5 tips for the Backless Beauty

[By Alicia Liu]

There is much chatter about Angelina Jolie’s metallic dress which she wore for her recent Critics’ Choice outing, a simple yet elegantly fabulous choice for an event which does not receive as much hype as the Golden Globes or the Oscars. Like the award show itself, the attire was a classic affair with a modern twist, garnering just the right amount of attention with being unnecessarily overbearing.  What I love most about the Atelier Versace creation was not just its stunning luxe fabric and the way it draped to accentuate Angie’s curves, but also how it showcased her flawless back perfectly. Despite the daring exposure, a design like that is seductive yet classy, as it kept enough of the front covered while revealing a flash of bare skin behind. Before you attempt to translate this red carpet trend to reality, here are 5 tips you won’t want to miss, to prep yourself as a “Backless Beauty”.


We all know the importance of regular exfoliation to maintain a luminous and healthy looking complexion. This same important step remains true for the rest of the body, including your back. If you have yet to incorporate this into your beauty regime, remember to start scrubbing your back a few weeks before the day to slip into your backless showstopper comes by. Exfoliating your back with a loofah, or a scrub like the Sloane Inc. Micro-Dermabrasion Cream, which works equally well for both face and body, ensures that your skin is smooth and radiant with an unbeatable glow. This scrub contains microscopic magnesium crystals, and when used regularly helps ward off pimples for a blemish free back. It works extremely well for sensitive skin too, so long as you remember not to over scrub. An added tip you could use is to half a lemon and rub it on your back prior to scrubbing or applying a back mask. Lemon juice contains fruit acids which act as natural bleaching agents to help lighten surface marks and uneven skin tone.

If you prefer to have your back pampered with a professional touch, drop by The Sloane Spa which has list of treatments specially concocted for your back beauty.


So after cleansing and exfoliating your back, never forget to apply a light body lotion in order to prevent your skin from drying out. I personally use The Sloane Clinic In-The-Nude Body Milk everyday as it provides a soft and supple caress to my skin. The other great thing about this body hydrator is that it is safe for pregnant mothers as well as children. Try applying this non-greasy, highly nourishing moisturiser immediately after your shower and experience for yourself how gorgeously it sets as you take in its calming scent. To help the lotion reach areas where hands alone can’t, you could even use foam mitts to help cover the large surface area. So when you flash your back in that alluring dress, your silky skin will be the envy of the night. If you’re planning to wear a backless outfit during the day however, always remember to apply sunscreen on your back too!

1727Hairy matters

It is fairly common for a women to seek hair removal of her underarms, arms, legs, face and even more intimate areas. However when it comes to the back, some of us may be more bashful to seek help. One would think, only men have hairy backs, right? That is not true. It is not uncommon for women to have hair on the back, but it can be particularly distressing especially if you have dark hair on very fair skin. As it can be easily covered with most clothing, many women tend not to seek hair removal treatments for this area.

If this is preventing you from purchasing anything with a low-back cut, worry no more. Seek professional consult by visiting The Sloane Clinic, where you will experience gentle yet effective permanent hair reduction. Using FDA-approved lasers and IPL, the variety of technology available at the clinic allows safe and effective treatment for both lighter and darker skin types and hair. Your back will be fuzz-free and you can finally be seen in that plunging bare-back gown that you always wanted to buy.

1726Back Posture

You’ve gotten that dress, your skin is glowing, now flaunt your back! Notice how elegant a ballerina looks with their neck-lengthening posture and their shoulders held back? A straight posture makes your back look its best, while a hunched over back looks less attractive. Make sure you let your back show by practising proper posture. Keep your head held high and elongate your neck. You can do this by imagining that a string is pulling your head up from the crown (honestly, useful lessons learnt while attending ballet classes!). Then keep your shoulders back by imagining that you have wings behind your back. Apart from appearing graceful, good posture also helps maintain a healthy mind and body. Practicing good posture helps alleviate problems such as back and neck aches, chronic fatigue and also headaches. When you stand tall and proud, your general self- confidence is also given a boost!

1725Minimise Accessories

The main highlight of a backless dress is your back. So ensure that it remains the centre of attention by opting for simple necklace, delicate earrings or bracelets just to add a touch of sparkle to complete your look. Try to avoid chunky jewellery as these would end up stealing the thunder or worse, totally covering your neck and back. If you have cascading luscious locks and want to show them off as well, try partially pulling your hair into a half up half down chignon, while still showing enough bare skin. This may even play to your advantage as using your hair to play coy can actually make your backless-look appear even more alluring.


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