5 ways to deal with eyebrow loss

[By Tania Hui]

If your eyes are known as the windows to thy soul, your eyebrows should be the perfect frames to bring out the best in them. Eyebrow loss is very noticeable because they are prominent facial features whose absence is extremely difficult to hide. This can occur as a result of overplucking, genetics, nutritional deficiencies or accidents such as burns. Medical treatments such as chemotherapy and hormonal changes that occur during menopause and pregnancy can lead to frustrating eyebrow loss as well. To help restore your thinned out brows from balding disaster to cejas perfectas, here are 5 tips you ought to follow.

2251Lock away your tweezers

LIKE many D.I.Y. beauty projects, plucking eyebrow hairs is a seemingly easy task but for first timers especially, it’s easy to go overboard and overdo it. One tweezer-happy moment in a magnifying mirror one fine morning can result in months of pencil-thin or patchy brows that draw quizzical stares from both friends and strangers alike.Normal eyebrow growth takes about six to eight weeks and the best way to get round overpruning mishaps is to leave them alone to allow them to grow back on their own. In the meantime, there’s an arsenal of makeup saviours from the trusty eyebrow pencil to brow powders, professionally applied tints and even a transparent gel  with fibers that can give the illusion of fullness to camouflage your grooming fauxpas.

2250Dietary supplement

All body hair needs the same nutrients to grow. If your diet regularly lacks nutrients that are critical for growing healthy hair, you’ll notice decreased hair growth all over, including those two tiny strips of hair above your eyes.Hair strands are made of a protein called keratin so proteins are essentially the basic building blocks to ensure healthy hair growth.B vitamins are vital for all living cells and tissues, including your hair. Our hair relies on blood to carry oxygen and nutrients to maintain it’s health and promote growth and Iron is the nutrient that’s responsible for making that happen. Without iron, our blood cells cannot efficiently deliver oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles and other tissues. To sum it up, make sure your diet is rich in protein, vitamin B1, B2, Biotin and Iron to provide optimal nutritional support to help restore reversible brow loss.

2249Apply a lash enhancing serum

In recent years, eyelash enhancing serums are quickly gaining a cult following as a trial and tested method to boost lash growth, and they had been shown to promote eyebrow growth to varying degrees of success. This is often cited as an off-label use of leading prescriptive strength lash grower, Latisse by Juvéderm. Hardy & Co. Lush Lash had been similarly proven to stimulate the regenerative growth of sparse brows effectively. When applied consistently twice a day for 28 days or more, it stimulates growth and strengthens existing follicles, darkens them by deepening their natural colour, adds more dimension and improves shine and lustre of your brows with polymers and silk proteins. Alternatively,apply a topical treatment containing Minoxidil, which is sold under the brand name Rogaine. Use a cotton swab to sparingly apply the foam to your eyebrow area twice a day, and when you begin to see hair growth, apply the foam once or twice a week for maintenance.

2248Eyebrow resurrection with microblading

While previous permanent makeup techniques such as eyebrow tattooing had created more disasters then miracles, this concept has totally changed with microblading. Unlike a needle point technique of traditional tattooing, microblading involves tiny, hair-like strokes that naturally fill in your brows with a semi permanent colour that’ll last anywhere between 1 to 3 years. The end result mimics natural brows without any harsh lines or drawn on “sharpie” look. Microblading is therefore perfect for those wanting to fill in sparse brows, create or exaggerate one’s natural arch, or simply to create more defined yet natural looking brows. Bear in mind that how good they look really depends on the skills and expertise of the therapist doing it, which explains the wide range of price point of the same procedure done by different individuals.

2247Permanent restoration with ARTAS

Experts point out that a hair follicle that’s habitually traumatized by tweezing, threading or waxing can die. “Once it’s dead, nothing is going to grow,” said Dr. Chua Han Boon, senior consultant and hair transplant specialist from The Sloane Clinic. “Chronic repeated plucking is now a common reason why women are exploring the option of eyebrow transplants for permanent restoration that’s safe, effective and natural looking.A more timeless reason that affect both sexes is the gradual thinning of brows, ARTAS® Robotic System is a hair transplant system using advanced digital technology and precision robotics to transplant hair permanently into little cuts along your brow line. About 150 to 200 grafts are usually required and this will be tailored to suit each individual’s needs. There will be some grooming necessary after an eyebrow transplant, since the hair that is transplanted will continue to grow. It is also important to bear in mind that the transplanted hairs are taken from a different part of the body and therefore may have some slight differences in characteristics from the rest of your eyebrows in terms of appearance and rate of growth.  However, as time passes, the transplanted hair will usually start to take on the growth pattern of the existing eyebrow hair, though in some cases, there is a chance that it’ll never replicate completely.


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