All Hail the Horse

[By Tania Hui]

Apart from the mythical Dragon, the Horse is probably the most well groomed animal out of the twelve that made up the Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes. As we prepare to usher in the Year of the Horse this Lunar New Year, let us look no further and draw inspiration from this magnificent creature to create a look that will see us through the year that’s forecasted to be blessed with vigor and vitality.

Mane of envy

1288One of the most notable features of the horse got to be its majestic mane. Ombre hair returns big this season but instead of Katy Perry-ish candy pop hues, a blend of natural tones reminiscent of sun-kissed tresses are preferred. Slick it back into a high ponytail for a clean, modelesque look that will allow you to glide seamlessly from boardroom meetings to evening soirees. Symbolizing feminity and sexuality across cultural diversities, a woman’s head of hair is not called her ‘crowning glory’ for nothing. The modern fashionista wouldn’t think twice about subjecting her mane to the constant onslaught of hair products, colouring and styling; all in the name of Vanity. Factoring in normal aging, hereditary traits and hormonal imbalance, it is little wonder that we are seeing a steady rise in hair loss amongst otherwise healthy adult females over the years. As hair growth and loss is cyclical, it is often relatively late by the time we notice actual thinning. It is therefore crucial for us to pay closer attention to everyday hair and scalp care to avoid future repercussions.

“Our Revitascalp treatment uses a special painless delivery system to introduce scientifically selected nutrients to nourish the scalp which in turn support healthy hair poliferation,” explains Dr. Chua Han Boon, senior medical consultant and hair transplant specialist with The Sloane Clinic. “These nutrients include vitamin B12, folic acid, protein-building amino acids and Minoxidil, an effective topical medication approved by FDA for encouraging hair growth.” For moderate to severe cases of hair thinning in women, Revitascalp is best combined with Revage 670, a Rotational PhotoTherapy (RPT) system that utilizes low level laser energy to stimulate blood flow to hair follicles just beneath areas of thinning or balding scalp. The enhanced blood flow pushes dormant hair follicles into the active growth phase and helps to thicken weak, miniaturized hair simultaneously to help restore your locks to its former glory.

Eyes that sparkle

1287If you ever have the chance to look straight into a horse’s eyes, you will be amazed by the depth of emotions staring right back at you. Aptly nicknamed “the windows of your soul”, a pair of sparkling peepers especially when enhanced by a pair of great eyelashes, can  take you anywhere from coy to seductive.

If you have serious eyelash envy, instead of exaggerated, over-the-top flashies and eyelash extensions, consider Latisse, the little eyelash ‘stimulator’ brought to you by Allergan, the same maker who gave us Botox. The active ingredient, Bimatoprost, is nothing short of magical for any eyelash-challenged beauty. This savior has been proven to prolong the life span of your natural lashes from the usual three- to four-month cycle to one of nearly eight months! When used according to instructions, Latisse can give longer, thicker and fuller lashes in a completely safe and natural way.

Tone and sculpted legs

1286To run those million dollar races, horses are blessed with sinewy, muscular legs that go on forever. Mirroring such equinus aesthetics, a pair of toned and sculpted legs is the epitome of healthy sex appeal. Combine fat busting cardiovascular exercises with weight bearing squats and lunges to help shape your gams into runway quality that will give any Naomi or Kate a run for their money. Pockets of stubborn fats lurking around the inner portion and back of the thighs can also be effectively treated with CoolSculpting, a cutting-edge, non-invasive body shaping treatment that effectively addresses spot reduction of unwanted fat deposits sans the downtime of liposuction.

The frozen fat is then gradually eliminated through the urine over 2 to 3 months with recognised scientific papers showing results of up to 22% of fat loss. When that is achieved, you will be ready to strap on a pair of stilettos and ‘trot’ all over town in your new found confidence….


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11 thoughts on “All Hail the Horse”

  1. For those of you who are having pain from Cool Sculpting. I would Suggest getting some things that others have recommended ahead of time…people say that their pain has hit them approx. from 6-9 days after the procedure. Things like Bio freeze cream, or Curicaine cream (Walgreen’s), light compression cami, ice or heat, light exercise etc. If you read the comments you can get some ideas. Good to be prepared…hoping you don’t need!

  2. Ahhhhh. Compression cami. Best thing I’ve tried. Thanks for suggesting!!! ((Sigh)). I had lower, middle and upper abs done. I am very small with some hard to lose belly fat. My procedure was Tuesday and if I didn’t read everyone’s comments I would have thought something had gone horribly wrong. Ouchie. From the belly button down where the large handle was used I am having a lot of pain. But I have had 2 c-sections, endometriosis surgery, and my appendix out. So I have quite a bit of scar tissue. The area around my belly button is really sensitive as well. I hope I heal well. When these things happen you wonder if you will ever feel normal again? Lol.

  3. hair is a very important factor for me. I find that a good head of shiny, healthy hair does wonders for one’s appearance. I get my hair coloured and treated at least once every 3 months.

  4. I tried coolsculpting for my inner thighs last year. it reay ached for a few days after but boy, were the results amazing! the doctor said i would need 3 sessions, but after just 1 session, my inner thigh flab was gone.

  5. I have always been keen to try Latisse. I am not sure if you have heard f revitalise some years back but that product really worked for me too. But i have heard that Revitalash is now banned and latisse is the only FDA approved option. Anyone has found it helpful?

  6. I used to use Revitalash too but I hated the sharp applicator which accidentally poked my eyes several times! Much happier with Latisse which comes with disposable soft brush applicators. Much more hygienic too! And yes, it really works as long as you are hardworking and apply nightly as recommended!

  7. I’m so glad I came across this article. Now I know where I can get Revage 670 scalp treatment in Singapore. It really works for thinning hair. I tired it with success back home in Seattle.

  8. I’m glad the compression cami helped 🙂 Also try burn gel (walgreens) with cami and you will feel so much better. You will feel normal again it’s been 4 weeks now and I am almost back to normal. Sometimes if my shirt rubs against me the wrong way it feels funny but I have NO more pain at all. Once you pass day 10 or 11 you will be just fine 🙂

  9. I had Coolsculpting 1 month ago on lower abdomen. No real noticeable pain after, just numbness. Some prickling feeling for awhile but no actual pain. My rib cage hurt ( I have a large rib cage) during the process cause the machine was resting there and it was a little sore after. I did my upper abdomen one week later and I could not wait until the first few minutes were up and I was numb, as it hurt so bad. That was painful. Afterwards, my stomach felt like it had been punched repeatedly and was sore for over 2 weeks to the touch. However, it wasn’t unbearable and I did not take pain meds either time. My tight waist pants bothered it somewhat. My flanks were done 5 days later and are still a little numb, but that was the easiest process just a pinching at the bottom of the machine on each side. Not noticing too much improvement.

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