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With the descent of summer causing us to sweat buckets under the sweltering sun, it is extremely tempting to chug down a can of ice-cold soda or sip on a double chocolate milkshake just to cool yourself down. But instead of overloading your body with empty calories, you can always opt to reach for healthier alternatives that are nonetheless refreshing and much better for you. It is easy to use heat as an excuse to spoil yourself so exercise some discipline if you want to maintain a bikini-ready body throughout summer ’14. The next time you find yourself reaching for a sugar laden soda, keep these skinny thirst quenchers in mind, to keep yourself well hydrated and well prepped for any trigger happy paparazzi in sight!

1508Fruit juices vs fruit flavoured water

There is nothing more enticing than a tall glass of tropical fruits blended with some ice cubes on a hot summer afternoon. Although juices are pretty healthy options compared to sweetened can drinks, one should see them as a sweet treat and not a healthy beverage to be drank throughout the day.

“Fruit juice isn’t the same as intact fruit and can have as much sugar as many classical sugar drinks,” explains Dr. Toby Hui, medical consultant with The Sloane Clinic. “It is also absorbed very quickly, so by the time it gets to your stomach your body doesn’t know how to differentiate orange juice from cola. Nutrition-wise, you are definitely better off if you swap juices out for intact fruits.”

The healthiest drink of all is still plain old water but we all know it can be a tad boring at times. Instead of juices, churn out your own fruit flavoured sky juice with a little creativity. A few slices of lemon or lime, some slivers of ginger, a dash of tumeric powder or a handful of crushed mint and sweet basil leaves can help bridge the gap between plain and interesting. Water, with a tint of distinct flavouring, is certainly a health concious approach that goes a long way to quench your summer’s thirst the correct way.

1507Vegetable juice

If you can’t cut back on fruit juice, mixed them up or go completely green with pure vegetable juice!

Many people don’t consume enough vegetables and juicing them helps us stay well hydrated while allowing our gut to absorb all the goodies from these nutritional powehouses without actually having to go through the process of cooking them. So next time you feel like having a tall glass of orange juice, swap those tangerines out with cucumber, kale or spinach.

To lighten up the taste, add a drizzle of organic honey or throw in some naturally sweet roots and underground stems such as beetroots and carrots, guaranteed to cleanse your palate and curb your cravings for a slim and svelte figure all through summer till fall.

1506Bottled iced tea vs detox tea

Iced teas are perennial favourites with many health benefits that are unfortunately outweighed and stripped away by an excess of sugar dumped into ready made bottled versions lining shelves upon shelves along any supermarket aisle. You should therefore remain unwavered and not be tempted by the bold and colourful packaging of Arizona tea this summer. Likewise, it is never a good idea to purchase sweetened tea from places like Starbucks and Subway. Instead, try to brew your own tea, cool it down and top up with ice cubes for a refreshing sip.

For a sugar-free and low-calorie all-natural drink that amps up your metabolism for faster fat- burning while helping to flush out toxins, quench and cleanse at the same time with Sloane Inc. Detox Tea. This fragrant potpourri of antioxidant-rich green tea, white tea, guarana and ginseng, are infused with two proprietary vitamin, herb and mineral blends to help detox your system without the bloatedness, jitters and ‘crash’ effect that are commonly experienced with other self cleansing preparations. Many users also reported its effectiveness against water retention, making this the perfect beverage to tackle PMS in summer, a huge issue that often doesn’t go well with swimwear and other body-concious fashion trends that come with days of rising temperatures.

1505Alcoholic drinks

When it comes to alcoholic drinks, sometimes the calories don’t register, even though a single chocolate martini has more calories than a McDonald’s grilled chicken sandwich or a thick chunk of Banoffi cream pie. In fact, 1 gram of alcohol has 7 calories, compared to only 4 for a gram of carbohydrates or protein. And calories add up even faster for summer cocktails laden with sugary mixers and fruit juices. Calories aren’t the only reason to take it easy on alcohol. Not only do cocktails boost calories, they also have a powerful impact on your inhibitions and readily sabotage your weight watching habits.

Nevertheless, every one should be allowed a spot of merry making especially on a midsummer’s night, just pay some attention to what’s in your glass and how much alcohol you are downing. Afterall, you are not only what you eat but you are also what you drink!


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