I did a Brazilian Blowout

[By Sally Tan]

I have always had a love-hate affair with my hair. More hate than love. I have had it rebonded (big mistake—it became as flat as a pancake), highlighted and finally digitally permed (also a mistake, it looked like char bee hoon after that).

Suffice to say, my hair has been through a lot, and this explains the current frizzy state it is in. My last digital perm was about two months ago, and I really regretted it as my hair became more unmanageable than ever.

A short disclaimer here: I believe that digital perm can work for someone with strong, healthy hair and with at least 30 minutes to spare every morning to blowdry and style into a flattering shape. Unfortunately, my love for my beauty sleep outweighs all else and I am the sort of wash and go sort of gal.

I first heard of the Brazilian Blowout from my friend Annie who was living in the States. I saw some of her photos on facebook and was instantly interested. She had hair like mine and if I know Annie, she is even more low maintenance than I am. I was looking for something that would add shine to my hair and cut frizz. I wasn’t looking for jet straight hair though I was sick of my unruly curls—-so somewhere in between with loose waves would be ideal.

I finally found a place off Niven Road called Le Papillon that provides Brazilian Blowout. This is a quaint one-man show where the owner Cedric runs his salon out from the ground floor of his flat. It is strictly by appointment so call ahead.

My hair was washed and toweled dry. Then a cream was applied in sections throughout the entire head. The only downside was the smell which made my eyes tear up. After letting it sit for about 10 minutes, my hair was blown dry (hence the term ‘blowout’) and then flat ironed. The whole process took less than 2 hours. My hair looked amazing right after, so much so I was disappointed I didn’t have a date with the girls to show off my new locks.

Photos courtesy of Sally Tan Before and immediately after Brazilian blowout
Photos courtesy of Sally Tan
Before and immediately after Brazilian blowout


However I was also skeptical about whether the results would last as this took way shorter than my rebonding and perm. I didn’t wash my hair for that day, and my hair looked amazingly shiny and straight for the duration.

1429The next day, I washed my hair with the shampoo and conditioner that I bought from the salon. It’s Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner that is apparently sulfate and paraben free. Then I let my hair air-dry. I also applied a penny-size portion of argan oil (also recommended by the stylist) over damp hair, then rushed off to work.

Then I kept my fingers crossed that my hair would settle down into a somewhat more manageable state.

As it dried naturally, my hair was certainly not as straight as the day before which was a slight relief. But to my delight, it wasn’t as curly and as frizzy as before either.

Best of all, my hair had a natural shine I hadn’t seen since my junior college days. I was very happy with the results.

Photos courtesy of Sally Tan
After hair wash and air dry

The downside to this treatment: (1) the smell of the treatment made my eyes tear up, and (2) the cost was pretty steep. I paid SGD$500 for the treatment and another $170 for the products. I know the products came up to quite a bit but I was worried that without proper maintenance the results of my treatment would come to naught.

In conclusion, I would say this is a pretty amazing treatment for those who have deep pockets. Would I go for it again? Definitely yes, but in view of the cost, instead of the 4 monthly interval recommended, I am planning to do another one only in 6 months time. I am hoping that if I take really good care of my locks, the results would last till then.

Treatment: Brazilian Blowout

Where: Le Papillon

Cost: $500 (treatment) + Products ($170)

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4 thoughts on “I did a Brazilian Blowout”

  1. It looks amazing! Thanks for sharing. I think my hair would definitely benefit from a treatment like this. I noticed your hair is jet black, is this treatment suitable for coloured hair too?

  2. I have heard this uses a product that contains formaldehyde and could be harmful to your health. I have heard there are formaldehyde-free formulations out there, do you think they will give the same results?

  3. I did a keratin treatment last year. It certainly sounded different from yours. my treatment took 3 hours and I was told not to wash my hair for 3 days after. From what I read, you washed your hair the next day? The results of my treatment was ok, but the 3 days no washing of hai was painful. Finally, the results only lasted 8 weeks for my hair, so I am a tad disappointed that I went through all the trouble but had such short-lived results. Pls do share how your hair looked weeks after, would be interested to see. Thanks!

  4. I have experience with both the brazilian low outs using the original formulation with formalin and the newer ones that does not. I find that keratin washes out of your hair over time so the preservative slows down the process and makes the results last longer. there are some health risk reported though, so I am very careful when doing this treatment. I actually use a face mask and only do this treatment in a well-ventilated room. I still prefer the original formulations but I have read some horror stokes about formaldehyde on the web so i think the concerns are certainly valid.

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