5 ways to deal with bra fat

[By Nadine Harper]

Most people spend a great deal of time working on their “mirror” muscles, the ones they easily see, and don’t realize they’re neglecting their flip-side until they catch a reflection of their back in a three-way mirror while changing out in a fitting room. Yes, we are talking about those unsightly gathering of fats that pop out in the most unflattering manner aroud the back of the bra. Bra bulge, back boob, back fat, whatever you want to call it, are those overflowing pockets of flesh that is anything but cute. Along with jelly belly and bye bye arms, this is yet another body dilemma that ranks high as body parts we hate. Notwithstanding your body weight and cup size, most women at one time or another, have experienced and wished to improve upon the appearance of this annoying bulge. Thankfully, while they might not be the easiest of all tasks, there are certainly tried and tested ways to eliminate bra fat, so that you look awesome both upfront and behind!

1618Wear it right

By chosing the correct type and fit, you will be surprised at how much the right kind of brassiere can alter your body, flaunting your assets and hiding your flaws. The truth be told, a bra is quintessentially  the most technical clothing item found in a woman’s wardrobe, lifting and supporting while maintaining a sexy feminine figure for 14 to 16 straight hours a day! Remember the scene from Sex & The City when Miranda went shopping for a black bra for her mum’s funeral and found that she hasn’t been wearing the right fit up to that point in time? Chances are you too might be in the same Manolo heels so talk to a specialist the next time you go bra shopping. If the band does not fit well, your bra back will slide up, pushing along the skin and creating an unseemly bulge. This can be rectified by wearing a bra that’s made of snug-fitting material, with a wider back and sides to help achieve a more flattering look under your outer garment. If you are planning on wearing tight or body hugging clothes, consider wearing a shape wear camisole  underneath to smooth down any bulges to create enviable curves that are red carpet ready!

1617Slim pickings

Healthy eating is the cornerstone to any successful fat loss attempt. Choose quality over quantity, eat a wide variety of natural foods and fresh produce, cutting back on processed meat and refine sugar. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, get your protein from healthy sources like legumes and leafy greens. Add on flaxseed oil and avocados to makes sure you’re consuming enough healthy fats. Fiber is essential for healthy digestion and fills you up quickly, keeping hunger pangs in check throughout the day. If you are serious about shedding the pounds and losing that bra fat, stop eating foods that come in shiny packages. Even products claiming to be “natural” or “diet-friendly” often contain preservatives, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, food colouring, and other ingredients that just aren’t going to help you maintain a healthy weigh or make you look good in a backless dress.

1616Strengthen your core

After making sure that you are fitted with the correct undergarment, it’s time to tone up those upper back muscles.  Sometimes women neglect the upper back area because they’re so afraid of bulking up and getting man shoulders, but nothing could be further from the truth. If you want to own a head turning “rear view”,  you got to add some back strengthing exercises to your workout routine. Core exercises are great too and their benefits go beyond just the strengthening of abs for a flat, midriff-worthy tummy. Your core is made up of your abdominal muscles, your obliques and also your back muscles. In order to get a defined back, strengthen both the opposing muscles and the back muscles with plank drops.

Start by getting into a normal plank position on your forearms as pictured. Hold your core tightly and slowly lower your chest, feeling the squeeze in your shoulders to target the bra bulge. Hold for around 10 seconds each time and do several sets of 10-20. Alternate with classic push-ups in sets of 10-20 and work in some chin-ups too!

1615Fat busting cardio

Regular cardiovascular exercises cannot be ignored no matter where the unwanted fatty bits are housed. Bra fat is caused by stored fat, and cardio exercises will burn them away and improve your overall silhouette. Any type of cardio exercises are useful but if you work out regularly at a gym, make a beeline for the rowing machine to help you burn fat off and tone your back muscles concurrently.

Positioned yourself with your feet properly strapped and grab the handle with a strong, firm grip. Start off by leaning slightly forward, making sure that your shins are vertical and that your wrists are flat. Initiate your movement by pushing off with your feet, pulling the handle towards you as you’re pushing with your legs. Bend your knees again and repeat the movement. Remember to keep your back straight and core tight as you are rowing. For optimal outcome, set a target to complete at least 30 minutes each time you start rowing, 4 times a week.

1614Sculpt to measure

Hitting the gym several times a week is a great way to tackle unwanted pockets of body fat. If for some reasons the results fall short or you are simply on the lookout for an edge to optimise your outcome, the insider’s trick to every Hollywood dream bod is the latest fad of body contouring devices.

Since its introduction in late 2010, CoolSculpting by Zeltiq with its string of success stories, has remained steadfast as one of the most popular and effective non-invasive modality for target fat loss. Also known as cryolipolysis or fat-freezing, only one treatment is required to see 20-23% of fat reduction in the area(s) treated when the broken down fat cells are removed by your body’s own metabolism over the next few weeks. “With the CoolFit probe having a flat opening to latch on better to areas such as the upper back and inner arms, we can now tackle bra fat and flabby arms effectively, ” says Dr. Jinly Wong, medical consultation from The Sloane Clinic. “Combined with a sound diet and a regular exercise regime incoporating both cardiovascular exercises and strength training, one would expect results that are both permanent and long lasting.”


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