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[By Jennifer Beh]

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate my skin to be a 7.5 on a good day with an average of 6 most of the time. For the past 3 months, things had definitely taken a dive downhill, with zits popping up like puberty all over again. It’s probably all the midnight oil burned and stress leading up to my final term in varsity. With a string of job interviews all lined up, I’ve got to get this fixed quickly. Otherwise, I’ll end up looking more like an applicant as a KTV hostess rather than a PR assistant manager if I’m going to wear enough make-up to cover up those damned spots.

I’m a bit of an armchair beauty aficionado and love to devour articles from beauty blogs and magazine reviews. One of my fave Malaysian beauty & fashion blogger at the moment is Sarah from smallnhot.com. The truth is, I feel that up and coming new bloggers are more un-bias in their write-ups as once they are caught up with the fame game, it’s hard not for bloggers’ opinions to skew towards the benefit of sponsors and advertisers! Anyway, Sarah won me over with her rave yet honest review of a Deep Deep Clean Facial & LED Red Photomodulation Therapy she did @The Sloane Clinic (Bangsar), prompting me to seek them out to address my skin woes. After browsing through the user-friendly webpage of The Sloane Clinic. I narrowed down my choice to their Clean & Clear Program, which besides sounding like a match to my skin concerns, comes with an affordable price tag that’s within the intended budget of someone who has yet to receive her first pay cheque.  So with the determination to get my skin “clean & clear” as it’s namesake, I called and arranged for an appointment on their next available slot.

1586Upon arrival, I informed the counter staff of the intent of my visit and she did a quick but careful assessment of my skin. Given that my breakout is not that serious (Thank God!), I can opt to sign up for the Clean & Clear program without prior consultation with their attending doctor, allowing me the saving of 160RM from their first time medical consultation fee! However, if my skin condition is any worse according to their trained eyes, I would have to go through a compulsory medical review before they would start me on any treatment plan. Knowing that there’s no hard selling with freebies as bait involved, and the honesty to reject treating unsuitable clients, immediately put my mind at ease with regards to Sloane’s professionalism. After going through a detailed step by step discussion and taking ample time to answer my MANY queries (LOL), I was whisked off to the treatment room and ready to start my beauty makeover!

With the aim to clear out acne in a fuss free way without the hassle and side effects of oral medications, the Clean & Clear program is suitable for all age groups especially teenagers and young adults (It is not suitable for pregnant ladies though). It uses Ultrasonic deep cleansing to unclog pores without resorting to painful and potentially harmful manual extraction, and is combined with the use of sophisticated light technology to kill bacteria and improve skin healing for a zit free complexion.

Ultrasonic deep cleansing is a two-step process which first utilizes ultrasonic wave motion to send out vibratory movements to loosen stubborn comedones (both whiteheads and blackheads) that are clogging up pores. This procedure is exceedingly gentle to the skin and I only experienced mild discomfort when the therapist tried to deal with harder to reach areas such as the corner of the nostrils, which are often VERY clogged and demand more work! Vitamin C serum is then infused and “pushed” into the deeper layer of the skin for its anti-inflammatory, skin brightening and anti-ageing effects.

In addition to 4 sessions of Ultrasonic deep cleansing, this comprehensive program that’s carefully planned and put together for maximal benefits in the shortest possible time, include 4 alternating sessions of I-Clear and LED red light therapy each. I-Clear is a a painless, non-invasive treatment that is FDA approved and utilises blue light to effectively target and kill acne-causing bacteria without adverse effects on healthy surrounding tissues. To achieve a synergistic effect in tackling acne prone skin, this works best with LED red light photomodulation, a treatment that aims to boost sluggish cell metabolism and stimulate rapid skin repair and healing for firmer, blemish-free skin.

And what was my verdict upon completing the 8 sessions of the Clean & Clear program?


Ta-da! As evident from the “before and after” mugshots I pinched from my medical record,  I couldn’t have ask for a better treatment plan that’s tailored in an effective manner to clear my acne and restore my confidence. It definitely pays to choose a provider with a good reputation and to opt for treatments that are backed up by the latest development in science and technology!

Treatment done: The Clean & Clear Program @ The Sloane Clinic (Bangsar branch)

Price: 1,800 RM excluding first time medical consultation charge of 160 RM if required.

More info: Clean & Clear program, Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing, I-ClearLED red

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