Fall trends to fall for in 2014

[By Anni Latson]

A classic red lipstick is just as stunning in the sun drenched days of July as it is when the November wind blows.  However, if you fall on the side of those who enjoy a spot of experimentation with different makeup shades and hairstyles season after season, this roundup will definitely serve you well. Fall is the perfect time to adopt styles of longer length and dabble with richer colours and formulas, especially those that wouldn’t last for more than ten minute in the humidity experienced at the height of summer. Showcased at major shows in the trio fashion cities of Paris, New York and Milan, these are the beauty trends that kept showing up time and again. You can certainly count on us for en pointe trendspotting, to help put you on the fashion forefront with fall trends to fall for in 2014.

1624The Braid-y bunch

For the past few seasons, braids have been headlining every other event from red carpet soirees to couture shows. And it’s no surprise that they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, determined to stay grounded as a top trend for fall ‘14. A big part of the reason why the braid never loses popularity is because it’s so versatile, with endless possible permutations to play with. From rustic milkmaid plaits and tight hippie cornrows to messy bohemian braids lulling in a distinct air of “je ne sais quoi”, there’s a style for every occasion, tailored to every whims and fancies.

“Wearing you hair frequently in styles that require hair to be tightly pulled back can cause hair damage in the long run due to excessive traction,” advises Dr. Chua Han Boon, senior medical consultant and Head of the Hair Care & Restoration Centre of The Sloane Clinic @ION, Singapore. “You can follow trends but be creative and make sure you add wearing your tresses down into your style rotation now and then to give your hair a much needed break.”

1623She bangs

If you are not already on the “bang-wagon” favored by fashion IT girls of the moment Behati Prinsloo and Suki Waterhouse, it’s definitely time to jump on board this fall. Mirroring the strong retro vibes resonating on runways from Gucci, Moschino to Oscar de la Renta, it’s time to swing into Vidal Sassoon mode and snip your way to the shaggy, eye grazing trademark fringe of 60’s supermodel, Jean Shrimpton.

Forget about convent girls’ tidiness and wear those long bangs sideswept or tousled for an extra serving of rocker chick edge. When bangs aren’t falling right, it can be a styling nightmare as well as alter the proportions of your face in the wrong way. So take note of how long after you got them cut that you truly loved the length and time your trims accordingly. Ombre is still around but showing up in a more subtle way. Ditch last season’s candy coloured hues for warmer shades that match up to fall. Go auburns for reds, caramel for blondes and chestnut for brunettes. Très chic n’est-ce pas?

1622Glow getter

As we fight off cold and create a balanced silhouette with clever layering of sweaters, scarves and coats this fall, you certainly wouldn’t want to extend the layered look to your face with tons of foundation and concealer. The fresh-faced, glowing skin makeup look has remained steadfast as a perennial fave these days, almost trashing the classic matte finish. While the matte fever will never be deleted in makeup history for sure, a natural glowing look still works best in highlighting our natural features, and sets a perfect canvas for the bolder, deeper tones of fall. A great approach for most is to pair a sheer coverage foundation with a high-pigment concealer, as this winning combination allows you to fake a flawless face that’s never overdone. If you are looking to push the envelop by going bare minimum with hardly a glitch of make-up like the models sent out by Isabel Marant, give your skin and confidence a much needed boost of hydration and exfoliation.

For those desiring both contoured, modelesque faces sans scalpel as well as dewy, luminous skins, the answer lie with Restylane® Hydrolift. Natural hyaluronic acid is carefully placed under the skin of the lower face and cheeks using a novel injection technique to give tired saggy faces a subtle lift, while replenishing lost hyaluronic acid stores instantly with restoration of skin moisture back to youthful levels akin to juvenile skin. Pair this treatment with a Glamour Peel to exfoliate your mien to baby skin softness. Engage in a beauty “ménage à trois” with three different types of professional grade formulations that have been specially selected to give your complexion a quick, all-rounded boost, the Glamour Peel is a well kept secret earmarked in the ‘Little Black Beauty Book’ of those in the know. It addresses six key skin concerns simultaneously— Skin brightening, spot fading, line smoothening, pore reduction, sebum balance and intense hydration served on a beauty platter to ensure that you are runway ready this fall.

1621Heavy metal

From over the top disco-licious 70’s garage door eyeshadow to a touch of shimmer lining the inner corners of eyes, take your pick of glittery fairy dust to shine bright this fall with a dose of metallica. From Aztec bronze to iridescent hues of opal, metallic hues in eye makeup is a great way to add a bit of glitz to your everyday look. Metallic makeup can be intimidating, but if you wear the right shade and apply it correctly, it can really work to your advantage.

Unless you are channeling Bianca Jagger circa 1975, go light and slowly build up the colour with a proper applicatior brush. The reflective nature of this red hot trend makes them more unforgiving, highlighting skin creases when applied to mature skin. By utilising patented monopolar radiofequecy waves, Thermage Eyes can certainly smoothen crepey undereye skin and create a subtle but definite lift for droppy eyelids, buying you valuable time in the race against aging. If you dare to defy and embrace changes made possible by the latest technology, age is just a number and shouldn’t stop you from playing up your eyes and making them the focus in fall ’14.

1620Lash is more

In contrast to S/S 14 trend of school boy brows paired with nude lashes, mascara and falsies are set to fly off shelves come A/W 14. As if the swinging 60s was never left behind, doll-liked spider lashes favored by scooter girls and mod princesses were sent fluttering down the runways of Gucci, Prada, Versace and Saint Laurent.

Before you resort to a ton of mascara or eyelash extensions which often result in redness, eye irritation and possible lash loss from traction and chemical reaction with adhesives; it is now possible to “lash-out” in an au naturale way with Latisse from Allergan. Available over the counter at all branches of The Sloane Clinic, the active ingredient in this beauty savior for those with eyelash envy is bimatoprost, proven to prolong the life cycle of your natural lashes from the usual three- to four-month cycle to one of nearly eight months. When applied properly and used appropriately, Latisse can work its peepers enhancing magic for about nine months, with longer, thicker and fuller lashes to last you from fall to spring!


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