5 efficient ways to transform your body for summer

[By Marion Elise]

Are you on the verge of desperation looking for ways to transform your body before the height of summer hits town? With just several weeks left before Apollo launches his party on earth in full swing, it’s time to turn off your Netflix and get serious right here, right now. To help you morph from coach potato to sexy senorita, here are 5 efficient ways to carve yourself a sizzling summer bod, bound to make heads turn for all the right reasons.

2164Clean up your diet

If you want a flat tummy, forget about fad diet and fasting. Try clean eating instead as skipping meals will actually slow down your metabolism and sabotage your weight loss intentions! Instead of 2 or 3 big meals, eat smaller meals throughout the day. You’ll be less hungry and actually boost your metabolic rate. Go for leafy vegetables, grains and quality protein from meat and non-meat sources. Cut back on salt and opt for wholesome spices and herbs to flavor your dishes and eat your way to a trim waistline!

2163Be a lark when exercising

Morning exercisers are more likely to stick to their fitness plan and thus achieve their weight loss goals. This is due to a number of reasons such as conflicting schedules, less energy at night, a tough day at work or last minute appointments that you can’t wriggle your way out. On the contrary, it’s very unlikely that you’ve to miss a 6am workout session for a schedule conflict. In addition, exercising early in the day has the added benefit of jump,starting your metabolism and set it at a better pace, allowing,for more efficient fat burning to garner better results for your commitment.

2162Get out of your comfort zone

Challenge yourself, turn up the heat and dive right into a new fitness craze out of your comfort zone. By subjecting yourself to a new routine, you’ll “shocked” your body to new sexy curves previously unseen. Bikram yoga, Zumba classes, pole dancing lessons or even weekend fitness boot camps are some of such alternatives you can choose from. Classes are far from boring and you can make new fitness buddies along the way to motivate one another. Most importantly, they’ll bound to work muscles you forgot you had, to put you in great shape for bikini season this summer.

2161Pay attention to the final touches

Your body is a temple and exercise and healthy eating will bring you closer to the silhouette of envy when you hit the beach. A number of ladies already do have toned arms but for the majority, all the definition is hidden under a layer of fat. In order to show off nicely shaped arms, you will need to strip off that blubber.However, there’s an unfortunate lot that no matter how hard we try, it seems impossible to get shredded. If you are hard pressed for time or just couldn’t seem to get rid of those last bits of ‘batty wings’, Coolsculpting PLUS might be the missing link to add the final touches to your summer bod prep. With a narrower suction cup suitable for tackling smaller pockets of unwanted fat over flat surfaces, this device is applied precisely to such target areas as the arms and outer thighs before it starts reducing the temperature to selectively freeze the fat cells here. This is further enhanced by an ultrasound treatment, ensuring optimal lymphatic drainage of the surrounding tissues, thereby speeding up the clearance of the broken down fat cells and leading to shorter recovery time and quicker visible changes. In addition, treating the overlying skin with skin strengthening vitamins infused to the dermal layers act to stimulate collagen and thereby improves skin elasticity. Extensive studies done show a 20 to 23% fat reduction over treated areas, translating into centimeters lost in arm circumference, to bid adieu to unsightly ‘bye-bye arms’ in 8  to 12 weeks’ time.

2160Think positive

Positive thinking doesn’t mean that you keep your head in the sand and ignore life’s less pleasant situations. Positive thinking just means that you approach the unpleasantness in a more positive and productive way. In a nutshell, you think the best is going to happen, not the worst. Remove all the “I can’t” thoughts from your mind when the going gets tough and replace this with “I can”. When you believe in yourself, you’re more likely to suceed just because you’re worth it. Like totally.


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