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As a woman, the topic of vaginal laxity is definitely difficult to bring up. I am a mother of two and noticed a decrease in sexual satisfaction in recent years. Initially I thought nothing much of it, blaming increased responsibilities at work and at home which may have also affected my overall libido. However, despite getting into a stable groove, and doing Kegel exercises, I found that there was still some loss of sensation, and my vagina felt ‘loose’. I also noticed that when I wore tampons, they were ever so slightly less snug than before too. I must say that having to admit to having vaginal laxity is one ‘embarrassing’ issue, and I think I’m not the only one who shares this sentiment. Although it is a common problem which impacts sexual function and affects the quality of life between partners, it was found in a study involving medical health experts that more than 75% of their patients under-reported vaginal laxity as a problem. As bashful as I was, I decided not to contribute to that 75% and booked an appointment at The Sloane Clinic as I had heard that the clinic has a novel treatment for vaginal tightening, and was very eager to find out if it was suitable for me.

I was consulted by Dr. Low Chai Ling, the Medical Director. I have to say the whole conversation with Dr. Low, whom along the way I learned was a mother of two like me, was pleasantly comforting and I was able to express my concerns thoroughly. She explained that the vaginal tissue is composed largely of collagen fibres, which have the ability to stretch and expand, then contract and return to its original state. This flexibility may be diminished due to a variety of factors causing a reduction in the resilience and contractility of the collagen fibres, which ranges from certain congenital illnesses to physical damage such as childbirth. It also affects women of all ages and races, contrary to some myths.

Intima Touch which is the latest non-invasive treatment for vaginal laxity was introduced to me. It utilises Viveve’s patented radio frequency technology to stimulate new collagen in the treated area(s) and unlike traditional vaginal reconstruction surgery or vaginoplasty, this treatment can tighten the vaginal tissue without any incisions or anaesthesia. That was honestly, a relief. No anaesthesia required must mean no pain! I decided I would give it a go and after a few more questions by Dr. Low, we were good to go.

I was ushered into their treatment room by very helpful clinic assistants, who also helped me feel at ease about what I was about to go through. The recliner chair I  sat on reminded me a little of having an obgyn exam, but just more relaxing. I was even given a pillow for me to hug for extra comfort! Dr. Low entered the room soon after and reassured me that the procedure will be over before I know it.


Comfy beanie pillow to help calm me down!

As the treatment was about to start, I noticed that the size of the treatment tip was only about the size of a toothbrush head! A double sigh of relief! The treatment began, and besides a warm feeling in certain positions, the treatment was really very comfortable. It was explained that the tip was delivering radio frequency energy to the vaginal tissue, boosting production of new collagen fibres. Maybe that was the reason for the warm sensation. It was also explained to me that the restorative process takes time, and that I would start to feel the difference usually between the 2nd and 3rd months after the procedure. A study also showed that the effect may last 12 months in more that 88% of women.


Intima Touch toothbrush-brush sized probe

Anyway, getting back to my treatment, Dr. Low was right. The procedure took only about 30 minutes, and was over before I knew it. Dr. Low was very gentle throughout and I was really quite relaxed after the first 5 minutes of the treatment. After the procedure, I only had minimal swelling in the vaginal opening area. I was given some simple post procedure advise, but basically I could go back to my normal activities immediately! This was literally one of the best news, as I mentioned earlier, I am a wife, mother and I also work.

It has been almost 2 months since my experience with Intima Touch, and the treatment has most certainly started to work. I’m definitely feeling more satisfied between the sheets, and since I’m being honest (I’ll just say it), it seems my husband is pretty happy too!

Treatment done: Intima Touch priced at SGD$4280 per session (inclusive of 7% GST)

More informationIntima Touch, Intimate Program

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