[By Alicia Liu]

We’ve been talking about Mother’s Day for weeks now. Some of us at least. As for the rest, you’re most welcomed about the reminder! And I’m sure some of you still have not figured out what to get Mommy this Sunday. It’s never too late to start thinking about the perfect gift, and we are only here to help, with 5 last-minute gift ideas that’ll surely make your mother’s heart melt! 🙂


For those who are naturally gifted in the arts and music manner, now is the time to shower your mom with your talents.

Create something meaningful for your mom to cherish, showing her what a creative and thoughtful child she raised. Maybe write a poem or a song, or even compose a music piece.

For those not so inclined towards their right brain, no worries. She’s your mom after all, and she’s still going to love any number you belt out for her. Despite you making the neighbours wish they could put you in a sound-proof box!

1839A Day at the Spa

We all know some mothers rarely treat themselves, so it’s the perfect opportunity for you to do it for her! I mean, treat her and not (only) yourselves. You can book an appointment at a spa for the two of you and spend quality time together relaxing to soothing massages.

Or, you can even opt to pamper her with the Super Star facial which can be done at The Sloane Spa. This facial is designed to instantly recharge the skin back to its firm and healthy complexion! It uses natural products like enzymes from fruit to exfoliate the skin, then replenishes and boosts the skin with super antioxidant Astaxanthin. Derived from Red Algae, this powerful superfood is 6000 times more potent than Vitamin C. Your mother’s skin will be glowing and fabulous in no time. Now, which mother wouldn’t love this?

1838DIY a Coupon Book

This gift is totally personal and versatile to anyone and only gets better as you know your mom best. Make a coupon book for your mom with little treats which she can ‘redeem’ throughout the year! Maybe one coupon for a home-cooked meal, or a free shoulder or foot massage, or even one which says to be her personal chauffeur for the day! You know what she would appreciate, so this not only is a gift you can whip up within the hour, you’re surely going to make your mom shed a tear or two.

1837Gift Vouchers

Well for those who are really swamped and have no skills with DIY or writing a personalised poem, have no fear. Be it whether she’s into fine dining, shopping or even a simple manicure, gift cards and vouchers may be your saviour.

This Mother’s Day, you can treat her with a Beauty gift voucher from The Sloane Clinic . The gift vouchers are available in denominations of $10 and $50, and can be purchased at all branches of The Sloane Clinic. She can use it for any of the clinic’s medically sound services and treatments, as well as The Sloane Inc. products!

1836Actual Face Time

This should be a gift that should be given all year round. Remember the times when your mother was there with you as you gave her a hard time chasing and cleaning off all your creative drawings on the walls, then when you went through hardships at school, and the occasional heartbreaks, to when you called her as you faced your first job interview. She was there to listen to you, to bake you cakes for a sugar rush, never blaming always understanding. Show her you still care by carefully planning a special night for just the two of you to cuddle up with an old film. I’m sure she would love it, and if you top it up with a glass of wine, that’s surely just the cherry on top!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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