Tips for a gorgeous looking mom-to-be

[By Rennie Wong]

It’s been years since Demi Moore stunned the world by appearing naked and gloriously pregnant on the cover of Vanity Fair. Looking back, that photo is still beautiful, but no longer shocking. In recent years, with many pregnant celebrities raising the bar both in the beauty and style department, women can no longer use pregnancy as an excuse to gorge themselves silly, dress themselves in shapeless drapes or lumber around town in Crocs and Uggs. Just a couple of days ago, Olivia Wilde and Kerry Washington both were head turners on the Oscars’ red carpet, proudly showing off their bulging baby bumps swathed in designers’ threads.

When it comes to fashion, modern moms-to-be have nothing to hide. Maternity wear are no longer cut to conceal and instead choose to highlight growing bellies with streamlined styles and stretchy, clinging fabrics. It might be a tall order for us to appear picture perfect like these A-listers, but we certainly can afford to look more groomed and radiant while anticipating the birth of our bundle of joy.

1351Keeping fit

To be a “yummy mummy” and not a “frumpy mummy”, continue to keep fit right through your pregnancy. Not only will exercising help you to stay fit for the demands of Motherhood, it’s good for your growing baby too. When exercising during pregnancy, it is even more important than ever to pay attention to safely issues. Generally, avoid contact sports and any activities where you might fall.

Looking absolutely ‘bump-tastic’ in a stunning black and white Valentino gown on Oscars’ night, Olivia Wilde advocates regular walking as a simple and effective way to keep one active and healthy during pregnancy. Just make sure you have the proper kind of footwear with good support for brisk walking and bring along a big bottle of drinking water to keep yourself well hydrated.

Similarly, fashion forward Kerry Washington was a vision of understated elegance in a simple Jason Wu gown paired with luscious dark locks and deep red lips. Expecting her first child anytime soon this spring, Kerry loves hiking, Pilates and swimming. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for moms-to-be as it’s very gentle and the water provide good support right into the third trimester of your pregnancy.


Yoga helps you to relax and keep up your flexibility, thus helping with the birthing process. If you are already attending classes prior to your pregnancy, make sure you inform your teacher so that she or he can advise you on which poses to avoid.

“Altered yoga poses specially created for pregnant ladies are able to help them relax by taking the strain off their changing bodies,” explains Dr. Low Chai Ling, medical director of The Sloane Clinic and author of “In Full Bloom”, a comprehensive page to page guide for looking fabulous during and after pregnancy. A mother of two and a yoga enthusiast herself, Dr. Low finds that yoga classes are a great way to gather, share and enjoy the companionship of other pregnant ladies as well.

1349Skin issues

We are all familiar with the term “pregnancy glow” and congratulations to those lucky ones who are truly blessed with unparalleled radiance during their pregnancies. But for others, pregnancy can throw your hormones into a schizoid frenzy, causing your skin to breakout like a 13 year old who just hit puberty. To worsen matters, pregnancy lays out a whole set of restrictions and rules on the products we can use.

“Common anti-acne products to avoid during pregnancy include retinoids, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide,” advises Dr. Low. “Topical antibiotic preparations such as the clindamycin and aloe vera containing Clarifying Gel is an excellent product to keep pesky spots at bay.”

One should also not neglect our regular facial and spa visits during pregnancy. The Green Tea & Ginger facial available exclusively at all branches of The Sloane Spa is an amazingly relaxing detox facial treat to calm down angry and sensitive skin of pregnant ladies. This calming facial combines the benefits of seaweed extract, ginger and soothing green tea to nourish and purge the skin of zit-causing impurities. For more severe cases recalcitrant to topical medications, it’s perfectly safe to undergo the FDA approved Smoothbeam Laser treatment to combat unsightly eruptions. The intense but gentle burst of light emitted from this laser generates heat in and around the sebaceous glands, altering the structure and thereby reducing the over-production of acne-causing sebum without any harm to surrounding tissues. Not just for the face, the Smoothbeam laser can effectively treat blemishes on the back and décolletage as well.

1348Take a babymoon

Pregnancy is as much a joy as a stress for both the mom-to-be and the daddy-in-waiting. Have you ever heard of a babymoon? A babymoon is one final vacation for parents-to-be with the purpose of focusing on their relationship before the arrival of the baby. Babymoons can be so much fun and extremely romantic.  Remember this is all about the both of you so dedicate time to make it work! There are plenty of options that can be chosen as a location but make sure you get clearance from your obstetrician before travelling.

If you put in that extra bit of effort, the nine months of pregnancy might not be too tough after all, yummy mummy!


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  1. i did pilates during my third pregnancy and regained my figure in half the time. I am now an advocate of working your body (to your own limits of course) during pregnancy. But do remember to get clearance from your OBGYN and listen to your body. Everyone is different and you should know your body best.

  2. There are a lot of changes to the body during pregnancy. It’s great to know the options available to tackle some of the dreaded issues like bad skin in perfectly safe ways!

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