Eye of the Beholder

By Wendy Greene

We decided to send our scouts out to scour the most popular under eye products and treatments available on the market right now and uncover beauty aficionados who have actually tried them, documenting their unfiltered reviews, garnered through blood, sweat and tears. Here, the honest results.


Preparation H

What is it: Preparation H/Haemorroidal cream (or what you use to treat piles)

How it works: constricts blood vessels, thereby minimising puffiness and bluish discolouration of undereye area.

Upside: Very cheap option (drug store product), immediate effect that is visibly apparent!

Downside: not a long lasting option, eye area returned to its sad state the next day. Idea of applying “ass cream” to undereye may not be for everyone

‘Turn back the clock’ factor: a good’s night rest

Verdict: Definitely worth a try as a quick but temporary pick-me-up


Metal spoon

What is it: Metal spoon chilled in freezer

How it works: the cold metal causes blood vessels to constrict, hopefully minimising puffiness and dark eye circles

Upside: feels soothing to my feverish skin, some immediate effect to puffiness, free!

Downside: doesn’t last (a few hours at best), very limited improvement to puffiness (no improvement to dark eye circles sadly)

Verdict: Difference is too small for me to bother


Revitalift Eye

What is it: Revitalift Eye

How it works: micro-droplets of small particle sized hyalruonic acid filler is placed under skin using a series of tiny injections to stimulate collagen, skin brightening.

Upside: immediate effect, visible reduction in lines and dark eye circles which improves after 2 weeks!

Downside: 1-2 pin pricks per side, though painless, not for faint-hearted.

Turn back the clock’ factor: 2-3 years

Verdict: Good results immediately after, that lasts!


RF with needles

What is it: RF with needles

How it works:essentially a combination of microneedling and radiofrequency. Hand piece with needles (2.5mm, 1.5mm or 1mm) inserted into skin to deliver rf energy. Supposed to melt fat and tighten skin at the same time.

Upside: Slight reduction in bag after 1 session.

Downside: Downtime a little longer than expected, bruising from the needles, redness of skin after. Multiple sessions required for optimal results.

Turn back the clock’ factor: 1 year

Verdict: Downtime is too much for me. Improvement not quite worth the downtime after one session. Personally not my cup of tea.


Fractional Laser

What is it: Fractional CO2 laser

How it works: resurfaces and renews damaged and aged skin, stimulating collagen regeneration and replacing it with more youthful skin.

Upside: smoothening of skin, reduction of fine lines

Downside: Downtime of 3-5 days, doesn’t do much for eye bags. Best after a series of sessions.

Turn back the clock’ factor: 3-4 years

Verdict: On the fence. Downtime acceptable for the improvement in skin quality.


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