5 make-up essentials for a trendy Lunar New Year look

[By Wu Pei-Ni]

Make-up trend for 2014 is all about innovation, rich colours and luscious texture. As we gear up for the approaching Lunar New Year with some major housecleaning, it’s about time for you to go through your make-up box too. Check out the expiry dates, clean up your old make-up and replenish your collection with some new styles and colours.

There are plenty of exciting choices and here are my top five picks for a trendsetting look that every girl can pull off while house visiting this Lunar New Year. Why choose to blend in when you can stand out?

#1: Sloane Inc Skin Superfood Pumpkin Purifying Peel


I’m a huge fan of Sloane Inc Skin Superfood Red Algae so you could just imagine my excitement when I found out that they have finally launched their second offering for their Skin Superfood series, Sloane Inc Skin Superfood Pumpkin Purifying Peel. Touting the rib-tickling slogan of a ‘Pumpkin’ a day keeps dull skin at bay, I couldn’t wait to rush home to try out the sample they send me. (Yay, yay, the perks of a beauty writer!). Bursting with powerful antioxidants, this pumpkin enzyme treatment unlike your traditional face scrub tackle clogged complexions by ‘melting down’ the dead skin cells to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, minimise pore size, improve texture and control oil. With so much goodness packed in an auspicious Mandarin orange coloured tub, this is definitely the latest ‘must-have’ for your make-up kit to exfoliate your skin regularly to an unbeatable glow, setting the perfect blank canvas for you to work on some trendy new colours to usher in spring.

#2: Illusion D’ombre de Chanel long wear luminous eyeshadow


Eyeshadows are no longer just divided into plain old powder or cream form.  Enlivened with gold, bronze and platinum reflections, the iridescent and luminous shades of ILLUSION D’OMBRE DE CHANEL are extremely versatile, and can be used to create anything from a dramatic, runway look to a simple, soft, natural hue that caresses the eyes like an illuminating sheen of mother-of-pearl on a moonlit night. Encased gorgeously in glass embossed with the coveted double C logo, the cushion-like consistency of this make-up gem allows it to double up as an eyeliner that’s easy to work on with unique brushes specially designed and included with the set. For a festive look, go for #86 Ebloui, an edgy red number with bronze overtone or #92 Diapason, a shimmering plum with hints of brown. There’s never a better time to pop your peepers and let them shine on!

#3 Yves Saint Laurent volume effect faux clis waterproof mascara


Encapsulated in a classy, slim gold casing, this awarding winner mascara is one of the best that I’ve worked with as long as I can remember. Its unique formulation allows you to volumize, lengthen and define your lashes with just a few simple strokes. The results are dramatic and long lasting and do not cause your lashes to clump or stick together like cheaper alternatives on the market. Apart from your usual black, lash out in its unique offering of deep purple or deep burgundy for a stunning, glamorous look that’s hard to ignore.

#4: Guerlain Météorites Powder


An all-time classic that never goes out of style, Guerlain Météorites Pearls employ the technology of white light, which is used in photography and film to erase imperfections and soften features. Composed of a constellation of 6 multi-coloured pearls, this illuminating brush on powder blend together to give a flawless complexion that radiates with youth and vitality. Reinvented in 3 colour harmonies, there’s one suitable for each major skin tone. To top it all, it really doesn’t hurt that this sweet confection comes in one of the prettiest packaging of all time.

#5: Tom Ford Beauty Lip Colour


Blessed with a Midas touch, anything that Tom Ford dabbles in is nothing short of amazing. From his days of yore at Gucci to his bespoke gowns and tuxedo suits today, just about anything with his name attached immediately attract Hollywood A-listers and fashionistas all over like bees to honey. His highly sought after beauty products expectedly follow suit, garnering rave reviews for their selection of gorgeous shades, moisturising formula and stunning pigmented colours. Boasting a blend of exotic ingredients such as soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil, dress up your lips this Lunar New Year in a delicious shade of cherry red or fuchsia pink to bring out the diva in you!


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29 thoughts on “5 make-up essentials for a trendy Lunar New Year look”

  1. Among all the brands who offer creamy eyeshadows, Chanel is definitely one of the best. The gel texture feels very smooth, soft and cushiony. It’s easy to apply, easy to blend, set into powder, no greasy, long wear.
    I love the sparkly pink from the 2014 Spring collection, while the eggplant colour is also quite interesting.

  2. I purchased Chanel long wear luminous eyeshadow as a gift but after seeing my friend use it I bought one for myself. Which she is glad about because now I’ll stop asking to borrow. Good coverage and very light. Great shimmer!

  3. I love Tom Ford’s makeup range. Anything by that style maestro is a must- have for any fashonista worth her louboutins

  4. I loved the black liner wing tipped look. but having great skin just makes all makeup look better. because no matter what brand of concealer you choose, skin with blemishes can never compare to a flawless visage. So good prep is key.

  5. Anyone tried the pumpkin peel recommended above? I have seen it on Facebook but have not had the chance to try. Can i get this online?

  6. I love the I wear it under my Chanel brown. The color is beautiful with just a little sparkle. Makes my shadow stay on all day!!!

  7. I own a bunch of these Chanel Illusion D’ombres, and Initiation is by far my favorite! It is such a lovely shimmery light bronzy taupe. Creates a very easy, neutral eye. I just pat it all over my lid, blend out the crease, done!

  8. I use Convoitise (gold) over my neutral shadow to give dramatic definition and pop. It is a unique texture which applies a little moist, but looks and feels like a powder allowing you to make a sheer sparkle or dramatic opaque shimmer depending on you.

  9. The color I own is Teint Beige.

    I can’t say Guerlain Météorites Powder product is a necessity, but I love everything about using it. From the scent, to the packaging, to the glowing finish it gives my skin. I use it all over my face, after my setting powder to add back a little bit of a luminous finish. I have also used it alone over foundation to set it for an ultra-glowy look. I find that it’s too subtle to use purely as a highlighter, but used all over the face it gives a beautiful radiance. In direct sunlight, there is a detectable shimmer if you look close enough. People who enjoy a truly matte or satin finish to their makeup will probably not like it very much. It’s not like and Edward Cullen sparkle or anything, but there’s a little hint of a glimmer. I don’t, however, notice this shimmer in flash photography.

    I don’t find that this powder has the same imperfection-blurring properties as NARS Light Reflecting Powder, or even Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders, but it does give a very pretty finish to your skin. Will anybody notice you’re wearing it? Probably not. Can you get the same effect with a regular highlighter and a light hand? Yes. But, it’s just one of those products that feels so luxurious to use that it’s worth owning, to me at least. I don’t feel the need to buy every color and every special edition release of this powder, but I do love the one I have, and it looks very pretty on top of my vanity.

  10. Guerlain Météorites Powder is my current favorite. A definite luxury product- Incredibly expensive but it looks gorgeous on my dresser and smells incredible. Its a lovely way to complete my makeup ritual and its just the perfect finishing touch. It is subtle- gives a soft smooth shimmer as if your skin was subtly photoshopped. I use it as a finishing powder on the areas of my skin that need highlighting- forehead, nose, cheek.

  11. These Guerlain Meteorites are a uniquely packaged product, but not that unique of a product, all things considered. I like the concept. I’ve grown to like the feminine, violet scent that disappears after application. I think they do the job as advertised; not as a highlighter, but definitely as a setting powder. however, there are plenty of other finishing powders that will get the job done all the same.

    The main draw here is that it’s beautiful: the packaging, the pastel-colored balls of soft powder, and in the case of the perles du paradis, which is the version I own, the fluffy, pink bow puff that’s just simply too exquisite to pass up. I’m not bothered by the cardboard. I think it’s a lovely homage to the boudoir powder boxes of the 1930s. all in all, it’s definitely a luxury item, not a necessity as I buy my second box of ballz.

  12. I purchased my first Meteorites “balls” in Teint Rose. The packaging and smell are lovely. I do enjoy the “diffused airbrush” look that this setting powder / highlighter gives. However, while this is a unique product that does deserve 5 stars, I don’t find it HG or a “can’t live without” item.

  13. I Really Love Guerlain Météorites Powder. Okay, that seems a little dramatic, but I really do. I went to Sephora as well as the Guerlain counter, and they kept trying to match me to #2, but I thought #3 would match me better since I’m tanner in the summer (this was around June that I went). I was right, duh.
    I really love the finish these things give. It’s absolutely amazing! I use my Dior Hydra Life BB cream (another HG product worth trying out!) and this on top, along with a little of my Dior Healthy Glow Enhancing Bronzer/Blush thingy in Sunset (yet another HG. I don’t work for Dior, I swear!).
    I have super sensitive skin, and it can be combination. I use Retin A, so for a few hours my skin can be very dry, but then it can get very oily (especially the dreaded T-zone). This really helps set my BB cream and honestly I can get away with this, and like a spritz or two of my Urban Dceay Setting Spray, and have it last through a whole summer day. And I am definitely one of those people who touches up/reapplies numerous times throughout the day, so this is a lifesaver.

  14. First, let’s get the elephant out of the room. This is called Guerlain Meteorites ‘balls powder. HAHA!!!

    Okay, and on to the real review! I bought this on an airplane to Hong Kong because my flight was delayed and the airline gave me 85USD to spend in the in-flight mall as compensation. I was flipping through the magazine and trying to decide between a set of 9(!) Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks which was 50USD or this powder which was about 80USD. Well, I went with the Guerlain and well, I’m not disappointed, but I’m not mindblown either. It is, in all aspects, a BEAUTIFUL, beautiful powder. Mine has green, pink, purple, beige and white balls (cough) in it. Maybe I should say ‘pearls’ instead ._. ANYWAY. It does have some shimmer, but it’s not like, POW DISCO BALL glitter, it’s shimmer, more like Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector shimmer. I use this on my good skin days, over some concealer. It is more of a setting powder and I expect the different colors to cancel out my ugly skin tone (although I don’t know how it’s supposed to do that when you mix all the colours together).

    Anyway, I love this because it makes my skin looks really radiant and soft focus.

  15. I have bought the pumpkin peel from Sloane clinic
    My skin used to be dull, dry and fine line is visible.
    After a few usage, I am amazed that my face have brighten,and look moisturing always and fine line is
    Less visible.
    The pumpkin peel is indeed one of the best product
    I have ever used.

  16. I think that Tom Ford Beauty Lip Colour is just gorgeous!! It is much warmer than I would typically go for, but my knees are going weak atm….

  17. That lipstick is Just so gorgeous! So luxurious!!! I really wish there were a Tom Ford counter near me …Alas, I can admire from afar

  18. Yves Saint Laurent Mascara is a really pricey mascara at $30, but it’s my favorite one. I’m on my second tube. I love the soft bristles and the mascara goes on thick and smoothly. No flakes or clumps. Makes me look like I have lovely lashes. I highly recommend it.

  19. Hands down to the best mascara I have ever tried and I can tell you I have tried EVERY major brand out there. Yves Saint Laurent Mascara is the best. I already have naturally long and thick eyelashes, but people always comment me on my eyelashes when I am wearing this.

    I agree with other reviews that it is a little drying and the bottle does seem to run out quite quickly as the formulation starts to dry up. But I still am happy to keep replacing this as I don’t feel like i look like ‘me’ without it and haven’t been able to find another mascara that even comes close.

    I would also advise not to buy the ‘noir radical’ colour and buy the ‘high density black’ instead. Noir radical seemed to be impossible to remove at the end of the day.

  20. Yves Saint Laurent mascara is lovely on. It built up quite well on my lashes …not as much on the ends as I would have liked. But the effect is still lovely and does as promised (looks like I have fake eyelashes on though not super heavy ones).
    My only question on this mascara, given the price, is that mine did dry out fairly quickly.
    The wearability is impressive and I love the Noir Radical black.

  21. It is, by far, the best lengthening and volumizing mascara I’ve used. I have tried several other high-end (and drugstore) mascaras and nothing beats Faux Cils. In my experience, it begins to clump after about 10 weeks of daily use.

  22. I love this product. I have tried many wine, burgundy, purple mascaras and this one far surpasses them all. Mascara really lengthens and adds volume and it never flakes off. Stays all day.

  23. YSL mascara is very blue but it is lovely with my hazel eyes. The mascara itself makes your lashes thick and long and the blue color just makes your eyes pop.

  24. I have tried many mascaras and I have to say that I always come back to YSL one. However, recently I have noticed my lashes falling off. Not sure if it’s due to the mascara or not but either way I am going to continue using it.

  25. YSL mascara is blacker than black and I love to wear it in the evening. It’s volumizing and lengthening, and doesn’t clump quickly.

  26. So The YSL mascara is quite expensive… with tax it’s about $40! I normally use drug store like carbon black, but this mascara does wonders. Just 2 coats and I’m literally ready to go! This is probably the most expensive I have spent on mascara but its totally worth it! Volumizes without clumping and separates! It simply amazing!!!

  27. YSL mascara is the best mascara on the market. I am a product junkie and have tried them all – Dior Show, Lancome, Too Faced, etc. I love this mascara because it is very black, it seperates, defines w/o clumping, and adds tones of length and volume. People always ask me if I am wearing fake lashes when I wear this. I would suggest using a lash primer for more dramatic results!!

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