3 ways to restore your holiday glow

[By Tess Goulding]

Playing Cinderella, maneuvering a never-ending shopping list, double duty as MasterChef and trying to be the hostess with the mostess. It’s the holidays overwhelmed with food and one egg nog too many, too much to do, with too little sleep in between. Just when you need to look sparkly and terrific at the countdown party to usher in the New Year, your skin gets the holiday blues, looking as dull as the leftover turkey sitting in the fridge. Before you start feigning a cold and turn down every other invite coming your way, here are some tips to get that angelic glow back before the clock struck twelve. The better shape your skin is in for the holiday season, the rosier its future will be in 2016!

Sparkle with home treats

If you’re hard pressed for time with a shoestring beauty budget from all the holiday expenses, set aside an hour or two for a DIY home spa with quality products that deliver. Skin exfoliation is one important step to help restore your skin’s natural glow so leave no pores un-preened with exfoliator extraordinaire, The Sloane Inc Crystal Clear Scrub; which promises to uncover your skin’s true inner brilliance in a New York minute. The closest home experience you can get to a professional skin polishing Microdermabrasion therapy offered at any upscale spa downtown, this cosmeceutical gem is formulated with skin-smoothing, ultra-refining bamboo micro-crystals, conditioning vitamin E and soothing aloe. As pore build-up is dislodged and blood flow increased, skin texture is dutifully refined for instantaneous brightening. To get an unbeatable holiday sparkle, follow up with the ultra-luxe Sloane Inc Gold Glow Recovery Mask. Thanks to Sea Buckthorn Berry added to an enriching mix of multivitamins topped with a generous helping of real 24 carat pure gold flecks, this soothing complexion-enhancing mask increases skin moisture levels and oxygen uptake, working your peau to a luxuriously luminous finish that’s poised for any snapshots to go viral on IG or FB, #nofilter #iwakeuplikethis !

Shine bright with spa sensation

If you’ve got a couple of hours to spare, take a break from the holiday hullabaloo and pamper yourself with a visit to a professional spa to lull your tired looking skin back to party perfection. For those who want the benefits of an aesthetic procedure that is able to clinically lift the skin yet not forego the comforts of a facial, look no further than the award winning Illumi Facial offered by The Sloane Spa. Infra-red light is used to penetrate the skin to restore its elasticity, followed by a restorative illuminative facial that will bestow upon your skin an instant glow of youth and vitality. To up your beauty quotient, combine this with Eye Fabulosity, another in house specialty designed to tackle dark eye circles and puffy eyes, both common beauty banes from holiday stress. This peeper-perfecting treatment which can be performed as an add-on or standalone therapy begins with a wrinkle-removing pumpkin enzyme peel to kick-start your undereye skin recharge. The highlight of this “eye-cial” got to be the Eye Sonic therapy, a painless procedure which infuses hyaluronic acid into the skin more effectively than manual application, promoting healthy, hydrated, and younger-looking under-eyes, to enhance the “windows of thy soul”.

2058Aesthetics splurge for unparalleled luminesce

For a celeb-worthy red carpet presence, invest in Nova 3R, an effective aesthetics treatment that goes a long way in optimizing your beauty potential. A fuss-free and painless experience with no downtime nor tell-tale signs, Nova 3R is a gentle albeit efficient multi-tasking Swiss based technology with big returns. It engages 3 types of light energies to give you the simultaneous effects of pigment removal, skin tightening and cell renewal, boosting your complexion with a triple helping of unparalleled radiance to usher in 2016 with a bang!


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