5 tips to reach your fitness goals

[By Alicia Liu]

With the last high calorie-filled Easter holiday weekend behind us, it’s time to get serious if you want to reach your fitness goals by the time bikini season comes round in full swing. Getting into shape takes time, dedication and determination, so stop finding excuses and make this year different from the rest if you aim to flaunt rather than hide your body this summer. The journey might not be all that smooth, but the ride will certainly be a lot less bumpy if you stick to these 5 tips to help reach your fitness goals in double quick time!

2127Set up a realistic schedule

Be in it pounds, inches, dress size or percentage body fat loss, nothing can be achieved overnight. You’re more likely to succeed if your fitness goals are realistic to begin with. Draw up a schedule for when you like to lose 3 pounds, 5 pounds etc, and give yourself a pat on the back with a reward such as a shopping treat once a milestone is reached. Be focus and push yourself forward to the next target, and always challenge yourself to be one step ahead of schedule!

2126Stop using exercise as an excuse

One of the biggest cornerstone that stands in the way of success is dietary indiscretion, and studies have shown that women are more likely to fall prey to this. You might have switched out to a healthier regular diet of fresh greens and protein, but unfortunately, that double chocolate muffin you allowed yourself after that gruelling 2-hour session of kickboxing proved way more damaging than what you thought it would be. Using exercise as an excuse to binge on empty calories with poor nutritional value is an oft overlooked saboteur to one’s fitness goals. To drop those pounds successfully require you to go into a “caloric debt” by burning more calories than consumed, and allowing yourself a cheat treat or meal once too often is not going to make the cut.

2125Do take progress pics

Watching your body progress is an inspiring experience which also serves to motivate you to keep on going to make sure your next body check selfie is better than the last. Make sure you’ve a set schedule for these, such as taking one every 4 to 6 weeks. Be consistent when it comes to your angle and pose and keep your fingers off those filter apps! If you do share them on social media platforms, keep yourself grounded and don’t lose sight of your goals just because your uploaded pictures aren’t getting the kind of response you had wished for. At the end of the day, you yourself is the best judge of what you had achieved thus far.

2124The number game

I know of many ladies who swear by a “magic number” as their ideal weight and fight relentlessly to keep below it. As helpful as measurements can be, they alone don’t determine the success of your fitness goals. “Muscles weigh more than fats so it’s not uncommon to find your weight stagnant or even climbing when you exercise more, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t getting fitter and losing fat.” Explains Dr. Kenneth Lee, senior medical consultant with The Sloane Clinic. “Conversely, even if you manage to stay afloat at your “magic number” without breaking a sweat, it doesn’t mean you’re in good shape or a healthy state either.”

2123Exploring feasible options

While you might be on track with your weight loss schedule as planned, it doesn’t translate well for bikini season if your body is still holding on to curves in all the wrong places. These “trouble areas” of notoriously stubborn fatty bits can vary from person to person, with the commonest being love handles, belly, hips and thighs.If you’re looking for a no downtime, non-surgical approach to fast-track your way to Victoria’s Secret heaven, you might find salvation in  CoolSculpting PLUS. Commonly known as “fat freezing”, this celebrity endorsed body shaping procedure engages a targeted cooling process that breaks membranes of fat cells and hence led to their destruction by literally freezing them to the point of elimination. By ensuring effective lymphatic drainage of surrounding tissues, clearance of these broken down fat cells is thus optimized, leading to quicker visible results and shortened recovery time. Skin strengthening vitamins are infused via a special delivery system to dermal layers of the overlying skin to help stimulate collagen production and improve skin elasticity, with enhanced aesthetics outcome achieved when the fat loss of 20 to 23% is evident in 8 to 12 weeks’ time.


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