Tips to regain that first date freshness

[By Claudia Reiss]

Whether it’s love at first sight that sealed the deal or starting on the wrong foot which eventually turned right, it goes without saying that first dates are some of the best memories in life. As you reminisced about that special moment all butterflies and daisies, from your specially selected outfit to the words exchanged, are you missing that fresh face look of innocence, marked by equal part anticipation and anxiety? Here’s our round up of tips to regain that first date freshness, and perhaps help put that intense sparkle back to reignite those memorable fireworks….

2097Eyes that sparkle speak volumes

Instead of having yours glued to your smartphone or morning papers, try to look into each other’s eyes while having a conversation. There’s a reason why literary giant William Shakespeare referenced them as windows of thy soul. Put that twinkle right back into your tired looking peepers to make you glow with the interest and vitality of a first date remembered. Eye Fabulosity, an in-house “eye-cial”from The Sloane Spa,is specially designed to tackle dark eye circles and puffy eyes, both common beauty banes that come with age and stress. This peeper-perfecting treatment which can be performed as an add-on or standalone therapy begins with a wrinkle-removing pumpkin enzyme peel to kick-start your under-eye skin recharge, followed by an ‘Eye Sonic Therapy’, a painless procedure which infuses hyaluronic acid into the skin more effectively than manual application, promoting healthy, hydrated, and younger-looking under-eyes, to allow you to emote feelings of love without the need for spoken words.

2096Luscious lips to whisper sweet nothings

Have you ever wonder why our lips aren’t as soft and dewy looking as they once were and why they get more lined and chapped as we aged? The answer lies in the difference in hydration between young and mature lips. We are talking about the hydration deep in the dermis, not just surface hydration that one can achieve with lip balm and serums alone.

To regain your first date freshness, give those weathered puckers some much needed TLC and nourished them with Revitalift Lips, a revolutionary, deeply hydrating treatment with minimal to no downtime.

“For Revitalift, an ultra-fine, small particle hyaluronic acid filler is mecticulously introduced into your lips via a series of microinjections,” explains Dr. Tan Wan Theng, senior consultant with The Sloane Clinic. “The aim is to revitalize and rejuvenate dull, chapped and lined lips without overtly amping up their volume or size to give an exceedingly natural look. You won’t end up with exaggerated lips augmentation preferred by the likes of Kylie Jenner and Nicki Minaj. You will still look like yourself, just a better improved version.”

2095An irresistibly youthful mien to echo the age of innocence

Are you looking a little sunken and weathered compared to celebs close to your age or even more than a couple of years above you? Red carpet-worthy looks are by no means ‘natural’, pure luck nor accidents. Baby Drop Filler is a well kept Hollywood secret of A-listers looking for a skin booster without the obvious telltale signs of a nip tuck.A special, ultra tiny needle delivers minute amount of natural hyaluronic acid to give that subtle extra pick-me-up to enhance your facial features and restore the contours of that first date freshness. Popular areas include the Cupid’s bow to give an instant sensual pout to rival that of Michelle Pfeiffer’s, or cheeks that inch you closer to the beauty benchmark set by Jennifer Lopez and Gong Li.

2094Regain the pleasure of intimacy

Sexual compability is an important aspect of any healthy relationship and sometimes a little boost in the right direction can rekindle the throes of passion experienced early in the relationship.The Intima Touch™  treatment which utilises the FDA approved Viveve system radically changed the approach of treating vaginal laxity. Designed using the same technology as that of Thermage’s ThermaCool System, which has been used in over 280 thousand procedures for skin tightening, Intima Touch™ uses patented, reverse-thermal radio-frequency (RF) technology to tighten and rejuvenate vaginal tissue. Clinical trials show that almost 90% of the women treated reported significant, sustained tightening with a 68% mean increase in their vaginal laxity scores 12 months post treatment.This is a 30-minute outpatient treatment that’s pain free and without downtime, allowing one to resume normal activities immediately thereafter. With just one treatment, the regenerative process is initiated, but the full effect will build gradually over time, with optimal results achieved through the specially designed Intimate Program.


* Selected as Editor’s Choice Feb 2016*


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