The concept of “happy weight”

[By Jolene Sheena]

In a nutshell, our “happy weight” is something that makes us happy, is achievable with gratifying results and not just based on relentless dieting. I’ve been yoyo between extremes all my life and being overweight or underweight are both equally horrendous experiences that I wouldn’t want to go through again. Your happy weight might be different from your dream size but when you get there, you’ll know because you care less about pounds and sizes, and more about your health and overall well-being. Instead of fretting over numbers and figures, you will start to embrace and enjoy life the way it’s meant to be. The best way to find your happy weight is really to learn to let go of some key issues that are holding you back. Here are some common pitfalls of weight management to bear in mind and remember, you are solely responsible for your own happiness and success in life….

1385Quit comparing

One of the first thing you must do in order to reach your happy weight is to quit comparing. The models and celebrities staring right at you from the glossy pages of magazines are there for a reason. They are probably genentically blessed in the looks department to begin with and looking ridiculously good is their full time job! It is great to have role models that you can draw inspiration from but just because you admire the way someone looks doesn’t mean that you should look that way too.

I used to envy women who wear a size 2 or 4 yet what I found was when I reached that size, it didn’t make me happier as  I received more flak than compliments as to how I look. Cloning someone will not guarantee similar results and losing your own uniqueness and identity along the way is downright miserable to say the least.

1384Stop counting

When you are able to look at food without seeing them as number of calories, you will be able to reach your happy weight much faster. Our weight has more to do with our overall quality of eating and activity level and is not dictated by calories alone. Calories consumed is a mere measurement of how much energy is require to metabolize the food and does not correlate directly to your health and wellness. Choosing quality over quantity and cutting back on empty calories such as those from refined sugars and processed meat are more efficient ways of losing weight compared to absolute calorie counting.

One way to ensure that your meals are healthy without measuring is to include mostly vegetable for half a medium sized plate, fill up a quarter of that with protein and the rest with complex carbs from healthy starch such as brown rice, couscous or sweet potatoes.

1383Start listening

One of the best piece of dietary advice that I had picked up over the years is to start listening to your body. Many women have trouble letting go of the control that comes with restrictions and more often than not, this works against them in the quest to reach their happy weight. Learn to recognize cues that your body give out to signal hunger and the need to re-fuel. Similarly, when your body is overwhelmed with a sense of satiety, say no to that extra helping of roast or desserts.

Starving, restricting, stuffing and binging are sure ways to sabotage one’s weight and bodily functions. Listen to your hunger and cravings and satisfy them with healthy options and you will be able to reach your ideal weight sooner rather than later!

1382Embrace science

Normal aging, previous pregnancies and hormonal changes due to menopause are just some of the common factors that affect a woman’s metabolism throughout her life, making it increasingly difficult for her to reach her happy weight and desirable body shape. Modern sciences has made it possible to achieve targeted fat loss in stubborn areas. One of the most popular and effective non-surgical fat-busting modality in the current market is no doubt CoolSculpting, an FDA approved technology that literally freezes your trouble blubber away. Also known as cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting freezes fat over the treated area(s) and the frozen fat is then gradually eliminated through the urine over the next 2 to 3 months, with recognized scientific papers backing up results of up to 22% of fat loss.

“CoolSculpting is really more of a ‘shaping’ and not a ‘de-bulking’ fat loss procedure that is excellent for treating stubborn pockets of adipose tissue that do not respond well to exercise and diet control alone,” explains Dr Jinly Wong, medical consultant helming the Bangsar branch of The Sloane Clinic. “This is an excellent adjunct but is by no means a substitute to a holistic approach to weight control which should include fitness, good dietary practices and lifestyle modifications.”

We must strike a balance between achieving our happy weight and appreciate what our body does for us. Feeding yourself is not just about fitting into a certain dress size or garnering likes on your social media posts on Facebook and Instagram. It’s about keeping your energy level up, helping you go through your day to day activities and most importantly, helping you realize your full potential in life….


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5 thoughts on “The concept of “Happy Weight””

  1. Extreme dieting and weight loss can result in mood swings,unhappiness and even depression!This is scientifically proven!It is better to be realistic about your goals and be confident of who you are.

  2. The key is acceptance of your own body first and foremost. I lost about 6 kg in the past year through a combination of dieting and cycling. But I must admit there are some niggly areas that still remained and I am open to the idea of getting some aesthetic help. balance is key, as I say.

  3. tried Coolsculpting. It does work, better than most beauty salon type treatments I have tried. It took 3 sessions to flatten my tummy, along with 3 times a week pilates and a no-carb diet for a month. satisfied. 🙂

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