5 ways to be a rising phoenix in the Year of the Rooster

[By Claudine Ma]

The rooster is the dawn announcer waking people up on time in the morning, and one of the most admired character traits of those born under this Chinese zodiac is the ability to start off the day early with a well laid plan.  Not quite a morning person yourself? We totally get it. Just because you don’t wake up bright-eyed bushy-tailed however doesn’t mean that you can’t make a few additions to enhance the results of your morning beauty routine. By implementing these 5 moves before you hit that snooze button once too often, aim to be a rising phoenix and not Chicken Little in the Year of the Rooster!

2783More protein for breakfast

Trade your carb-heavy kaya toast or sugary donut for breakfast and replace them with eggs, oats or Greek yogurt. Studies had shown that eating a breakfast high in protein will helped women stay fuller longer and decreased chances of overeating later in the day by avoiding spikes in blood glucose level to set your metabolism right. If you’re on a diet and watching your weight, it’s not just the number of calories consumed but also the food sources where they came from and how they’re distributed throughout the day.

2782Hydrate with H20

Instead of coffee or OJ first thing in the morning, have two tall glasses of pure drinking water to start off the day on the right foot. Getting enough water is vital for your overall health, and dehydration especially shows up in unflattering ways on your skin— dullness, dryness and could even be the cause of breakouts. Make it a point to drink up when the cock crows in The Year of the Rooster, to cleanse your system and allow you to feel great with skin success more likely for the rest of the day.

2781Rescue with serums

Skin serums with potent antioxidants such as vitamins C, E, gingko and red algae, help to protect our skin from premature aging by hitting hard on harmful free radicals from UV rays, air pollutants, and any other environmental skin stressors that we expose ourselves to throughout the day. If this isn’t part of your routine AM regime as we speak, make sure to include one or more,  with an even layer to cover not only your face but your neck as well after cleansing and toning. If you aren’t too sure what to pick from the plethora of serums available, consider the simple, fuss-free and yet highly effective Sloane Inc Vitamin C Elixir. Suitable for all skin types from 20 to 60, it contains an active hydra-stabilized form of L-Ascorbic Acid and helps to visibly reduce the sign of photo aging by fighting destructive free radicals looming around us 24/7. With these dermal productive functions that leads to retextured, toned, and younger looking skin, a simple tweak like this goes a long way in age-proofing your skin towards graceful aging!

2780Don’t step out without sun protection

If there’s only one beauty resolution you got to fulfill in 2017, make sure you stick to the golden advice of never ever omit wearing sunscreen. Even if it’s overcast or if you’ll be inside most of the day, adequate sun protection is a must. Even a little sun damage today can lead to fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, a dull complexion and even skin cancer in the future.

If it’s the sticky sensation or the fear of a white overcast that’s putting you off sunscreens, look no further than Sloane Inc Ultralite Clear Finish Sunscreen SPF50. This sun-shielding superhero offers water- and perspiration-resistant mega-protection for combination skins or anyone exposed to intense sunlight without those dreaded white streaks. The super lightweight formula forms a breathable shield to safeguard vulnerable complexions from both burn-causing beams and wrinkle-inducing rays with a multi-filter sunscreen complex, while natural botanicals and potent plant-extracts smooth, brighten and help skin resist sun-related stress. The new, improved formulation with satin dimethicones added to the base allows it to glide on easily, leaving the skin feeling smooth, matte and silky as a perfect primer for your foundation to sit on flawlessly.  In short, it keeps your makeup fresh and skin looking stunning without compromising it’s soleil repelling abilities.

2779Moisturize both day & night

Your skin should always be well moisturized to keep it hydrated and dewy looking both day and night. If it tends to oil up a bit more in the day time heat and humidity, opt for a lighter, water based moisturizer to make sure that it doesn’t clog up your pores. Quench dehydrated skin cells with Sloane Inc Aqualicious, pure encapsulated water specially formulated to instantly replenish cellular water without oiliness or shine, providing an oasis for all skin types requiring a water-break sans breakout during the rounds of house visits this coming Lunar New Year!


* Selected as Editor’s Choice Jan 2017*


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