I did a Revitalift

[By Laura Tan]

I have always been plagued by dull, rough skin that just would not respond to the myriad of lotions and potions. What made this worse was the fact that my skin was really sensitive and breakout-prone, which means that one wrong product, and I would be covered in zits.

Whenever I visited my beautician, she would always say I have dry skin ‘on the inside’ and oily skin ‘on the outside’. I am not sure if this is a marketing gimmick because after that proclamation, she would usually proceed to sell me products for both dry and oily skin. I am always baffled by her theory but never had the courage to ask her at length.

I heard about the Revitalift treatment at The Sloane Clinic, one of my friends Lydia had done it for her undereye area, and it immediately looked less lined and waaaaaaay brighter (she still had her eyebags but at least she doesn’t look like a zombie). I was so thrilled at the prospect of possibly having found a solution to my dull skin that I was going for the full face treatment.

1425On the day of the treatment, the doctor examined my skin, and agreed this treatment would be beneficial for my skin type. However, he also told me that while results are apparent after one session, several sessions would give optimal effects. I am not sure if this is just his ‘sales tactic’ or his way of tampering my expectations seeing as how excited as I was, and the torrent of questions I unleashed upon him.

Some numbing cream was applied on my skin and left on for about 10 minutes. I have a slight needle phobia and must have asked the doctor about seven times “does this hurt?”. Thankfully, he patiently reassured me. The first tiny injection took my by surprise because I didn’t feel it at all. There was a series of little injections after that which came in fast and furious, so I didn’t have time to panic (LOL). I did feel a couple of  injections but by then, I was already halfway through the treatment, and there was no turning back! So I just laid back and thought of comforting thoughts like Mr. Fluffy (my poodle), Mr X (my latest crush) etc. However, I must say the injections felt very tiny, not like the ones I had before, so while it is not painless, I wouldn’t say it was painful. Would I go through this again? For sure. Maybe I am just vainer than others or I can take more discomfort than others, but to me, this didn’t feel that uncomfortable. I remember a session of pimple extraction that I did 2 years back that was 100% way more painful than this.

Anyway, the proof is in the pudding, so I waited for the results. The effects though immediate tend to look better after a few days when tiny pin prick marks have subsided and new collagen formation has taken place. Here is my skin before and a week after.

My skin definitely looked and felt more hydrated and radiant. Initially, I was not planning on having this done again because of the cost ($1926) but after receiving a slew of compliments on my skin even when I was wearing not a sliver of makeup, I am now a convert, and have booked for my next appointment in 3 months’ time!

Treatment done: Revitalift at The Sloane Clinic (citysphere branch)

Price: $1926

More info: Revitalift

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6 thoughts on “I did a Revitalift”

  1. it sounds really fantastic!!! I have dull dry skin too, so I think I am definitely a candidate. Pls do share with us how your second session goes!

  2. Hi Laura, Thanks for sharing. The results look incredible. Can i ask if you had to sue any special skincare to maintain the results? and if you think this works for all skin types including oily skins? sorry for the many questions but i have oily but dull skin, and i agree that enhancing your complexion is the most important aspect of looking better. Thanks in advance, and once again thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi there, how often do we have to get this done? I have heard that with these treatments, results should be cumulative.

  4. sorry and one more questions, what did the injections contain? I read from the link its a sort of hyaluronic acid , is that considered a filler?

  5. Revitalift helps me to get my skin back on track after it went haywire in Jan due to frequent cross continent work trips. My eczema flared up making the skin exceedingly dry and tight and yet I was breaking out along my jawline. Actually it was so messed up I couldn’t tell if the redness n bumps were from my eczema or was that acne? Thankfully I was pointed in the right direction by a galfren. Besides restoring the moisture of my parched skin, fine lines around the corners of my mouth were significantly improved!

  6. Hi all, Thanks for the feedback. In answer to some of the questions, i think the best way is for you to consult the doctor and have them assess your skin / suitability. As far as I know from my research, any skin type yearning for a glow can do this. This is a form of hyaluronic acid but is not considered a filler as it does not fill up lines or plump up the face, only hydrates the skin. So no risk of lumos and bmps and of looking overfilled or different. But for those who have deep lines looking for a filler treatment, this will not be it (pls ask the doctor for other alternatives). (I am in my late twenties, so I am not looking to have any facial lines filled). Cheerios!

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