4 Common Summer Woes Busted

[By Alicia Liu]

Summer is officially just around the corner, and although there’s a lot to love about it, there are some things to loathe too! While it’s perfectly normal to discuss with friends and colleagues regarding tips for a fit and firm bod, or what trends and colours are the current hot tickets, there are some beauty nemeses which may be a tad embarrassing to say the least. Sweat and smelly feet, just to name a few, are problems we usually keep to ourselves and either muddle through or keep hush-hush and pray that they’ll go unnoticed. However, there’s no better time than NOW to face up to your fears and break the silence. Here are 4 common beauty woes which may be making you dread summer, but once you engage in these tips to bust them to the curb, summer is going to get a whole lot better….

1851Problem #1: Feet that smell

Summer is the time to show off your feet, your pretty little pedicured toes and smooth heels! But for some, that stench is making you feel you rather hide your feet in the sand. Smelly feet are mainly caused by bacteria on the skin which breaks down the sweat on your feet, producing the unpleasant aroma. So it comes as no surprise that as the temperature rises, our feet naturally gets hot and sweaty, and hence the odour.

Remedy: One way to beat sweaty feet is to start a daily foot care regime. Wash your feet everyday in warm water with antibacterial soap. Wear cotton socks with your closed shoes, or sandals preferably, and try not to wear the same pair of shoes for more than 2 consecutive days. When your feet are completely dry, apply a light dusting of foot powder. For people with dry skin, you may apply some moisturiser before applying the powder.If these steps do not prevent the foot odour, you could try a home concoction of soaking your feet for 30 minutes in black tea! Do it daily for a week, and the tannic acid may help kill bacteria to keep your feet clean and odour free!

1850Problem #2: Sweat that drips

As summer heats up, we sweat. This is totally normal as our body constantly regulates our core temperature through this process to cool our body. However I can vouch that only few things are worse than arriving at work feeling like you need another shower!

Remedy: Anti-perspirants (note: not deodorants, which only work to deodorise) helps some people with sweating and is best applied during a time that you’re not dripping wet from sweat. However, it may not work to stop the process entirely and can also contain products which are considered toxic and cause skin irritation.

Some people experience excessive sweating with or without heat or stress triggers. The condition is called Hyperhidrosis and may make social interactions awkward as stains on clothes or sweat dripping down the face occurs. For these people, Botox injections into the underarms or areas where excessive sweating occurs may be considered. It is an effective way to decrease sweating for up to a few months, depending on the treated area by blocking contraction signals to the muscles that lead to sweating.

1849Problem # 3: Dark pigmented pits

People have started to flaunt their arms in sexy tank tops and flirty strappy sundresses, but all you want is for the winter months to continue so you can stay under wraps. And just because you’ve got dark underarm skin? Worry no more with our aesthetics aides on call.

Remedy: Dark underarm skin can be due to a few factors. It could be caused by inflammation because of repeated manual epilation, friction against clothing material, or simply a build-up of dead skin cells. One easy way to help lighten underarm skin is regular exfoliating with a scrub for a better overall tone and always follow up with a nourishing body lotion to keep your skin soft and supple.

“Repeated shaving and waxing is the leading cause of underarms darkening from the cumulative effects of skin irritation and inflammation,” Explains Dr Tan Wang Theng, medical consultant with The Sloane Clinic. “For those looking for a long term solution to their hairy woes and underarms skin discoloration, I would choose to put them on our in-house speciality, the Removal and Restoration Program. This comprehensive, problem orientated approach combines permanent laser hair reduction treatments with a series of gentle yet restorative depigmentation lasers to not only ensure your skin is fuzz-free, but also brighter and smoother, leading to a restored or new found confidence in you.”

1848Problem #4: BAcne

As if worrying about zits on the face wasn’t enough, during these hotter months while your skin is more prone to increased sebum production, pimples may be popping up on your back as well!

Remedy: Gently cleanse the skin with a mild astringent and allow it to dry. To address your pimply back, follow through with a few spritz of The Sloane Inc Acne Therapy Tonic. The latest zit fighting addition to The Sloane Inc skincare line, the Acne Therapy Tonic can be used on the face as well, as a toner or on its own. Formulated with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients, it stabilises oil balance, clears clogged pores and reduces redness from acne inflammation. In addition, what makes it suitable as a standalone therapy for your back is its water based nature, avoiding possible adherence to your clothes and further exacerbation of your skin condition.


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