3 building blocks for an unbeatable glow

[By Ning Zou]

With the heat of the summer well upon us, it only further justifies our need to protect ourselves both inside and out! Good dietary and lifestyle habits are key to maintaining our overall health. But although you may be religiously eating your fruit and vegetables, your skin may still miss out on the value of essential vitamins. While consuming a variety of healthy food does help your skin stay supple, no matter how much vitamins you ingest, only a certain percentage of that is delivered to the skin. The good news is, there’s a very simple way of delivering vitamins to your skin for it to gain maximum benefits. Just apply them topically! Here are 3 ABCs of vitamins which promote skin health and help reverse photo-aging while protecting and repairing our skin at the same time. So read on, eat up and slap on some of these goodies and start this summer to pave way for your skin revolution towards a better tomorrow!

1877A is for Apricot

Vitamin A is probably one of the best overall fighters against aging skin. You may obtain them through a variety of fruit and veggies for example in apricots, carrots or spinach, which does help to maintain the health of our skin cells. But as mentioned, applying topical vitamin products to the skin may allow you to reap better skin benefits. Many studies have shown that the use of vitamin A on the skin, usually in the form of retinoids, have shown dramatic improvement in terms of reducing wrinkles, preventing age and sun spots, as well as improving overall skin texture. Besides being a potent anti-aging ingredient, topical Vitamin A also combats acne. It delivers all these benefits mainly by increasing cell turnover of the skin and hence aids in cell repair and rejuvenation.

Recommendation: Try The Sloane Inc. Age Defy in which its name already describes its function. This age-fighting elixir contains the active ingredient Tretinoin which is a vitamin A derivative, and is formulated to be gentle to all skin types while effectively firming up skins that could do with a generous dose of TLC. Generally speaking, one should discuss the use of any topical Vitamin A with a trained professional as it may not be recommended universally.

1876C is for Clementine

Vitamin C on the other hand, is a naturally occurring potent antioxidant which is excellent for skin health both internally and externally. Again, fruits and vegetables are the best sources of dietary Vitamin C. They are especially high in raw capsicum peppers, broccoli and guava. However, there has been a move in recent times to study it’s efficacy as a topical treatment for aging skin. In many laboratory and clinical studies, topical Vitamin C has been shown to protect against harmful effects of UV rays, improve the skin’s hydration, wrinkles and pigmentation, as well as reduce inflammation. It was even shown in skin analysis that Vitamin C helped promote new collagen formation. With all these goodness it comes as no surprise that you can find Vitamin C or its derivatives in most tone-brightening, anti-ageing, free radical-fighting products!

Recommendation: While the skin is able to attain up to 20-40 times the level of Vitamin C when applied topically compared to that achieved by oral supplements, topical Vitamin C should be at least 20% concentration for optimal skin benefits. The Sloane Inc. Vitamin C Elixir contains L-Ascorbic Acid with a Vitamin C concentration of 25% to ensure it provides heavy-duty protection against free-radicals while upgrading the skin’s elasticity and tone. With regular use, your skin is re-texturized, giving you a more radiant and fresher-looking complexion!

1875E is for Eel

You guessed it. Vitamin E may be obtained through a diet consisting of food such as eels, sardines, avocados and almonds. It is believed to play a role in preventing chronic diseases but this is still being studied. As a topical agent, while not as popular as Vitamin C or A, Vitamin E is another important nutrient to bolster the skin’s defence against damaging UV rays and skin photo-aging. As it is fat soluble, this vitamin also eases and quells skin dryness by helping to skin to retain its surface moisture. Hence, besides its potent ability to neutralise harmful unstable radicals, topical vitamin E also helps decrease surface roughness for supple skin.

Recommendation: Combined with pure 24K gold and Evening Primrose Oil, The Sloane Inc. 24K Gold Primer contains Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E acetate), working overtime to enhance the skin’s elasticity, smoothness and skin firmness. In combination, the enriching components achieve a synergistic effect in improving the skin’s overall circulation, boost its natural glow and amplify its radiance. The anti-inflammatory and skin-calming properties of pure gold allows it to be used on all skin types, including sensitive ones. The texture of the product is oh-so-smooth, that besides being an anti-aging moisturiser, it can double up as a make-up base for both day and night!


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