5 traits to hook a great guy

[By Phoebe S.]

Have you ever wonder why some girls seem to nab all the “hubby material” ones while only bad boys and all the wrong types gravitate towards you? Although most guys would not admit it, when it comes to settling down, they all want a good girl to have a meaningful relationship with. There’s a mental checklist in them to categorise “girls for a good time” and “girls that mummy won’t mind”.

So if you want to attract a great guy for a more serious kind of relationship, focus on these 5 traits that will make you stand out for all the right reasons to take things to the next level of commitment.

1442Decision making

We re not talking about opinionated Littl’ Miss Bossy here. Most guys are attracted to girls with a certain level of decisiveness. You should be sure of what you want and show this through planning out details for a date or expressing your honest opinions regarding to what he proposes.

There’s nothing worse than saying yes to his choice and complaining non stop about it along the way with negativities written all over your face and body language. Indecisive gals are gals who give empty promises because they themselves aren’t sure of what they want or what they’re looking for, making them super unstable to qualify as good girlfriend material.

1441Confidence & Independence

This is the new millenium and no one is going to find the super clingy damsel in distress type attractive. So feel good about yourself and let your confidence shines through! This is really not something that one can “learn” so you truly have to psyche yourself up to be confident in your own skin. Don’t let the past hold you back if you want to live the present and plan for a future.

Before you plan to build a new life with someone else, make sure you are independent enough to live one on your own. Guys want to feel loved and wanted but they also thrive on the “chase” and going after a girl who’s comfortable in her own skin is so much more challenging than nabbing a date from a wallflower that says yes to anything.


In our social media crazed world, it is easy for most women to fall into a “cookie-cutter” mould as they strive towards certain man-made benchmarks of perfection. Meaning most girls tend to dress alike, talk the same lingo and act in the same way. How can you stand out if you choose to clone yourself into a Kim Kardashian or K-popster wannabe?

If you want to nab a great partner, attract him with your own quirky sense of uniqueness, be it your dress sense, crooked smile or perchant for classical music or vintage watches. It is better to present yourself as who you really are than hide behind a fiasco of pretense just to go with the flow and blend in with the majority.

1439Sense of humor

You don’t have to be a stand up comedian but the girl who can make other laugh and most importantly laughs at herself is never short of friends nor suitors.

Relationships shouldn’t be stressful and you should be able to learn to let go and shake off embarassing moments with a good, hearty laugh.

Be fun, be flirty, let loose a little and embrace life.

Life is simply too short to sweat the small stuff, girlfriend!

1438Trust & Honesty

It is good to be wary of people around you but in order to form any meaningful relationship that can be taken to the next level, mutual trust and respect are essential ingredients for success. Being a girl of your word will go a long way be it at work or towards builiding interpersonal relationships.

The bottom line is you deserve a great guy so start acting like it and start believing in it too! If you don’t love yourself, how are you going to love someone else?


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  1. I think we should all celebrate our individuality and not succumb to media social pressure and conform to certain cookie cutter images!

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