best, most efficient makeup remover I have used. It can be used to remove makeup from the entire face including the eyes. It help me keeps my skin clean whenever I need to go out.

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