5 body parts that announce your age

[By Cara S.]

When we set eyes upon others, there are certain parameters that help us gauge how old a person is. No doubt there are times that you have been taken aback by how young or old a certain person is based on his or her looks. It is therefore safe to conclude that there are certain body parts that tend to announce or exaggerate one’s actual age— especially if they are not well cared for. Here’s our list of 5 body parts that are surprisingly often neglected although they can easily give away one’s age. If you are not already paving way for your future with an extra dose of TLC, it’s about time to start that regime and take better care of yourself today.


1397Often hailed as “the windows of our soul”, it is by no surprise that our eyes top them all as the most prominent body parts that do not lie. The areas under the eyes are especially susceptible, with dark eye circles, hollowing and thinned out crepey skin riddled with fine lines leading the pack of obvious tell-tale signs of aging.

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Save: While some actions that contribute to wrinkles around the eyes such as squinting and smiling are hard to stop, we should avoid excessive rubbing and minimize tugging while applying make-up and creams on the delicate skin around the eyes. Although it might not be the elixir of Youth, a dab of eye cream goes a long way if the correct type is chosen and used consistently. Look out for Vitamin A, Hyaluronic Acids and Ceramides— some of the tried and tested antioxidants and skin plumping substances that are proven useful for refreshing and rejuvenating tired-looking eyes.

SPURLGE: Revitalift Undereyes is an advanced filler technique whereby minute quantities of small particle natural fillers that closely resemble our body’s own hyaluronic acid stores are introduced via microinjections to replace volume deficits, create smoothness and help revitalise undereyes in a safe and highly effective way to shave years off one’s actual age. Although improvements are apparent even after a single treatment, a primary course of 4 to 6 sessions done at 3 to 4 weekly intervals is ideal for building up one’s skin’s reserves; leading to optimal bio-revitalization and longer-lasting results.

Neck & Décolletage

1396As society progresses and women need not conform to style of dressing dictated by their age, the neck and décolletage become one of the focal points to come under close scrutiny for signs of aging. These areas are well exposed to the harmful effects of UV radiation from the sun, making them easy targets for skin wrinkling and sun spots.

SAVE: The easiest idiot-proof way to get round this is to make sure any creams you put on your face get the chance to travel south towards the collar bones to cover the neck and upper chest to stave off sun damage and premature aging.

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SPURLGE: Short of going under the knife for a surgical neck lift, Thermage is an FDA approved treatment that offers superior skin tightening and lifting by stimulating collagen remodelling and regeneration via patented monopolar radiofrequency waves. Not only does it tighten loose skin and improve the appearance of neck lines, this non invasive state of the art technology helps to re-contour saggy jawline to revive one’s profile to a more youthful definition that was once lost with the passage of time. For a more instant and dramatic effect to uplift your neck, consider a neck thread lift. This quick and simple procedure uses dissolvable threads that are strategically injected to tighten skin.


1395Horizontal lines, forehead depression and hollowness are some of those prominent feature associated with an aging face while the gentle fullness of a high forehead represents youth and perhaps intelligence, making it a more desirable trait.

SAVE: The religious use of sunscreen and the right lotions can help keep things looking young and beautiful for a long time to come. The right hairstyle can serve you well to highlight your outstanding features and draw attention away from your forehead flaws.

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SPURLGE: Botox had received as much accolades as bad press since its induction into mainstream Aesthetics Medicine as an accepted medical treatment for unwanted wrinkles and lines. With a couple of small injections and over the course of a couple of days, it could literally take ten years off one’s appearance. However, much of this outcome rest heavily on the skills and experience of the injector.

“The endpoint of treating forehead wrinkles with Botox is to soften the overactive expression lines without removing them completely,” explains Dr. Toby Hui, an aesthetics physician from The Sloane Clinic with more than ten years of working experience with Botulinum Toxin injections. “For those who desire a more natural and refresh look, I prefer to opt for Micro-Refine, a unique microinjection technique of employing tiny amount of Botulinum Toxin in divided doses to refine and rejuvenate looks without the risk of giving them expressionless mask-liked faces.”


1394You hear me right! Although it’s hard to phantom why these small body parts are within our radar of discussion, reconsider carefully and you will see the light. From stone-age to modern times, women are driven by vanity to compromised comfort in the name of Fashion. Think towering high heels, cinched tight corsets and heavy dangling earrings; the prolonged wear and usage of such items are not without their long term repercussions. By the time you cross over to the other side of 40, chances are those gemstones trinkets and hoop earrings are making your earlobes thinner, and hanging a lot lower than they did in your younger days.

SAVE: If you tend to favour oversized accessories on a regular basis like 60’s IT girl, Edie Sedgwick, give your poor, stressed-out earlobes a much needed break by switching out to smaller ones or go completely ‘naked’ every couple of days.

SPURLGE: To rejuvenate your age-telling earlobes to their former fleshy glory, a touch of Natural Fillers placed judiciously on the affected areas of volume deficit will do the trick in a New York minute. As these areas are not subjected to a lot of movement from day to day, fillers administered into the earlobes will have a relatively longer life-span compared to its use in other areas.


1393Not only are our hands prone to the earliest signs of aging, they often age even faster than the face! The back of our hands have very little fat to start off with so that even a small amount of collagen lost due to aging and sun exposure can have a significantly noticeable impact on their appearance. The end results are often wrinkly tissue paper-liked skin with obvious bulging veins and unsightly pigmentation.

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SAVE: Sunscreen plus a good body and hand lotion  go a long way in slowing down the aging process of our hands. Always slip on a pair of gloves when you are in your Stepford Wives’ mode, doing dishes, laundry or gardening to minimise direct contact with chemicals that can irritate and dry out your delicate skin.

SPURLGE: Restore what time has taken away with hyaluronic acid filler injections, adding volume to the hands and putting back some of those cushionings that were unwittingly lost as the years slipped past. Zap away unsightly sun spots and improve on the overall texture of the skin covering the back of your hands with Fraxel Restore, an advanced,  non-ablative skin resurfacing technique that help to erase those undesirable dermatological clues left behind by Father Time, making aging a much more graceful and bearable journey…


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  1. Hands are definitely much neglected. As a make-up sales rep,I’ve seen many gorgeous faces with hands that totally give away their real age.

  2. “As society progresses and women need not conform to style of dressing dictated by their age, the neck and décolletage become one of the focal points to come under close scrutiny for signs of aging.”— couldn’t agree more! Thanks for the great tips on neck and décolletage care. A touch of cream in the right places definitely goes a long way.

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