5 skin tweaks to be forever young

[By Alicia Liu]

It may be a birthday that marked a cross over to the next decade of life, a bad break-up or a recent pregnancy. There comes a point in every girl’s life when it’s hard for her not to notice signs of aging whenever she caught sight of her own reflection. And from that point in time, it becomes her life-long mission to embark on a constant quest to fight off these pesky tell-tale signs. If you’re already there or gearing yourself towards that day, here are some fab skin tweaks that’ll help to keep you looking youthful no matter what age you are. Remember the golden words of beauty mogul Helena Rubinstein? — “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.”

2038Maxed out on SPF

Studies have shown that when it comes to fighting wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation and leathery skin, sunscreen is the most potent weapon, more so than Retin-A and antioxidants alone! However, according to a new survey by the American Academy of Dermatology, only 1 in 7Americans wear sunscreen daily. Ideally, your sunscreen should be water and sweat resistant, with an SPF of at least 30.For maximal protection against harmful ultraviolet irradiation, opt for SPF 50 or 70. Further enhanced the prowess of your sun shielding amour by choosing cosmetics that contain SPF over those without. The Sloane Inc Anti Pigment BB Cream is one such product, a genius blemish balm that provides good cosmetics coverage in a translucent nude tinted base and much more.Specially created for those troubled by pigmented and dull skin, besides offering outstanding camouflage for uneven skin tone, it does triple duty in providing sun protection, lighten blemishes and restore glow with potent skin brighteners, arbutin and vitamin C. If you remember to max out on your SPF all year round, it’ll protect your skin and keep you from looking older than you are down the road.

2037Enrich with retinol

Retinol is a dermatologist’s best kept secret and is a magical skin elixir that fight wrinkles and age spots, keeping your complexion radiant and youthful looking.

This vitamin A derivative penetrates deep within the dermis and evokes stimulation right where collagen fibers are created, smoothing the texture of your skin, erasing fine lines and softening deeply etched wrinkles. In addition, it increases the rate of turnover of skin cells and thus tackles uneven skin discolouration and helps to unclog pores as well. And look beyond the usual night cream to harvest the potential skin benefits of retinol. Formulated from age defying retinol suspended in skin soothing microspheres, the Sloane Inc Vitamin A Eye Renewal Cream is the perfect foil for dark eye circles, working overtime to counter signs of fatigue, irritation, and age. It intensely hydrates and smoothes the often-neglected undereye zones, revitalising your peepers to restore the sparkle in the windows of thy soul!

2036Hydrate with hyaluronic acid

Nothing can age you more than dry, listless skin. It’s imperative to keep your skin adequately moisturised if you want to retain your youthful mien for as long a time as you possibly can. In recent years, hyaluronic acid is the hot dermal hydrator that has taken the skincare scene by storm.It hydrates and pulls moisture into your skin, to give it that plumped up suppleness everyone desire. A silky solution to dry, troubled or sensitive skin, the Sloane Inc Perfecting Dew is a pure botanical serum that has amazing anti-oxidative and rejuvenative properties to ensure optimal hydration via inner moisture replenishment without running the risk of clogging pores. Besides hyaluronic acid, Perfecting Dew is loaded with squalene harvested from olives, a natural source of Vitamin A that stimulates collagen production and reduces melanin synthesis for firmer, fairer and brighter skin. If you’re on the lookout for fuss-free, omipotent anti aging skincare gems, this handy sized product will fit right in.

2035Skin renewal peels

Especially if you’re pushing 40 and beyond, talk to your aesthetician about professional chemical peels. By removing the damaged outer layers of your skin with the application of fruit acids, chemical peeling allows the healthier skin cells beneath to come through, improving its texture and allowing your skin to glow with absolute radiance. When done consistently, new collagen is laid down in the deeper skin levels, resulting in firmer skin tone with fewer lines and wrinkles.Aimed to add glow and sparkle to lacklustre complexions, the Glamour Peel uses not one, but a combination of three different types of pharmaceutical grade fruit acids to deliver a quick all-round improvement. By effectively getting rid of dead skin cells and replenishing essential antioxidants into your skin, this star-worthy treatment addresses six key skin concerns for a thorough perk-me-up at one go. With skin brightening, spot fading, line smoothening, pore reduction, sebum balance and hydration boost under its belt, the Glamour Peel is the obvious choice for the savvy girl, with a perchant for quality treatments without a price tag that threatens to break her Hermès Birkin fund.

2034Supplement wth skinfoods

It’s best to consult a certified health-care professional before starting, but the right type of supplement can do wonders for keeping your face forever youthful looking. Vitamin A is one of the most potent naturally occurring anti-oxidant that fights off free radicals and inflammation, keeping our skin vibrant, glowing, blemish and wrinkle free too! However, one problem with consuming large amount of orange or red carotenoids is that they tend to change the skin colour to a tan or orangey shade. After a decade of research and development, scientists were able to cultivate a unique breed of non- genetically modified “white tomatoes” that contain a high concentration of colourless carotenoids, phytoene and phytofluene; leading to a revolutionary skin care supplement, Crystal Tomato.

“Crystal Tomato offers skin protection against UV damage while repairing the skin at the same time with its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties,” explains Dr. Jinly Wong, medical consultant with The Sloane Clinic. “For all over skin brightening, it can be taken regularly as an oral supplement to give your skin the radiance from within.”


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