Even stars have their dim moments

[By Samantha Ong]

Up and coming starlet, Jennifer Lawrence, who is well loved for her straight talking ways once famously quipped upon seeing herself in the print ad for Miss Dior.

“Oh my God, I haven’t seen these. That doesn’t look like me at all! I love Photoshop more than anything in the world… Of course it’s Photoshop. People don’t look like that.”

Bombarded by picture perfect glossy images everywhere we turn, such words of truth are indeed music to the ears, that even stars have their dim moments. Below is a list of some common beauty banes that even celestial creatures from La-La-Land are not spared. As comforting as it is to know that we are not the lone sufferers, let us find out from our panel of experts on what can be done to improve their appearance— besides engaging the help of the Almighty Photoshop, that’s it.

1310Axillary Fat

We haven’t heard the last of the self-deprecating humour of Jennifer Lawrence and she was totally in her element at the recently concluded SAG Awards. Looking absolutely gorgeous in a skin-tight sequined gown by Dior, Jen L coined the term ‘armpit vagina’ during an interview with E! entertainment presenter, Giuliana Rancic on the red carpet. While most would agree that Jen L was probably a tad too hard on herself, armpit or axillary fat is a common cause of embarrassment that limits the choices of attire for many ladies. This is one of those nasty little pocket of fat that do not seem to budge no matter how hard we diet or exercise. In addition, unbeknownst to many, this area of presumed chubbiness might actually be “axillary breast“!

“Accessory axillary breasts are redundant breast tissue affecting approximately two to six percent of women, with a higher incidence amongst Asian ladies compared to other ethnicities,” explains Dr. Tan Ying Chien, consultant plastic surgeon with The Sloane Clinic Plastic Surgery Centre. “Apart from their cosmetics implications, axillary breasts can become swollen and tender, often aggravated and noticeable during puberty and pregnancy.”

While previously surgical excision is the only option available, this upsetting beauty bane can now be effectively tackled with minimally invasive Liposuction technique that leaves inconspicuous and well hidden scars with minimal discomfort that lasts not more than 5 days. For optimal results, it is advisable to wear pressure garment for a month thereafter; a small price to pay to be able to flaunt your new found confidence with a brand new wardrobe selection!

Stretch Marks

Although Kim Kardashian swore that Bio-oil had helped her to keep stretch marks at bay throughout her whole pregnancy, these pre- photoshopped pictures that had leaked out much to the annoyance of “Little Miss Perfect” proved otherwise. Extensive scientific studies have unfortunately proven that till now, there’s no magic lotion or potion to erase these unsightly squiggles. There’s a variety of reasons behind these unattractive scarring of your skin. Some of the commonest causes being pregnancy, growth spurts and sudden fluctuations of weight, be it pounds gained or lost. While stretch marks might seem to appear very easily, the same cannot be said about banishing them. Medical intervention might be veering on the expensive side but up to this moment, laser technology appear to be the route with the best outcome.


Stretch marks can be roughly divided into early or late variant. Early ones are generally red in colour and respond well to VBeam Perfecta Laser. This special pulsed dye laser has the unique ability to selectively target and shrink the blood vessels that lend the red discoloration to early stretch marks without adversely affecting the surrounding tissues. If left untreated, stretch marks lost their reddish discoloration over time and become fainter in colour, to an almost silvery white. Once they reached this phase, they become much harder to treat.

“In the past ten years of my experience with aesthetics concerns of women, Laser Resurfacing seem to be the only effective treatment worth trying to improve the appearance of long standing slivery white stretch marks,” explains Dr. Toby Hui, medical consultant with The Sloane Clinic. “Fraxel Restore resurfaces the skin gradually, approximately 20-30% at a time and thus allows for rapid skin healing without the risk of raw skin and other complications associated with traditional ablative laser resurfacing procedures. After 4 to 6 sessions, treated individuals will appreciate the improvement in the quality and texture of their skin.”

1308Witchy Hands

There’s no deny that at age 74, Raquel Welch, the reigning sex symbol of the 1960s, is looking absolutely fabulous, perhaps even better than some women half her age. Whether she had a little help over the years from Dr. 90210 is anybody’s guess. Unfortunately, the truth remains that a woman’s hands will never lie about her age.

As our hands contain little fatty tissue to begin with, any collagen breakdown with the passage of time and sun damage will magnify the changes associated with aging, resulting in wrinkly, crinkly crepe-like skin texture and more obvious bulging veins.

An excellent way to restore what time has taken away is by Natural Filler injections of Hyaluronic Acid. Results can last up to a year or more as the back of our hands have fewer muscles and hence less muscle activity capable of breaking down the fillers introduced. In addition, scientific research has shown that hyaluronic acid fillers actually stimulate the body’s own production of collagen so you may need less filler less often to maintain the youthful look over time!

In conclusion, aging is a natural process of life that we can’t deny but with the intervention of modern science and technology, we can do so gracefully….


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2 thoughts on “Even stars have their dim moments”

  1. I think celebrities are their own worst judges as they are often under close scrutiny of the public eye. But it’s good to learn about options for these common beauty banes that affect all women alike! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Armpit fat and those fatty bits above the bra line look gross in tube tops that are 2 sizes too small. Always check yourself out on a full length mirror before leaving home. Don’t be a fashion faux pas!

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