Eat More, Worry Less

[By Anna Lurie]

Diet plans are hard to adhere to if you are always counting calories and reminding yourself of what you shouldn’t be eating. Honestly, most of us are making dieting way too hard for ourselves. To trim down and not go hungry simply means choosing or switching out a larger amount of simple, healthy food to consume. By eating right, you will watch the pounds drop without the need to suffer from hunger pangs and the emotional rollercoaster associated with them. In fact, at the end of the day, you might not even feel like you are dieting to begin with! Make wise food choices for healthy eating today.

1276Fresh Greens

In the world of Nutrition, fresh greens or dark leafy vegetables are the non-disputable powerhouses as calorie for calorie, they are packed with the most concentrated source of nutrition goodness for any kind of food. Due to this intense nutrient profile, greens fill you up quickly as they send immediate signal of adequate nourishment to your brain. When you eat food with little nutritional value such as your favourite bag of salt & vinegar crisps, you will naturally get hungry quicker as your body is not getting the nutrients it wants and needs. Greens are packed with stuff that your body craves, being highly rich in anti-oxidants, minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium as well as vitamins K, C, E, and many of the B vitamins. Eat them raw, sautéed, juiced or blended and you will be on the expressway of healthy weight loss in double quick time.

1275Fresh Fish

Fish is another superfood that is allowed in abudance for any girl watching her weight—that if it’s prepared in the correct way. When eaten raw, steamed or grilled, fish is low in calories, contains no carbs at all and is almost fat free. If you are watching your weight, fish is definitely a much better alternative than meat as a primary source of protein. It is easily digestable, increases your lean muscle mass and keeps your metabolism running. Eat 4 to 5 servings every week, paired with fresh greens, veggies and roots. Limit white potatoes though as they can cause insulin spikes similar to white bread. Purple red or sweet potatoes are healthier options that you can swap out for a truly balanced meal.


Oats are rich in fibre and protein and is simply the best grains that make a healthy, hearty breakkie to begin your day with. They are virtually fat free and choked full of minerals and vitamins that your heart loves and will thank you for them. A couple of grams will fill you up and start your meal plan for the day in the right direction. By increasing your fibre and protein intake, oats help to burn fat and keeps your blood glucose level at a low and steady optimum because of its low glycaemic index. Its nutty taste works well with bananas and berries and can be added to smoothies and used to thicken omelettes too.

1273Egg White

Egg whites are often a staple of any bodybuilder’s diet. Besides being one of the cheapest and purest source of animal protein, egg whites contain no fat nor carbs with a mere count of 25 calories for a quarter cup. Being extremely versatile, it can be incoporated into many imaginative receipes. Take for instant my personal favourite— a fluffy egg white omelette with a splash of truffle oil that elevates it  from humble food source to gourmet cuisine. Besides, egg whites can be added to just about anything, from smoothies to oatmeal, for healthy eating and living. Being nutritionally sound, these pure albumin sources tend to fill your tummy and hold you over for a long while despite clocking an extremely low calorie count. Well isn’t this a weight-watcher’s dream comes true?


Berries are simply nature’s answer to gumdrops and candies. They taste wonderful, have low glycaemic index and are rich in anti-oxidants, fibres, minerals and vitamins. Berries are believed to enhance one’s mood too, which is not hard to believe given their incredible colour, smell and taste, au naturel no less! To spice up the flavour, add a quarter cup of berries mixed with raw or lightly roasted, unsalted chopped nuts to your yogurt, oats or smoothies.  The possibilities to enjoy these tiny morsels of joy are endless but for me, they are best eaten on their own, with dreams of a warm summer….


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5 thoughts on “Eat More, Worry Less”

  1. Fish is a very healthy option indeed. Look at the Japanese girls on the streets in Tokyo. Most of them are so slim. Must be the sashimi ! Lol

  2. I love eating berries. They are good with just some sugar or something sour is delicious too. Buy some oats and add it with some hot water and some cream are nice to drink.

  3. I agree! counting calories is not about watching every morsel but adopting a generally healthy attitude. after a while, you find that you will naturally slim down if you avoid all processed, starchy foods!

  4. Some foods just fill me up faster than others. i find fruits, oats or anything high in fibre or water content tend to do the trick. On the other hand, worst culprits are appetite stimulating foods like back gwa… LOL

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