5 things about your lady bits that worry you sick

[By Richard Robson]

“Is my vagina alright?”

Ok fess up ladies, at some time or another, have you asked yourself this question? As free-for-all online pornography became more and more accessible, many women have begun to obsess over the aesthetics of their vaginas by comparing them to the ‘PPP’ aka the‘Perfect Porn Pussy’. In fact, most doctors link the meteoric rise of genitaliae surgery such as labiaplasty and hymen reconstruction in recent years directly to the rise of porn. Is there such a thing as a bad vagina and what exactly do guys consider the ideal vajayjay? Above all, does it actually matter?  As a 110% heterosexual male who was married once, dated a fair number and currently in a stable monogamous relationship, I’m going to address some of these specific questions and concerns girls have asked me about their lady bits. Read on with an open mind as I’m not being unkind, for brutal honesty will help address sensitive issues ‘down south’ that are forever lurking in your mind.

1977Q1: Am I too loose?

If I’m given a penny every time this thought crosses a lady’s mind, I would surely be a millionaire in no time! This is one of the biggest concerns some women have but ironically, it’s also probably the one guys care about the least. The truth is, perceived tightness is at least 50% dependent on the guy, relative to the size of his member and any previous partners he’s comparing you to. The other 50% is dependent on your own genetics, age, hormones, level of arousal, how relaxed you are, plus a plethora of other factors.That being said, as women age or following childbirth, naturally occurring fatigue of the vaginal muscles may make it feel looser.“Sexual compability is an important aspect of any healthy relationship.” Says Dr. Low Chai Ling,    medical director of The Sloane Clinic. “If you’re too shy to talk about this openly with your partner, the next best thing is to confide in your doctor who should be able to point you in the right direction if a genuine problem is uncovered.”

The Intima Touch™ treatment which utilises the FDA approved Viveve system is set to revolutionise and radically change the approach of treating vaginal laxity. Designed using the same technology as that of Thermage’s ThermaCool System, which has been used in over 280 thousand procedures for skin tightening, Intima Touch™ uses patented, reverse-thermal radio-frequency (RF) technology to tighten and rejuvenate vaginal tissue. Clinical trials show that almost 90% of the women treated reported significant, sustained tightening with a 68% mean increase in their vaginal laxity scores 12 months post treatment.

“Vaginal tissue is stimulated by the RF waves delivered to produce healthy, resilient new collagen and elastin.” Explains Dr. Low. “These changes occur at the cellular level so there are no visible marks nor tell-tale signs left on the vaginal tissue after treatment.” A thumb sized tip is placed just inside the vaginal opening and circumferentially moved around by the attending physician to deliver pulses of energy to the collagen fibres that made up the underlying tissues. This is a 30-minute outpatient treatment that’s pain free and without downtime, allowing one to resume normal activities immediately thereafter. With just one treatment, the regenerative process is initiated, but the full effect will build gradually over time, with optimal results achieved through the specially designed Intimate Program offered.

1976Q2: Does my vagina look ugly?

When people think of vaginal aesthetics, it is only natural that the labiaor lips come to mind as they are the most noticeble feature of your lady bits. Like dicks are available in different colours, shapes, sizes and curvatures, there are a gazillion permutations down there for you, and preference for how they look is a very individual thing. And if the guy do care a lot about that in the first place, hunny you’re probably dating a chronic masturbator in need of a therapy session with “Porn Anonymous”. At some point you’ve probably also heard some guy make a horrid remark about “beef curtains” and “snatch trap”, crude derogatory terms used to describe a protruding labia. But as we all know, locker room shit talk certainly does not reflect a bloke’s true mentality.

“Although a small portion of women truly have labia so large that it’s actually disruptive to their lives and causes physical discomfort, seeking vagina reconstructive surgery or Labiaplasty solely for aesthetics purposes shouldn’t be encouraged.” Says Dr. Tan Ying Chien, consultant plastic surgeon with The Sloane Clinic.

99% of the time we’re just happy to get the chance to see one in the first place. Unless yours is growing teeth, we’re more than glad to explore it— As they say, true beauty is on the inside(of your vagina).

1975Q3: Do I smell right?

“If it smells like fish, it’s delish, if it smells like cologne, leave it alone”?

Granted that this is a legitimate concern, as there’s no denying a pungent, foul smelling odour would obviously be a huge turn off to a guy. However, for most women, they shouldn’t be worrying themselves sick about whether they’re smelling right. Every guy with any sexual experience worth noting expects there to be some distinct smell down there, even a slightly strong one. But, if your vagina is healthy, chances are it smells just fine, and the scent can actually be a huge turn on for a lot of men! If you’re a reasonably hygienic lady without an active infection, you probably have nothing to worry about. However, if you do start catching gag-worthy whiffs, this can signal an urinary tract or yeast infection that’ll require prompt medical attention to get it sorted out, preferably before your boudoir duties.

1974Q4: Is my clit too big?

This got to be the most ridiculously mind boggling question ever so it really baffle me how many girls are worrying themselves sick over this. Half the time, dudes have trouble even finding the clit and wish there are signages leading to them, let alone notice its size.

Unless it’s the size of a small penis and you’re sprouting a beard signifying possible hormonal imbalance or testosterone overload, don’t let the clit size gets to you. In fact, there’s a pretty big fetish club from what I know!

1973Q5: What about my pubes?

Men understand the basic things. We know you have to deal with shaving legs and armpits, pluck your eyebrows, fret about your split ends and do the necessary grooming to your lady bits. But frankly, no guy is going to be bothered if you haven’t visited your waxing therapist for awhile and there’s some light growth down there. Having it au naturel or trimmed definitely wins over stubble that can lead to friction burn during intimacy or a groin studded with ingrown hairs from bad shaves. A great long term investment that is by far the most effective and safest way of getting rid of unsightly body hair to avoid ingrown is by treating the target areas with Laser therapy for permanent hair reduction. There are different FDA approved laser technologies that can be used for hair removal in both lighter and darker skinned individuals, and the number of sessions one require will depend on the density, thickness and colour of your hair. At the end of the day, the aesthetics of your pubes is as much a personal choice as the kind of clothes you throw on yourself— as long as you feel it’s a good look on you, chances of him thinking otherwise is pretty low.

To find out more about vaginal laxity and answers to other important feminine issues, join Dr. Low Chai Ling and Dr. Tan Ying Chien at the Women’s Well-being & Aesthetics Forum,  an exclusive, women-only, high tea event for an honest, no holds barred discussion for all your burning questions!


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