5 Beauty Tips for the Frequent Flyer

[By Nadine Harper]

Whether it’s for leisure or for work, there’s an increased frequency of air travel over the years and there are no signs of it slowing down. Especially if one has a cross continent long haul flight ahead, it’s always a constant worry if we are looking less than stellar by the time we disembark. Pressurised recycled air is certainly not the best thing for your skin, and by the time the plane hits the runway, you may be feeling and looking the worst of it. So how can we keep our skin bright and happy while flying? Here are our top beauty tips for the frequent flyer, to make your inflight experience an easy, breezy affair, and touch down as a cover girl who’s ready to rock and rule the world!

1846Prep in advance

Make sure you start off fresh at the beginning of the journey. The worst mistake to commit is to have a heavy sleepless night of boozing and partying, hoping that this will lead to complete eye shut throughout the flight. If a hangover feels so awful on ground, can you imagine nursing one hundreds of miles above? Prep your skin in advance with a thorough round of exfoliation the day before or on the morning of your flight. This will get rid of accumulated dead skin cells and prime it to absorb the moisturiser you’ll need to apply on the aircraft to boost your skin to perfection. The Sloane Inc. Crystal Clear Scrub which uses natural ingredients such as ultra-refining bamboo micro-crystals, soothing aloe and Vitamin E, not only helps to gently scrub the skin for better clarity, but also promotes better micro-circulation, which shows through as a soft, dewy glow.

1845Squeaky clean

It’s best to board the plane with minimal to no makeup but if your urban warpaint is your security blanket, by all means wear some; just make sure you take it all off and cleanse your face properly once you settle down on board. The most convenient way is to reach out for makeup wipes but make this an exception and not a day-to-day habit. A common preservative known as “methylisothiazolinone” (MI) that’s widely used to keep bacteria at bay in pre-moistened wipes often leads to contact dermatitis causing skin dryness, redness, itch, swelling or even blistering and acne outbreak.

“As facial wipes are often used without rinsing, whatever that’s in there gets left on your skin at full concentration, increasing exponentially the chances of developing an allergic reaction from it.” Explains Dr. Tan Wan Theng, senior medical consultant from The Sloane Clinic. It might be a little troublesome but as a frequent flyer, transferring your usual makeup remover into a travel-sized container for safe and thorough cleaning will do your skin a whole lot more good in the long run.

1844Skin tonics

Facial mists may be refreshing but in reality, they won’t be of much help in the dry atmosphere during air travel. Instead, include a serum in your hand carry or overnight bag and use it generously to help lock in moisture to keep you skin nicely hydrated in the dry cabin air. You might need to do so more than once especially for longer flight time, so keep an eye on how dry your skin feels. Alternatively, feed your skin with essential oils to keep it soft and supple from flight to destination. An awesome choice will be Sloane Inc.YOUTH, comes packaged in a slick pen with a rollerball tip for convenient storage and easy application. Formulated with 100% certified organic rosehip oil, YOUTH is designed to soften and smoothen fine lines and wrinkles, while boosting the suppleness and resilience of your skin to restore its youthful glow.

1843Balm me up, Scotty

A multi-tasking balm is certainly one of the most useful beauty must-haves to carry on flight. Products such as the Sloane Inc. Magic Balm is a rich, therapeutic balm that provides ‘salvation’ to skin dried out by the pressurised cabin air, be it on the face, body, hands or feet. It also double up as a nourishing lip gloss to prevent dryness and flaking, or nursed chapped lips back to health. In addition, a lesser known but extremely useful tip is to use your balm to tame unruly brows and flyaways before you disembark! This is certainly a versatile and great space-saver that every frequent flyer should not leave home without!

1842Hydrate from within

There’s nothing better than “sky juice” while you’re up in the skies. Avoid alcohol if possible and stick to good old plain drinking water or juice. This will keep your system well hydrated and your skin is going to thank you for this. Don’t avoid drinking water simply because you are adversed to airplane lavatories. The need to use the bathroom will give you the chance to move around the plane to help stave off fluid retention exacerbated by prolonged sitting and inactivity.

By keeping your system well hydrated and your skin well moisturised with our pick of bare essentials, you’ll step off the plane looking good and feeling bright, starting off your trip on the right heeled foot to brave the paparazzi or any other obstacles coming your way!


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