Go for GLOW this Lunar New Year

[By Fiona Li]

According to the Chinese zodiac, we will be ushering in the Year of the Horse come the first day of Lunar New Year in 2 weeks’ time. The spirit of those born under the sign of the Horse lies in his or her strength in making unremitting efforts to improve one’s performance through hard work and unbridled determination. 2014 being the Year of the Wood Horse is believed to be a vibrant one overflowing with great energy and power for those who can grab hold and hang on. In order to enjoy the sweetness of success, one must look and feel the part for it. As you prepare to race towards your goals and dreams, go for GLOW with a flawless mien of radiance and sheer luminosity to kickstart your year on the right foot. Now giddy up and gallop on, ladies!

Scrub the Grub

486The simplest way to get your complexion a notch better is to exfoliate with a good facial scrub to reveal fresh soft skin hidden under all the grub from the cold December days. Try my personal  favourite, the Sloane Inc. Pineapple Enzyme Scrub for some gentle yet effective exfoliation. This sweet smelling  power packed concoction contains the chief ingredients of Bromelain enzyme and Jojoba oil. The pineapple enzyme, Bromelain, helps to remove excess surface cells in the stratum corneum of the epidermis while the microspheres of jojoba beads dissolve and release their nourishing jojoba oil into the skin. This dual pronged action helps to improve skin texture by exfoliating and moisturising it at the same time, leaving a tender, luminous glow that sets the perfect base for you to work on some fabulous Spring colours to ring in the New Year.

Peel Fresh with pizazz

Getting an acid peel done professionally is another great way to prep your skin for that fresh glow of youth and vitality. The Glamour Peel specially devised and available exclusively at The Sloane Clinic is the ‘go-to’ treatment for maximal benefits with hardly any downtime. This fuss-free weekend treatment gets you paparazzi ready with not one but three different types of professional grade formulations that have been specially selected to give your complexion a quick, all-rounded boost. A well kept secret earmarked in the ‘Little Black Beauty Book’ of those in the know, the Glamour Peel addresses six key skin concerns simultaneously. Skin brightening, spot fading, line smoothening, pore reduction, sebum balance and intense hydration served on a beauty platter. To achieve a clear and blemish free complexion is certainly a good start to herald in new hopes of posperity for the New Year ahead.

1278Brighten Up

Commonly referred to as a photo-facial, IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is a superb modern day technology that brightens up one’s complexion with pulses of high intensity lights of varying wavelengths to penetrate the skin without downtime. Besides busting sunspots and freckles, this scientifically proven procedure stimulates new collagen to form in the skin, thereby reducing fine lines, minimizes pore size and increases skin elasticity for overall rejuvenation.

As the results from IPL are cumulative, a series of four to six sessions done at monthly interval is ideal. However, single sessions proved to be exceedingly effective in giving your skin a little ‘refreshening’ before any upcoming event. Do take note that this treatment should be done at least a week before your big event, as this is the time required to see the maximal positive changes in your skin post treatment.

Looking at the calendar, it’s not too late for you to slot in an IPL treatment, just in time to gallop like a blue ribbon winner into the first day of the Year of the Horse.

Sparkle & Shine

Is your cloudy complexion badly weathered by years of neglect and stress and you are worried that time is not on your side for any ‘quick-fix’ before CNY? The answer to your skin woes lies right here with Mixto Light, a revolutionary skin renewal laser that is the lighter cousin to full-fledged Mixto MicroResurfacing Laser. Lowering the downtime to a third or half, Mixto Light nonetheless delivers a slew of goodness to bring you the best results with a fractionated airbrush microspray of carbon dioxide (CO2) laser that is calculated to deliver deep dermal, skin-transforming benefits at specifically controlled settings.

Topping its beauty menu of transformation include instant stimulation of skin’s cellular turnover, improvement of skin texture and elasticity, correction of superficial pigmentation and erasing fine lines. Single sessions are great for ‘tidying things up’ but for an overhaul, do consider a complete ‘Mixto-over’ with the Sparkling Skin Program, which true to its namesake, will make you shine bright like a diamond not just on Spring break, but the year ahead.


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13 thoughts on “Go for GLOW this Lunar New Year”

  1. I am 40 years old and have fair skin and have had three IPL treatments. While the results are by no means ‘dramatic’ I can tell my skin has fewer dark patches.
    The treatment itself is kind of intense but not painful. The pulse of the laser light is so bright you can actually ‘see’ it when your eyes are covered and closed. It sort of makes you jerk because it is so sudden and bright even though you know it is coming. I would equate it to the same discomfort as laser hair removal on the underarms. My skin was stingy and red for about 3 hours after but by my 3rd treatment I was almost max out on power and had almost no discomfort after the treatment.
    Overall, it was worth it to keep some of the age spots from creeping up on me. I have also noticed some softening of fine lines around the eyes. Definitely give it a try if you want the softening of the sunspots and if your medspa is running a special on it.

  2. I had ruined my skin with too much sun and solarium. I was covered in messy pigmentation /freckles completely.

    I went in for one session of IPL resurfacing on arms/back-shoulders/chest and while it was very painful, and recovery a few weeks, it was worth it! Unbelievable results and all from one session! Other places told me 4 would likely be needed but apart from the odd light freckle now (they were very dark in some spots) my arms in particular are very clear. One more session would likely completely clear up – worth it completely.

  3. I had my 1st IPL and Pixel combo done a month ago. I was very swollen and had CRAZY coffee grounds face and chest for a week.. BUT, after 10-14 days my face and chest was BEAUTIFUL. I lost 10 yrs just by losing all the sun damage spots. I still have 4 more planned ( spaced out one each month) and just had my 2nd one this morning. I highly recommend the procedure IF you do not want to go under the knife, want to improve your skin and past damage! I cannot wait to see my skin after all 5 sessions. My mother always warned me about BAKING in the sun when I was a teen to my twenties and NOW I know why.. I wish she was still here to see my new skin. After my 2nd treatment (even thogh 1 treatment did wonders!!) will try to also include my face then also. Procedure cost is PER session

  4. I have rosacea on my face, I found a groupon about this IPL treatment so i figured id try it… I went in not really knowing what it all entailed…. But i did it… walking out of the office The Sun hit my face and i just felt as though I was down at the beach all day… I had a 20 min drive home. By the time I got home my face felt back to normal… no burning itching or anything. Although When they Zapped my face for the treatment I was scared my whole body just reacts and jumps . I have 2 more appts. to go …

  5. I just got home a little while ago from having my first IPL treatment done. It cost a few hundred dollar for a 3 treatment package at my dermatologist. I have fair skin with many freckles as well as dark spots on my cheeks and I’m only 21. I have read plenty of reviews and was nervous about the procedure because of the horror stories, but I knew it was my only option since I’ve tried lightening creams with no luck!

    I have a fairly high pain tolerance but I must say it HURT!! I jumped every time the light went off! Felt like a VERY strong rubber band snap! My face now feels like a sunburn…a cool rag or ice pack is helping!

  6. I love getting face peels about 5 day before an event. Ut is the one thing that makes my skin glow. I have not tried lasers or IPL yet but i have friends who swear by them.

  7. I went in for my first IPL treatment today. I paid 1/3 of the cost of a set of three, because that’s how they do it. The RN (Stephanie) explained that it will hurt, that I’ll see my sun damage get darker and then about 7 days after the skin will fall off revealing perfect skin underneath.

    The procedure took about 45 minutes, it hurt quite a bit (they used a 23 on me) and I felt stingy and a bit tingly after. Now, 6 hours after the procedure, I still have some orange peel like skin on my chest, but not as much as before, and there is no more swelling on my face. There’s no pain now, and I have put on moisturizer twice since 11 am.

  8. I got IPL laser on my arms yesterday. During the procedure it didn’t really hurt a whole lot, kind of like a hot elastic band. With the arms there is alot of area and it is thin skin so close to the end I just wanted it to be over with. About 10 minutes after she was done it started to hurt like a really bad. Like bad. She said the pain would last about 3-12 hours. After 3.5 hrs it just felt tight, it didn’t burn or hurt anymore. I put on cold cloths on my arms and stood in front of my air conditioner, this helped a lot! This morning I woke up and all my freckles are raised up, and they have darken alot. Looks & feels weird. That’s what happens they raise up and darken then flake off. My next appointment is in 4 weeks and I cannot wait to see the results and get another treatment. The technician said it looked exactly how she wanted it to, and we are both excited for the results!!

  9. I just had my second treatment of IPL on my arms. I am so pleased these last 3 weeks!! Lots and lots of my freckles peeled/rubbed off. Now, they aren’t all gone because I need to have two more treatments. After my second treatment I had today many of the freckles darkened up quite a bit, but that’s a good thing!! But just yesterday before my laser today my freckles were very faint. I’m happy the laser brought those up again so they can peel off! 🙂

  10. IPL is a good aesthetic procedure only if it’s done by a qualified professional and with a good IPL machine. Also I find that numbing cream applied before the treatment helps heaps with the pain. There is a risk of burn though if it’s not done properly.

  11. hi all, I just did my Mixto Light treatment at a clinic at MBS! And it has been 7 days. I must say my skin feels really smooth and nice. Doc says i will need 7 sessions, but i think my skin already looks quite nice after just one, wondering if i need so many after this? Anyone has any experience?

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