3 cheat tips for your money shot

[By Cynthia K.]

It’s coming to the end of 2014, and your calendar is crazy filled with invites, from family barbecues and company soirees, to wild New Year’s Eve parties and other promising shenanigans of epic proportions. With that in mind, you definitely want to look your best, especially when you know that you’re going to be tagged in a bunch of candid group shots, or just to nail that perfect selfie worthy of a ‘breaktheinternet’ hashtag for you to share on IG. However, with you hardly out of your food coma and nursing a hangover on Boxing Day, how do you make sure you still look ravishing notwithstanding? Rummaging through the pages of our Little Black Party Girl Book, here are 3 fool-proof cheat tips often used by those behind the velvet ropes,to get you looking flawless and camera ready to challenge any trigger-happy people around you this holiday season.

1693Cheat Tip #1: A pop of colour

It’s sometimes difficult to stay upbeat throughout all these end-year events, especially if you’re still recovering from a champagne-fuelled engagement that happened the night before. While you’re looking a little dull, the camera doesn’t lie and will just amplified all your listlessness for the world to backlash and gossip! When faced with such situations, a burst of colour will often pull the trick, to instill some insta-vibrancy to lift your spirits photogenically. With a bright shade or two from the Pantone chart, you will look as if you are all set to indulge in some serious social mingling and marathon partying!

One can never go wrong with a slick of classic cherry red on your lips, or amp up your peepers with some bold metallic hues. With all the dining and red wine stains accumulated over the past few days, make sure you prep your puckers properly. “Red lipsticks are less forgiving as they tend to highlight every little crack or flake on your lips,” says Candice, a freelance make-up artiste and fashion blogger. “My trick is to prime the lips with Sloane Inc. Lip Fabulosity Scrub. Composed of granulated sweet sugar and fine almond shells, it exfoliates your kissies to a smooth finish while nourishing them at the same time with jojoba & olive oils, shea and cocoa butters, vitamins A, C and E; allowing any bold coloured lipstick to glide on and stay on like a dream.”

1692Cheat Tip #2: Work your angles

In essence, a camera converts what is 3D into a 2D image. This means that whatever that had dimension will now look flattened. So if you look straight at the camera, the natural shadows may be lost and your face which is already slightly swollen from the water retention caused by the high salt content of festive goodies, would probably end up looking too round or wide. A subtle tilt of the face may just make a world of difference so take a ton of selfies to find that angle which gives you your money shot before the paparazzi hits. Plus, we all have a good side, so why not make the most out of it?

Angles too would change how you appear in a photo. Say if the camera is held from below you, then the picture will probably show an unflattering double-chin, despite the fact that your jawline is pretty taut and defined. This principle applies for the body as well. Noticed how models and red carpet celebs like standing at a 45 degree angle with their weight on the back foot? It’s all about elongating and enhancing their already slender bodies so that they photographed well. So play with the mirror and lighting to find your good side and the best angles, to show them off as second nature the next time the camera clicks.

1691Cheat Tip #3: Charm like Queen Nefertiti

Throughout history, long necks has been viewed as one of the benchmarks of Beauty. In certain cultures, neck rings are even worn to create the appearance of a longer and stretched neck. Bluff your way to the picture perfect Hepburn’s neck by literally elongating your neck while pressing down your shoulders as you take that picture. You are bound to appear a little silly to on-lookers, but who cares as long as your pictures turn out great! For jawline resurrection with certainty, give yourself a deserving “royal treat”.

Inspired by the beauty of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti with her famed swan neck, the “Nefertiti Lift” is a lunch-time aesthetics procedure which as its name suggests, helps give one the appearance of a slender neck. “This treatment is actually done by injecting small doses of botulinum toxin into the neck muscles and along the jawline to smooth out those unsightly bands created by the platysma muscles.” Explains Dr. Jinly Wong, medical consultant with The Sloane Clinic. “This not only help soften the appearance of neck lines but also result in a subtle lift to restore some of the jawline definition that is lost with age and weight gain.”

Have a Happy New Year and remember to flash your best smile for the camera!


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